My growing boy and a battle lost!


So I built the high chair the other day in hopes that it would give the baby a new place to play and a new perspective.  He seems to like it, don’t you think?  And I could not believe how big it made him look.  Hopefully in the near future we will eating cereal in the high chair.


He loves to sit in the corner of our new couch.  Although its not long before he is dive bombing his hands and tips over.  But it is a sure way to get to look at me so I like to pose him there.  He also loves his crab toy.  It is the one toy he has picked up by himself (only one time though…but we were proud).  He loves to put it right in his mouth.  And his face is so funny when he puts those textured legs in, he’s not quite sure what it is, but he knows he loves to suck on it.  Cute boy!


And now to a funnier matter…Dan’s hair this morning.  I had to take pictures and of course, they don’t really do it justice!  But he had a tough fight last night, and obviously came out on the losing end.  He is growing out his hair (at least for now) and that leads to some very funny morning hairdos!


My cute little monkey


Here is the cutest boy in the world!  Ok…to me maybe.  He is growing so big.  He still loves to look around lots and lots.  I think he is so observant and notices the littlest things.   He is starting to stare at us when we eat anything.  He couldn’t take his eyes off my spoon this afternoong when I had soup for lunch.  I moved back and forth and followed it the whole time.  So perhaps rice cereal is right around the corner.  We have his 4 month appointment on Friday.  We will see what the doctor says.  We are still having sleeping issues I guess.  But we love him anyways and are trying to help him realize the goodness of sleeping.  Someday he’ll get it, I think and pray!