Birthday Boy!

We have a toddler folks!  Yesterday we celebrated Jack’s birthday with our families.  It was a great time.  He, of course, received more gifts than can be imagined.  I think we will be on the “every other year celebrating birthday” plan because Jack will need nothing new for at least 2 years.  Thanks to everybody for the gifts!  But mostly thanks for coming to party with us.  We loved having you!


Here is the Elmo cake I made.  Those who know me know that I do not have the patience to be crafty at all.  But for my first try, I think it turned out ok.


We spent as much time as we could outside yesterday ’cause it is Jack’s favorite thing to do and you see, it was the “warm before the storm” as they like to say here in Utah.  It was something like 87 degrees yesterday and today the forecasted high is 49 degrees.  Boo hoo…winter is here!


So there are a few of the birthday photos.  He was adorable to watch.  He is the sweetest baby and we love him.  Tomorrow we are off the doctor so I will follow-up soon with the “What Jack is up to at a year” post!


A little reunion!

This past weekend I was able to go home to California for my 10 year high school reunion.  I was so unsure about it from the beginning since, well, an open bar and party are not really my scene :o).  But I finally decided to make to trip.  And I will never ever regret that decision.  I had the BEST time.  Seriously.  It was fun to be with my parents for an extended weekend vacation as well.  Jack was a good boy.  He even cut his 4th tooth on the trip!  So big.  We took time to go to the Kern County Fair.  Jack was in heaven.  He loved the people, the animals, the lights, sounds and smells of fair life.


This is what happens when you decide to sit in the puddle you’re playing in.  And look at Jack wanting to learn how to smoke meat already.  Smart boy!


He’s not bleeding folks.  Its just shaved ice which he loved!


We had a small early birthday party for Jack.  Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!


Here I am with some of my greatest HS pals. It was just like old times.  I felt so comfortable like we hadn’t even missed a beat!  But really it has been 10 years since I have seen most of them which is so crazy to me!


On Sunday I went to my good friend Amanda’s house to meet her sweet baby Aaron.  Jack and Aaron are only 2 weeks apart.  They had fun together.  And I had to best time having more time to talk with Amanda, her family and our good friend Matt, or Mateo as I like to call him!  I hope its not 10 years before I see these wonderful friends again!


Oh Cougars!

I wonder why me and the Cougars of BYU are such loyal friends.  They always, always break my heart.  Really and truly.  I cannot remember a season where I haven’t felt let down at some point.  That point came on Saturday.  Not that I should be surprised.  I mean, the opening drive was a pretty good clue of how it would all go.  But alas, I am sad and often sit and reflect on what could have been if we could have just made it past FSU.  But you know, Jack came with us to the game and that made it seem not so bad.  He was so cuddly and snuggly because he was terrified of all the sudden cheers and boos from the crowd.  I finally got to snuggle my wild monkey and that made life alright!


And after a super long weekend of not getting enough sleep, we finally got to take a classic shot of Jack…


All tuckered out and falling asleep in his highchair during lunchtime.  Never thought it would happen, but here’s the proof!


Marriage for Eternity…

…blesses my posterity.  Dan could not stop singing that cheesy seminary song the whole day of Brittany’s wedding.  We had a fun time celebrating with Brittany and Ben.  We are the happiest for them.  Here are a million photos from their happy day!


We failed to take a family photo so here are all our individual shots.


Here are Brittany and Ben with the Grossen niece and nephews.


And here are all their nieces and nephews combined, including one set of triplets!  So cute.


My sisters-in-law.


It was really lovely.  We had the best time and are super excited for Ben to be part of our family forever.

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Q-Tip Disaster

This was what I saw when I pulled open the shower curtain this morning…


Jack found the Q-Tips in Dan’s bathroom drawer.  He looked right up at me as if he knew he was gonna get busted.  When he saw the camera, he smiled the cute little smile and tried to look innocent.  Funny boy.

Here are a few random shots that I wanted to put up in old posts, but forgot.


Jack loves Daddy’s golf clubs which makes Dan super excited about the future with his son.


Here is Jack with his mohawk and his favorite tree.  Because of said tree and dirt pile, Jack is constantly climbing up the stairs and standing at the front door while saying “Side, Side.”  We walk all around the neighborhood.  And, you know, we do have to stop every 2.1 seconds to look at every new rock, flower, stick or crack in the sidewalk.   He is still the most observant child ever.  He notices everything.


And finally the new carseat is in!  In a couple more weeks we will be able to put him forward-facing.  I know he has no idea what is coming, but I know that he is going to love it!  This was his first ride in it.  About 20 minutes down the road he started crying hysterically, which is really weird for him.  I tried to give him his drink or his book.  He wanted nothing.  So I just said “Oh well, I guess you have to cry.”  About 30 seconds later, he barfed everywhere.  Poor baby.  Who knows what it was.  We haven’t had any trouble since, but sometimes I wonder if he gets a little motion sick like his Mommy.


I love to see the temple

I have been wanting to take Jack to Temple Square all summer.  And this past weekend, we finally made it.  And because he loved it so much, I have every intention of taking him back before it becomes a snowy blizzard.  Blah!  He loved being there.  He loved the grass, the dirt, the flowers, the trees, the statues and of course, the fountains.  Especially the reflecting pond.  It was a beautiful way to spend Labor Day.  I love my little family!


Looking for President Monson.


Playing with his favorite person


He got soaked.  I just wanted a cute picture of him with Dan.  And he could not take his eyes off the water.  Maybe we should have gone to the pool instead that day!


These are the Laker flowers I found (some things are never far from our minds!)


Dan’s rebuttal…Jazz flowers he found.



Be still my heart!

I still do not feel normal.  I am all jittery and my heart is still beating at an elevated pace.  The Cougs are victorious!!!!  I cannot believe it.  I love being a dedicated fan.  Even though sometimes it causes my heart to break, the moments like tonight make it all worth it.  Booya to everyone who thought BYU wouldn’t do it (that includes myself by the way…earlier today)!  I love, love, love college football!


Here me and Jack are on the opening kickoff.  Go Cougars!  See how calm we are…


Here is Dan after the game.  See how uncalm he is!  Geez…I tried to convince him not to do it.  Prehaps I’m boring, but think about the clean up…  But he is a true fan and a crazy one too!



Meet Wilford Woodruff

Jack was putting his face in the water last night during bath time.  When he came back up one time he had a mustache out of bubbles.  So I thought I would make him have a beard as well.  And when I was done, I thought he looked just like Wilford Woodruff from the Mountain of the Lord movie.  It was killing me.