Homer Alone

Dan here. Any Simpsons enthusiast will know that the title of this blog post is the same as one of the earlier episodes of The Simpsons. In Homer Alone, Homer finds himself alone with baby Maggie while his wife Marge goes and vacations in “Rancho Relaxo”. Marge returns home to find her family is a mess and Homer telling her over and over, “never leave again”.

That is what I compared my experience to, and to be honest, I live my life referencing Simpsons and Seinfeld episodes.

Amy left Jack and I at home last weekend to go to a friend’s wedding in Vegas. It all started early Saturday morning at 6:00 AM. Typically Jack, doesn’t get out of bed til 6:30 AM the earliest, but Ame seemed to think it was OK this time around to get him out earlier. She also coincidentally left, right when Jack fell into the car door and was crying. Thanks Ame. After Ame left and introducing Jack to a new addiction of Lucky Charms, Jack and I went to Provo for the ESPN College Gameday show. It was fun to be a part of the atmosphere of a show I used to watch so faithfully on Saturday mornings. It was a little cold but Jack didn’t seem to mind, even if his hands were freezing. His favorite part was playing in the piles of leaves in the grass.

0031 008

I would kick the leaves up in the air or kick them in his face and he loved it


After the show we came back home for nap time and then back down again for the game. Unfortunately we lost, and after running around all day as loyal BYU fans, I felt like I had put in more effort than my team did that Saturday.

Then came Sunday. Sunday can be perfectly summed up with the following story. I was standing outside in the hallway with Jack squirming in arms, 5 minutes before church had ended. At that moment someone walked by and said, “I can tell you’ve had it, you’re shirt is untucked, and you’re ready to go home”. Wonderful. How long had my shirt been untucked? Anyway, we survived, and made it home and lasted until Ame came home around 5:00 PM. But not without scattering toys everywhere and building a fort with blankets on the couch. The room was a mess.

Since Amy’s return,  we’ve seen our first snow fall of the year which makes Jack’s favorite activity- ‘side (outside) more difficult. Ame introduced him to the snow, again, and he seems to like it! That a boy.



Fall festivities

I love fall.  It is my second favorite season.  Or maybe it is tied for first with Spring.  I love the colors, the cooler temperatures, the smells of cinnamon and apples, the pumpkin treats, and the need to snuggle in a blankie in the morning.  We have been trying to be super festive so that Jack can be introduced to all the fun Fall brings.  And let’s just say, this kid is a festive kid.  He has loved all of it!


First we had the annual cookie decorating day at Grandma Grossen’s.  The Grossen side of the family decorates cookies for all holidays.  I learned early on that I am very behind on my cookie decorating skills.  I don’t have them is mostly what I learned.  Good thing we can start Jack young so he can be a pro one day like his aunts and uncles.  Jack also loved all the treats Aunt Brooke was giving him and it showed… all the way down his chin.  Jack also got his second haircut from Aunt Brittany.  He looks like boy again!  J/K.


Next we went to a pumpkin patch.  Jack loved the tractor ride over to the patch and as soon as he spotted all the pumpkins, he could not stop saying “Ball, ball.”  It was like a dream come true for him.  A field full of balls.  He loved it.  Thank you to the Munks for inviting us to join their family tradition.  Too bad no one told me that my whole eye was covered with my bangs in the last picture.


Finally last night we went to the Scarecrow Festival.  It was the windiest time of our lives, seriously.  I kept looking around for a funnel cloud because surely we had to be in a tornado.  But Jack didn’t seem to mind.  He loved the toddler-sized bouncy house and going down the blow up slide with Daddy.  He even went through the junior haunted house.  I was terrified but Jack loved all the lights in the dark room.  And to top it all off, Dan shared his cotton candy with him and he kept saying “Mmm, mmm.”  We are excited because with Halloween right around the corner we know there are more exciting times ahead.


A final picture that just couldn’t be passed up.  What a funny, funny face.


The Update

I have been really slacking since the big birthday bash with taking pictures.  I suppose there hasn’t been anything picture worthy maybe…but that can’t be possible when you live with Jack.  So I’m not sure what it is.  But we did make it to the doctor twice in the last week.  The first visit was for Jack’s 12 month visit.  His stats are:  22 lbs 6 oz. (45 %), 30 1/2 in. (70 %), 49 cm. head (100 %).  Well we knew there was a big brain in there cause he says a lot of words for his age.  The doctor was really so surprised.  I told her I wasn’t sure why…its not like I sit down with flashcards and teach him how to speak.  He just has learned them somehow.  So here is the list (I know I have mentioned most of these before, but it is good to consolidate): up, mama, dada, grandpa, light, fish, hot, clock, rock, shoe, no, plane, cheese, string cheese, woof woof, achoo, tree, eye, outside, ball and hop on pop.  I’m sure I’m forgetting some because it seems like he learns something new everyday.  But that will do for now.  His new favorite thing is bathtime so we have been doing more baths at night.  He loves to splash.  He is still taking two naps per day.   This past week he has been good about fighting both of them.  Not sure why.  I am convinced it’s because I was starting to feel confident that he liked daytime sleeping.  He had a really good ten day stretch of napping which made everyone happy.  But now he is back to crying lots and lots.  Silly baby.  But he does sleep great at night so I can’t complain.  7-6:30 or so.  Love it!  Let’s see…he still loves daddy a lot and can’t wait for him to come home all day.  He is starting to bring us his books and then sit on our laps so we will read him a story.   It is really cute.  He is completely weaned without any problems.  Let’s be honest, he never really liked breastfeeding to begin with so he was probably relieved when it ended!  He is on solid foods of all kinds.  He is good eater for the most part.  He is starting to resist vegetables a little bit but I can usually force a little bit down him.  He LOVES fruit.  I struggle with ideas for lunch.  Does anyone have any good ones?  I fear he will start to despise cheese bread of quesadillas before too long if I don’t come up with something soon!  All in all, he is a growing boy and we love watching every minute of it.

Our second visit to the doctor was to get an ultrasound.  Jack was born with a sacral dimple.  For those who don’t know, that is a small hole a little ways above his bumhole (sorry there isn’t a really good way to say that…anus, I guess, but I hate that kind of) that can be a sign of Spina Bifida.  We learned about the hole the day he was born, and we were kind of concerned.  But as I have watched him grow, I have kinda put it out of my mind since he obviously has had no problem with his lower limbs (walking at 10 months!).  Well I mentioned it to the doctor and she suggested that we do the ultrasound to see how deep it goes.  So according to the ultrasound lady it appears to have an ending point and it doesn’t go into the spinal column so it appears to be a dimple and not a hole.  Thank goodness!  I wasn’t too nervous, but you never know.


See he loves strawberries so much, he decided he would spread them all over his face.  I especially love the one on his eye.


He loves bath so much that he thought he should climb in this morning while my shower was warming up.  I was brushing my teeth and gathering my unmentionables (hahaha…I hate that I said that) to take a shower when I heard a little cry.  I came around the corner and Jack was sitting in the tub with the shower water coming down on him.  I am dying of laughter right now just thinking of his face!  So funny.  I am not sure how he got in.  I don’t think he is big enough to climb in and I didn’t hear a loud thud or anything like his huge head propelled him over the edge.  But somehow he ended up there which means there is just one more thing I have to watch him closely around.  But, really it was hysterical and he was fine.