Oh Happy Day!

With only one more day between me and Thanksgiving, I am feeling really jolly at this moment.  I love Thanksgiving.  I think it is my second favorite holiday after Christmas.  And I think that is because it is so family oriented.  We are super excited for Dan to have a 4 day weekend so we can play and play and play.   You know what else I love?  In-n-Out Burger.  I have had a love affair with it my whole life really.  It is that good.  And the greatest thing happened last week here, In-n-Out opened its doors a mere 5 miles from my house.  Hooray.  We were going to avoid it like the plague since the lines have been crazy with policemen having to direct traffic.  But we were feeling lazy on Saturday night and Dan was craving a burger.  I told him now that In-n-Out is here we can’t get a burger anywhere else.  It just wouldn’t make sense since it is the best.  But as some of you may know, Dan hates crowds.  I tease him that it makes him uber grumpy.  So I told him I would venture down on my own and pick it up.  And my wait time was only 25 minutes which I consider well worth it.  Plus we have to start training the next generation what this goodness is all about!


Jack loved it and kept taking bites and then saying “Mmmmm.”  So cute.

Well, I busted out the Christmas decor last week.  I couldn’t wait any longer.  People can say what they want about my type of person that “skips right over Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas.”  That is fine and their opinion.  But I don’t buy it.  I listen to Christmas music year round.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.  And I don’t think I am neglecting Thanksgiving (refer to my above diatribe).  I still look forward to it and love it just as much.  But it is fun to be Christmasy for as long as possible, in my opinion.  And Jack loves everything.  I am super excited to get the tree in here sometime next week.  I think he will be in heaven since he was already in love with the garland.


He grabbed a book and plopped right in the middle of it and started reading.  And every time he sees it he says “Tree, Light.”  It is very cute.  Forgive the booger nose.  He can’t seem to overcome this cold bug.

And finally in the spirit of Christmas, Jack has been dubbed the new Kevin McAllister (you know, from the Home Alone movies.  On second thought, if you don’t know that, shame on you.  They are some of the greatest Christmas movies EVER).  He loves to set up traps with his toys.  He meticulously takes his blocks, puzzle pieces, balls, etc. and places them in the most inconvenient places for mommy and daddy.  Dan was victim to one such trap on the stairs.  This morning he lined them all up where the linoleum meets the carpet.  He was pretty proud.


Sorry that his head is cut off.  He is always on the move especially when he sees the camera!



We have been on hiatus due to Jack being sick all of last week.  It was by far his worse sickness yet.  We went to the doctor and she would not confirm that is was H1N1 just saying that he had similar symptoms but so does every other influenza bug.  So whatever, he had the flu I guess but she said his body was handling it really well.  He is on the up and up now with a slight hackers/smokers cough still.  It is sad to hear him in the night coughing up a lung.  But he is almost better and his mood has improved leaps and bounds.  So needless to say we never left the house last week and therefore did not do much of anything.  But we were still able to snap some cute photos of the Jack Jack.


Do you think Jack watches me do my hair?  I died when he knew exactly what to do with the straightener.


Cleaning out the kitchen drawers is a daily game we play.  He thinks he is so funny.  But you know what I think is not so funny, the fact that Jack somehow learned how to undo the safety fasteners we have on our kitchen cupboards.  I don’t know how he figured it out and at 13 months no less.  I fear the next fastener he will learn how to undo is his carseat buckles which could open up a whole new can of worms.  He is TOO smart!


Jack loves the games Daddy plays with him.  He thought being in the laundry basket was the funnest.  He looks pretty cute too.


And finally from this morning.  He loves the read the In-n-Out burger location guide I picked up while I was in Las Vegas.  I was trying to get a good shot of In-n-Out love starting early in life, but right as I took the picture, he turned his head and yawned.  I thought it was cute.  And a side note, In-n-Out joy is almost here among us.  According to my sources the In-n-Out in Orem opens in 3 days which means the one by our house can’t be that far behind!  Wahoo!


This is Halloween…Halloween…Halloween

Well I guess the saying is true…life is just more fun with kids.  Seriously.  What did we ever do on Halloween without Jack?  It had to be incredibly boring!  Just kidding…but we had to the best time watching him trick-or-treat as the Amazing Spiderman!   He was so cute and even attempted to say trick-or-treat, but mostly just got the voice inflection right while saying his gibberish.  He did, however, learn the word “moon” that night.  I’m convinced that he has never seen the moon since he is always in bed before it even is out so he was enthralled by it.  It was cute.  Thanks to the Munks for a fun, festive holiday.  We loved watching out little super heroes have fun on this spooky holiday!


We carved our pumpkins on Friday night.  Jack loved to gooey pumpkin innards.  Can you tell which pumpkin is mine and which is Dan’s?  I laughed when I saw them side by side.  Women like the jolly, cute pumpkins.  Men like spooky, boo-boo pumpkins.  I had fun roasting the seeds as well.


He was a good sport about the costume.  He hated the little mask and cried every time we tried to put it on, but he left the little skullcap on so it was ok.  We went out for about 30 minutes.  He loved reaching into the bowl of candy to get a piece and then putting the loot into his trick-or-treat bag.  Too bad he hasn’t got to enjoy much of his goods.  It has mostly been eaten by Daddy and Mommy!  Oopsies!  We are good parents…right?  Well…Happy Halloween everyone!  We hope you had a safe and fun holiday.

Oh wait…I had to include these cute photos even though they have nothing to do with Halloween.  Aren’t they cute?  I hope he loves the scriptures forever!