So most of our readers know that Dan had surgery last Thursday.  The long and short of the story is that he had an iliopsoas abscess which formed from a fistula in his intestines.  A fistula is a crack or hole that forms in the intestines and is a side effect of Crohn’s.  So all the lovely stuff that passed by that hole was leaking out into his body.  That lovely stuff burrowed a little hole into his psoas muscle and there began to collect forming a mess of infection, bacteria and the like for who knows how long.  His surgeon said this had been going on for a long time which we already knew since Dan has been having this groin muscle pain since his last surgery almost 4 years ago.  The pain has increasingly got worse in the last 6 months or so and is it any wonder that somedays he couldn’t even walk?  Infection in the muscle is not normal.  Alas, the surgery was a success and took less than 3 hours.  Dr. Kim (who we love, by the way) said Dans’ intestines looked the best he had seen all day which  I think is great news.  He only took out about 4-6 inches this time and I think that was just to reestablish a good connection site between the large and small intestines.  So we are happy.  Plus Dan’s hospital stay was only 3 days instead of the 5-7 we were imagining.  He made it home just in time to watch the Super Bowl from the comfort of his own couch.  He has been home for almost a week now and is getting better each day.  Still in pain but moving around much better.  So we are on the up and up.  Thank you all for your faith and prayers in our behalf.  We are so grateful and felt God’s love and power through all of this.  Love to all of you!


Jack’s drawing on the board in Dan’s room.  He loved visiting Daddy.


But he loved mostly when Daddy came home and that was because he brought balloons home with him.  Jack went crazy over them…for 10 minutes anyway.


And just one cute picture of Jack finding a creative place to read his stories.