We’re connected!

We have been internetless for the last few days.  It has been a little strange I must admit.  But we’re back and all moved in.  I would say we are about 95% settled in our new place and loving it.  Jack has adjusted nicely to his new surroundings and is becoming more comfortable with where we are when he can’t see us.


CR always does the body good especially after a long day of moving!


Jack has found a new love for the baby swing which he really disliked as a baby.  He really wanted blankie and monkey to have a turn too.


Here is Jack in our backyard picking “flowers” and then in our dining area showing mommy his find.  Notice the hoopty carpet we tore up throughout the house that is still in the dining room.  Someday it will be changed to wood flooring.  There is a small glimpse of the new carpet in the background by the boxes.  It is lovely!


This is what happened yesterday…a wild storm rolled through.  Yes, that is hail covering our street.  I am terrified of storms and was hiding under a blanket in the basement.  When all was said and done, I came upstairs to check on Jack and he was sound asleep.  Not sure how he slept through all of that.  It was the loudest storm I have ever lived through.


On the move

We are up to our elbows in boxes and packing tape currently, but we are pretty excited about our new house.  Jack doesn’t seem to notice that his current living space is coming apart piece by piece.  And he loves our new house.  He runs around like a wild man in all the open space.  Yesterday all of our new carpet was put in!  It is lovely and really makes it seem more like our own house.   We will get some photos together of the new place when we are a little more settled.  Our big move day is tomorrow so perhaps next week sometime.  For now, here are a few new Jack Jack photos.


He is currently obsessed with “blankie and monkey”  He wants to carry around his blankie always.  I try to limit it though cause I can’t imagine the germs he is collecting as it drags behind him in the kitchen and bathroom.  Gross.  He stuffed said monkey and blankie in the trash can and then climbed in himself.  Too priceless not to capture.

We went to the doctor yesterday for Jack’s 18 month appointment.  He is growing just great and loved looking at the doctor’s light that shined in his eyes, ears and mouth.


Head: 51 cm.– 100%

Length: 34.5 inches– 95%

Weight: 27.2 lbs.– 50%


Happy Easter

We just finished up a great Easter weekend with our families.  And the best part is that is General Conference too.  Conference was amazing.  Jack was a good boy for most of it and I would say, we heard about 80% of it.  Jack had a great Easter and was a good little egg hunter.  He, however, mostly liked the eggs once they were empty.  Now we have more candy than we can ever imagine.  But neither me nor my womb bomb are complaining about that!


Here is Jack on Easter morning.  He looks really happy-huh?  But he warmed up to his few small gifts from the Easter Bunny.


Later we went to Dans’ parents house where the Easter Bunny visited again.  Jack enjoyed helping Grandma clean up the eggs with the lawnmower.


Here is Jack cooking with Aunt Kerri.  His loves his miniature cooking set.

And here is what we woke up to on April Fool’s Day.  And this ain’t no joke…blah!


4+ inches of snow!  But we tried to make the most of it…


And we had a pretty good time for about 10 minutes until Jack’s glove fell off and sadness ensued.


His hand does look pretty cold.  Poor guy.