Happy Birthday to Me

We just came off our second long weekend of July.  If there is one thing to love about Utah, it is that the 24th is a holiday.  And lucky for me, my birthday is the 22nd so it always coincides with a nice day off.  My birthday was just great this year.  We got all of our new furniture so that was an awesome gift.  It is nice to have our house more complete.   We were able to go to the zoo again to celebrate the day off.  It was a great long weekend.   Now back to real life for a few days until California this weekend!


Jack likes the monkeys.  Dan and I love the monkeys.  We could spend all day with them.  So entertaining.


A few other weekend activities included participating in our ward parade and breakfast at the park and watering the flowers.  He is in love with this chore and sobbed for about 5 minutes this morning when it was over.  And finding the graham crackers in the pantry and dumping them all out.  Can’t wait for the floor to be so the pantry doors can go back on to avoid such disasters!


Just a few pictures from my birthday party.  Bless Kerri for coming because she thinks to take photos otherwise year 29 would not be documented at all.  I am horrible at remembering photo opts.


Melting the days away…

Nothing too much has been going on here lately.  It has been so hot.  I can barely stand to go outside during the day.  Poor, poor Jack.  He must be so bored.  But he seems content and always says “Hot” when we get in and out of the car during the day.  But gratefully I can say that I am still not swollen which is sort of a miracle!  With Jack I started swelling at like 24 weeks.  So I am counting my blessings on that one.  I’m sure it will happen eventually though.  I am 32 weeks pregnant now and can’t believe we are in the single digit countdown.  It seems close, but still pretty far away.  Life is good.  We have been busy buying new furniture and attempting to install our wood floor.  It is fun to see our house coming together.  Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks…


Jack and I went to Temple Square one morning.  He loved it, of course.  He just wished he could have jumped in the “pool”.


Here is Jack being the “driber” as he likes to say.  He loves the front seat because there are so many buttons.


He has been obsessed with Daddy’s shoes.  He puts them on all day long.  He is getting so big.  He is starting to string his phrases together and answers his own questions and statements.  For example…”Goldfish, please?…Ok…Wow.” or “Puzzle.  I did it.  Good job.”  He has really been into singing lately.  His favorite song is Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam.  He says “Shine for him at school, at play.  A SunBEAM, a sunBEAM.”  Makes me smile a lot.  He is so smart.  He knows all of his shapes, over half of his letters and is getting really good with his colors.


The fruits of our labors…finally!  I feel like my parents have been eating from their garden for months.  We, however, have just picked our first crops.  I keep waiting for my tomatoes to turn red.  I love gardening despite not being very good at it.


Fourth of July

What a weekend!  I decided that the best day for the 4th of July to fall on is a Sunday.  We got to celebrate for 3 days straight.  Saturday we went to the Granite community’s parade and pancake breakfast.  I forgot my camera which was lame.  But Jack loved the parade.  That afternoon we went to Grandma Pett’s for the traditional family carnival.  It was very fun.  Jack had the most fun playing in Grandma Pett’s flowerbeds.  I cannot get him away from the dirt.


That night Dan and I went to Stadium of Fire.  It was awesome.  I love fireworks.  Carrie Underwood was the performer this year and she was delightful.  I got a little misty when she sang the National Anthem and there was a fly over.  I love America.


On Sunday we had a BBQ with Dan’s fam.  We let Jack stay up until 9:30 that night (way past his bedtime!) so that we could do a few small fireworks in the street for him to see.  He hated it. He kept climbing in the stroller.  I think it is the one place he felt safe.  I hope he will warm up to fireworks because they are the best parts of the holiday!


On Monday, I went to the Provo parade with my sibs.  It was a lot of fun as well.  I love marching bands and BYU so it was the perfect place for me.  Jack was disappointed that no one threw out candy at this parade.  Later that afternoon we went to Veteran’s Park in Provo to go swimming and play on the water slides.  They don’t allow cameras  which is a bummer cause Jack had the time of this life.  That night we celebrated Kara’s birthday and Dan finally made it down after a long of day of working on installing our new wood floor.  Pictures to come when its finished!


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