Well we finally made it on the boat.  It had been 2 years.  Isn’t that sad?  And we still barely fit it in to our schedule.  We were on the lake for about an hour only.  But it was just enough time for Richard and Dan to ski, Jack to ride the tube and swim, and me to almost go into labor with all the bumps (not really, but wouldn’t that have been nice?).


Jack was a little hesitant at first.  But he got used to it fast and loved it.  He loved watching Daddy and Grandpa “ski…fast”.  He had no problem with the tube and loved the bumps.  And he loved swimming in the water.  Perhaps his favorite part was being the “driber”.  So many buttons to push and knobs to twist.  I was sorta glad to be 37+ weeks prego with no intention of getting into a swimsuit so that I could stay out of the cold water.  But it was a lovely night and the water was so smooth.  We have good intentions to go again before the weather gets yucky.  But we’ll have to see…


Someone is in love…

Jack has been enamored with his daddy lately.  Randomly during the day he will stop and say “Daddy?  Love him.”  It is really cute.  And when Dan gets home from work Jack turns into a crazy man until bedtime.  Tonight he walked up to Dan and put his head on Dan’s shoulder and said “I love you.”  They are best buddies.  And here are a few photos for proof.


Playing in the sprinklers, having a chat, reading stories and wearing Daddy’s beanie while reading his “gorman” (Jack’s word for Book of Mormon).  He is obsessed with the “gorman” lately and wants to look for all the different colors where we have highlighted along with pictures of the “hona” (Liahona), “Oni” (Moroni), and temples.


Just had to include this one from today.  I kept telling Jack to please sit down.  After about the 5th try, I decided to get out the camera and immediately he said “Smile, cheese.”  He is a funny guy.  But I thought it also gave our readers a great look at our new table and Jack’s flip flop tan.  We’ve had a fun summer outside.


A California Trip and visitors

Well…I have taken a long leave of absence.  But for good reason, Jack and I traveled to California the first week of August and then had fun with my mom and old roommate, Joo Lin, who came to visit.  It was a good time.  I love having people over even though I am a boring hostess, and I love California.  Here are the photos.


My dad had tickets to some B-town Western Days festival or something like that so we went to check it out.  Jack got to ride a horse and was so brave about it.  I would rather die than do that.  I don’t love horses.  Jack loved the live band and danced a lot…even busted out his break dancing moves on the cement.  Funny boy.


We went down to SoCal for a few days and played at the beach.  It is lovely there.  I could sit on the beach all day…no problem.  Jack loved it as well.  He got most excited about his Subway sandwich on the beach.  After a long day of sand and surf, this boy was tuckered out…well at least for 30 minutes.  He is not a good car sleeper is one this thing this trip taught us.


He loved building the train track at Grandma and Grandpa’s.  He built that one all by himself.  He loved swimming at Aunt Kara’s house and playing with their dog, Max.  And he sorta loved driving in the car for 10+ hours each way especially when he could put on his “cool dudes” (his word for sunglasses) all by himself.


I had fun watching these two interact for the few days that Joo Lin and Seoul stayed at our house.  Seoul is adorable.  I love her.  They warmed up to each other eventually.  Once Seoul got used to Jack’s crazy ways and Jack got used to her being around and showed off a little less.  I wish Jack had more friends to play with regularly.  It was good to see him have to share his toys and space.  Just practicing for his up and coming gig as big brother!  Which is + or – 25 days away.  But who’s counting…