2 weeks and sibling love

Little Sophs is now 2 weeks old.  It is getting to the point where I can’t remember life without her.  She has just fit right in with us.  I feel like she is huge.  But we went for her 2 week visit on Friday and she is just about the same as she was at birth.  Here are her stats:  8 lbs. 7 oz. (75%), 20.5 inches (75%), 38 cm head (90%).  She is just a healthy little girl.  She is waking up two times a night to be fed and falls back to sleep pretty easily.  I am getting a little anxious to put her in her own room because I feel like she is becoming a louder sleeper with occasional squeaks and grunts.  But for the most part, I cannot complain about the sleeping.  It took us 3+ months to get Jack to 2 feedings a night so I feel like she is glorious!  She does have a bit of a fussy streak in the evenings from about 6-9.  It seems like the only thing she wants is to be fed.  I try to get her to wait 2 hours during that time, but sometimes give in just to appease her.  She is a great little lady!


Jack is becoming more enamored with his sister.  We ran an errand this weekend and Dan stayed home with the babe.  While we were driving Jack kept saying “Sophs?  Sophs?”  He missed his little back seat partner.  He is taking more interest in where she is and now has an almost daily interaction with her–patting her head, sharing his stories or blankie, and rocking her in the bouncer.


Jack’s favorite time to be a helper is when Sophie is taking a bath.  He makes sure to give her all his toys  and practically sits in the little tub with her.  I think they will like bath time together coming up here in just about 6 months.  Speaking of the bath, this little girl did not even cry her first time in the real bath.  I thought that was pretty miraculous.




I’m finally back on blogging duty.  Dan is so good at it-huh?  Well, life has surely changed.  I am not that good at change really.  But little Sophie is a joy and Jack is my source of entertainment.  Monday was my first day alone with the babies.  It felt pretty comfortable with only a few breakdowns by the Jack man.  By now we should be pros since it is Wednesday-right?  Well, maybe not.  But we are settling into life and it is good.  Here are a few photos…


I feel like the baby has grown so much already.  She looks so different from the first few days.  We finally got Jack to hold still long enough to hold Sophie.  It didn’t last long, but we captured it.  He is sweet with her when he remembers that she is around–calling her Sophs and trying to give her the binkie.


Jack sure misses this quality Daddy time now that Dan is back to work.  Dan must have filled those buckets 1000 times the week he was home.  Jack is getting more into helping around the house.  He can sweep whenever he wants as far as I’m concerned.  And thanks to my mom who spent a whole week with us.  It was lovely.  She had been gone for maybe 2 hours when Dan said, “I miss your mom.  It was nice having an extra set of hands.”  We are excited to be back together again in 5 weeks when both my parents will be back to meet their third grandbaby, Isaac!


Introducing Sophie

She has a name! Just in time before we left the hospital. Sophie Darlene Grossen. I like it cause I can call her Sophs and I thought Jack & Sophie sound good together (It’s the number one names in Iceland, Scottland, and New Zealand). Amy says she looks like a Sophie.


It’s been great having her home. The first night was a rough one, but other than that she’s been a quiet, sleepy baby. Both her and mom are doing great.






Baby Girl

Wooooooohooooooo! We have a new baby in the family! The Grossens are now four!

This is Dan taking over for Amy while she’s out of commission for the next little while. So if you are already disinterested go ahead and scroll down to the pics. Anyway, it all started Thursday morning, after Amy had her weekly doctor visit. The doctor was thinking it would be best to induce. So we scrambled all day long getting everything ready, while still hoping that maybe the baby could still come on her own. Amy was real nervous about being induced, but it turned out great! You see, good ol Jack took something like +24 hours to come. This time around it took almost 4 hours.

At hour 3 I was still working on the computer along Amy’s bedside and it was looking like we still had a long way to go. Then about 45 minutes later, Amy was in a lot of pain, again. (note- she was also in a lot of pain for the first two hours while her epidural was unhooked! The doc forgot that important part). I turned off my computer and tried to help her out. Ten minutes later the doctor showed up and to our surprise the baby was knockin’ on the door, ready to come out. A few minutes later, this beautiful baby girl was born:


Mom and baby are doing great. So is Jack. We were told Jack woke up from his nap today in tears. Maybe it’s because he realized his world, his place at the top, would be shattered or changed forever! But you know, a good friend helped me realize this tidbit of wisdom- family love doesn’t diminish with size, it increases! Jack is still Jack and he’s already had a fun time giving sister “noses” and tickling her feet! I can already see them scheming up trouble and adventure.

So all that is left now is giving this lil’ lady a name…look for that and more pictures in the next blog post!



By a pure miracle we got tickets to the BYU game last minute on Saturday.  We had chosen this to be our one for sure game to go to this year since it was not going to be on a channel that we have.  It seemed like it just wasn’t going to work out though.  But Uncle Mike pulled through for us.  And we had the best time.  It was a super intense game.  And we just happened to be in the visitors section which always makes things exciting!  The Cougs came out victorious which I was not expecting.  And we were super happy about it.  Jack has fully embraced BYU as we knew he would.  And even treated our ward to a little “Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah…Go Cougars!” during the Sacrament at church on Sunday.  Not a bad cheer, I must admit, but maybe bad timing.


I know, I know…I am not in my usual Cougar attire.  I feel just as sick about it as all of you.  But I tried to wear a neutral pink and please remember that I am one week away from baby #2 and have no BYU clothes that fit.  And speaking of baby #2, I thought going to this game would maybe make something start to happen in the labor department.  And I was pretty uncomfortable the whole game.  But I woke up Sunday good as new.  So, for now, she is stuck!

A side note, Ker got me a ticket to the John Mayer concert on August 31st.  Um…he is an amazing musician.  Love him.  He spoke of a few questionable things in between the songs, but I still think he is the bomb.  Here is our photo to document our outing since supposedly no cameras were allowed inside.  Thanks Ker…it has completed my concert life…for now.