Here a few photos from the past week.


Jack has been obsessed recently with getting into the pantry…not my favorite!  On this morning he decided to share some of his findings with his sister.  He was so proud of himself.


We had our ward Halloween party this past weekend.  We had to convince Jack that it was ok to put on his Elmo costume.  He fought us putting it on, but once he saw himself in the mirror, he was convinced that it was awesome.  He had fun trick or treating to the different rooms and loved the candy.  Although the first thing he wanted was the pretzels.  Sophie hung out in her car seat almost the whole time.  She is not dressed up because I am a lame mom and not that great at Halloween.  But I think I sorta captured a smile.  She gave me her first smile on Friday.  She is so cute.


And we’re glad the potty is being used for something…sippy storage…since it hasn’t received much use for its real purpose.   We’re hoping to change that sometime soon…when I feel braver.  And yes…Jack really is still that drooly.  We hope it ends when all of his eye teeth are in…just 2 more to go.


View from my backyard

Fall is here and the colors are amazing.  Every fall I think it couldn’t be more beautiful outside.  The temperatures are ideal right now.  High 60s/low 7os during the day.  I feel like it is a little piece of heaven before the long and dreaded winter comes.  And I know it is coming faster than I care to recognize.  But alas, here are  few photos that don’t even come close to doing it justice!


I know I would in trouble if I didn’t include at least one photo of the kiddos.  So here they are in their Sunday best.  This is Jack’s first time holding Sophie.  He was really unsure and by the end, attempted to push her off.  But I am happy we captured it.


Daddy/daughter time is sometimes stressful cause this little lady likes to be fussy in the evenings when Dan is home so I was glad to snap a few shots of happier times.



Rough Night


This girl gave me a run for my money last night.  I saw every hour of the night except the 3s.  I guess I should be grateful for the 3s.  When I went to get her this morning, I unwrapped her to find this.  She was having just as rough of a time, I guess.  It reminded me of another kid I know…


…my kids are wild sleepers…unfortunately.


I’ve been trying out some of Sophie’s bows the last couple of days.  I think it makes her look older…sigh.


I went down to visit the Cosby’s today.  I can’t get enough of little Isaac.  He is precious beyond compare.  And him and Sophs enjoyed some quality floor time together today.  Ryan has been trying to convince me that it is time for Jack to start watching movies.  I told him that I am not opposed, but that he just can’t sit still that long.  I have tried.  So he decided that during lunch him and Jack would watch Lion King.  It is, after all, an all time Disney classic.  Well, as you can see, Jack was really enthralled.  But it only lasted 22 minutes.  That is about all he is good for.   But it did provide for some quality uncle/nephew bonding time.  Thanks guys for letting us come and invade.  Hope we can play again soon.


Nephew Time

I am super happy to say that I am an aunt again!  Wahoo!  Ryan and Kara welcomed little Isaac into the family last night.  Me and the kiddos went and saw him this morning.  He is so cute!  I love him and think he looks a lot like Ryan’s newborn picture.  It made me realize how much Sophie has grown already!  She is 4 weeks today and seemed like a giant compared to that sweet little man.  Love it and can’t wait for the cousins to grow up and be best buddies.


And here are just a few other shots of my kids.


Jack is super excited for Halloween even though I’m not sure he knows what that means.  He loves the “pumpins”.  Don’t you love his Halloween shirt?  Pretty cute.  Sophie is getting bigger and more alert.  She is become a more efficient eater which makes her and me happy.  She still likes to fuss at night but is pretty good during the day.  She is still waking up twice at night to eat, but has become a tad bit more difficult to put back to sleep.  Her grunting and squeaks have become louder and wee bit more obnoxious (sorry!) so here’s to hoping we find a bed we like this weekend for Jack so that we can start that transition.  Her spitting up is improving I would say.  Although she still has big spit ups about every other day.  They seem to be caused by her laying down in any position after eating.  I am, however, cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that helps her at all.  I really miss my bowl of cereal in the morning.  Perhaps I’ll try soy milk, but I haven’t been brave enough yet.


Birthday Boy

Jack is 2.  It is in some ways unbelievable.  And in other ways, it seems like he’s been around forever.  We hope he had a fun birthday.  He sure liked all the visitors that came for his party (even if he was a little grumpy…sorry everyone…he is 2 after all).  We love our little man.


These are the monkey cupcakes I attempted to make.  They came out pretty good.  Jack thought they looked like monkeys.  We met Dan for lunch.  I asked Jack if he wanted a sandwich (Subway) or fries and chicken (Chick-fil-A).  He said chicken and I think it made his day!


This is Jack’s new truck.  He loves it.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.


We had waffles and bacon for dinner (Jack’s favorite) and then opened presents.  He was better this year at opening his gifts and said “Oh wow…Look at that!” for everything.  Dan surprised Jack (and mommy) with a Jazz t-shirt for Jack.  We’ll see if he ever wears it since I am the one who always gets him dressed!  Ha!  Sophie was content for awhile in her bouncer and then hit her fussy period for the night and spent quality time in a lot of peoples’ arms!  Thanks everyone for your help!  Jack was more interested in the ice cream than the cupcakes even though he had been asking to have a cupcake all day!

Yesterday I took Jack to the doctor.  And just for journaling sakes here are his stats at 2 years!  30 lbs (75%), 36 inches (85%), 51 cm. head (100%).  So they say that if you double your 2 year old height, that is how tall you will be when you are fully grown…so we have 6 foot kid coming our way.  I will weep when he is that big!  And at least his head didn’t grow anymore since his 18 month visit…but it is still the biggest head around!  He is a smarty pants…that’s why.