It’s that time of year

…when we freeze our tails off!  It has been crazy cold the last couple of days.  But Jack and Sophie are loving it…


Jack lasted way longer than I thought he would…at least 40 minutes.  And Sophie thinks her hats are pretty great except for when then creep down over her eyes.  Not her favorite.


The lady is definitely becoming more interactive and has given us a few laughs recently.  She especially loves her Daddy which is no surprise.


Check out that picture!  I was so happy when I got it!  She looks soooo cute!


Look Alikes

Here’s just a few photos from the week.


I busted out this old toy for the lady.  She was entertained by all the colors.  But not nearly as entertained as her brother.  He loves it and always wants Sophs to have her “swing set” as he calls it.


She’s getting bigger each day and is starting to love to suck her hands.  She is starting to give us grief again at night right when we thought she was settling into a good pattern.  That’s how it always works.  I fear that letting her cry through a waking might be right around the corner.


This boy is always into something and about 50 % of the time it is something that he knows he shouldn’t be playing with.  This day I was feeding Sophie and heard him say “Ought oh!”  That is never a good sign.  And then he appeared before me soaked all the way through and smelling like cleaner.  I rushed into the kitchen thinking a bottle of 409 would be spilled everywhere.  Well…it wasn’t that bad…just all the Swiffer refills pulled out…but that is still pretty bad.


Anything that is the size and look of a cell phone is a cell phone to Jack.  And on this morning he thought he would share the phone call with his sister.  Pretty cute.


We’ve heard a few times lately that Sophie doesn’t look much like Jack.  Well, I have always thought they look alike and here’s the proof.  I open these photos of Jack at 2 months and I can’t get over the similarities.  She is just going to turn into a girl version of her older brother.  And that’s ok by me.


2 months


Here are Sophs 2 month photos.  They are the first smiling pictures I have gotten that actually somewhat resembles smiles.  Someday I hope to capture a photo with her cute dimples showing.  We went to the doctor yesterday.  She has done pretty well with her shots.  And since she has a bit of colic, I was used to her shrieking cry so I didn’t get too sad like I did at Jack’s 2 month.  She sure is cute and growing magnificently.

Stats:  11 lbs. 9 oz. (75 %), 24 inches long (90 %), 40 cm. head (80 %)


Jack’s creative snack spot on Tuesday morning.


Honeymoon is over

Just as I supposed, but not what I wanted, Jack and the big boy bed have taken a slight turn for the worse.  He has ended up in the Pack N Play 3 of the last 4 naptimes.  He is having a hard time staying in his room.  And I mean like coming out after I have put him back like 30 seconds later.  Oh well, he still seems to be doing ok at night.  He has never come out of his room, but he has learned how to turn on the lamp which led to this one night…


Perhaps we should cut back on the number of books we keep in his room.  He could be up for hours potentially.  But at least he crawled back in bed to go to sleep.  So anyway, we are in a learning stage here which can lead to frustrating times, but we still love him.  And how could not with this lovely face…


Ok…the boogers are DISGUSTING.  Had no idea his nose was like that!  But Lucky Charm milk and marshmallow smeared all over your face is pretty fun and colorful!  Don’t worry, the Lucky Charm treat of a breakfast only comes after he has had something more “healthy”, much to his chagrin.

We have been enjoying lovely weather the last few days.  It was 70 on Saturday so we hit up the zoo perhaps for the last time this season.  We scored some free carousel and train ride tickets so Jack was living the dream.  And who knew it was so hard to capture a decent carousel picture?  This is the best one and it is still so blurry and not centered at all!


Pretty hard to capture a decent family train picture too, apparently!

And then there’s this little lady.


She’s adorable beyond compare. She is smiling and talking a lot more which is fun.  She has been a much happier baby lately during the day which is joyous.  Her evenings are getting better, but still leave something to be desired.  And her nights are about the same 3-4 wakings, twice to eat, despite being moved to her own room which has never been the sleep cure-all for my kids.  We are tired, but loving her.




We had a great Halloween weekend.  Jack really loved trick-or-treating around our neighborhood even though it was rainy, windy and cold!  I planned to go with him and Dan for at least a little while, but couldn’t bring myself to bring Sophs out in that cold weather.  So I missed all of his excitement.  Sad!  But Dan says he was in LOVE with it, saying “Next house” as soon as the candy was dropped in his bucket.  I can’t wait to join them next year.  Since Sophie lacked a costume, I pulled out Jack’s old Halloween pjs from when he was her age.  At least the pink binkie makes her look like a girl!


Jack’s love for trick-or-treating did not carry over into pumpkin carving sadly.  He wanted nothing to do with it.  So Dan and I had a fun afternoon carving pumpkins and I think they turned out awesome!


This weekend we were also able to bless Sophie.  She was an angel baby during the blessing, and Dan said when he opened his eyes after the blessing, she was looking up smiling.  So cute.  I think it is pretty ironic cause she is a much fussier baby than Jack but remained content during her blessing.  Jack, on the other hand, was a pretty easy going guy as a baby and he cried the whole way through.  Love it.


While my parents were here this weekend, we decided it was time for a new family picture since 3 grandbabies have come since the last one was taken.  I think they turned out lovely considering it was Kerri’s tripod doing all the work.


And lastly, we made the transition to big boy bed last night.  I felt so nervous about it and almost decided at the last minute to put it off one more night.  But I’m glad we were brave.  We did our normal night time routine, said goodnight, shut the door and never heard or saw him all night.  He even sat in his room singing and talking this morning until I came to get him.  The same held true for his nap this afternoon.  I can’t believe it and feel so grateful.  Hopefully it will continue.