Pre-Christmas Christmas

We had a early Christmas celebration this weekend since we won’t be here to celebrate on the actual day with the Grossen side.  Jack was entertained with the gift opening for a while longer this year, but not all the way still.  He loves his new toys and I love his new clothes.  Sophie was chill the whole time which was wonderful.  Maybe we will encourage her to rip one piece of wrapping paper on Christmas day so we can at least say she opened one gift.  Dan is loving his new video games and I am looking forward to a little shopping time at Downeast with my gift card.  Thank you Grossen family.  We love you all!


Sophs got a Bumbo for Christmas…and I love it.  But I have to laugh cause everytime I put her in it, Jack goes and gets his potty and sits right next to her.  Hahaha!   “Sophie’s potty” is what he calls it.


And here are just a few random pictures from the week.  I love these kiddos.



“and in the morning… I’m making waffles!”

This is Dan making a rare, early morning blog post. I heard Jack leave his room this morning at 5:55 AM. Around 6:20, I heard some funny business going on so I figured I had to get out of bed. All the lights were still off, but as I came to the kitchen I could tell that the refrigerator was wide open. I turned the corner and this is what I saw:

I'm making waffles

“I’m making waffles!”

He then proceeded to stir the broken eggs on the floor.

“I stirring!”


3 months and lights

Soph a loafs, as I like to call her, turned 3 months this past week.  Where is the time going?  I can’t even believe it.  She has been super happy and good the last few days.  It has been so fun.  She still has her nights where I can’t believe that I signed up for this again.  But for the most part, I can’t complain.  She is starting to get a real handle on her head and prefers to be stiff as a board most of the time.  Maybe someday I will have a cuddly, snuggly baby.  She laughs lots and lots and is getting super interested in her toys.


Dan and I took Jack on a date to see the lights at Temple Square this last Friday.  It was fun to remember life with one child and he liked the alone time with mom and dad.  He, of course, loved the lights and couldn’t stop singing “I love to see the temple”.  He is a good boy.



Silent Night, Holy Night

Ok…so it wasn’t exactly silent, but Sophs only woke up once last night at 2:30 and slept until 7:30.  Wahoo!  But her brother wanted to remind me that 5 is also a good time to be up cause he starting crying then.  I went in and gave him tylenol since he has a couple more teeth coming in, and he was wide awake.  “Hi Mommy.  Whoa that’s bright (referring to cell phone).  Vitamins…mmm.”  Luckily he did go back to sleep until 6:45.  So it was pretty lovely.


Here’s the kiddos in their matching Christmas jammies.  Sophie could not keep her eyes off her toys so its the best I could do.


We went to the mall this weekend which was a wee bit crowded.  But Jack was so happy cause he got to ride the train with Grandma and Daddy.

And I also got to watch this little man for a few hours on Friday night.


Isn’t he the cutest?  Love him.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year

We are in the Christmas swing of things here after a great Thanksgiving holiday.  Well it was sorta great.  Jack was a wee bit on the whiny side the whole break.  I am attributing it to going to bed late every night and waking up at the same old time.  We are trying to rebound this week.  It has been semi-rough.  But I am hoping he is almost back to his pleasant self.  I am beginning to wonder if we can survive the twos.  But I am optimistic.  I think I am going to institute an obedience chart sometime soon.  Maybe that will lessen the times he visits the corner and the number of times I have to count to 3.  Parenting is great-huh?  Especially when you don’t really know what you’re doing.


But at least there were a few good times including sledding.  Our backyard is perfect for it.

We got our tree this past weekend and decorated it last night.  It was fun to see Jack put the ornaments up.


This is how he did it.  Just putting the boxes in the tree.  Funny.


We had this cute girl cheering us on!  She’ll be all over it next year.

But for the most part, Dan and I did the ornamenting which includes Dan’s super hero corner and the battle that never ends…not even at Christmas!


And a look at our house all decorated.  Being a homeowner at Christmas is fun!