This past week Ryan, Kara and Isaac came to town.  They have only been gone one month but we sure have missed them.  I love that little Isaac.  He is such a sweet baby.  And it was so fun to have Kara here during the day to talk to because most days I have minimal adult interaction!  We didn’t do much of anything except hang out but it was still awesome.  Thanks for coming Cosby’s.  We had a great time!


6 months

This post is a little late but Sophie girl turned 6 months on the 10th.  Here are her 6 month stats:  16 lbs. 8 oz. (70%), 28 inches long (100%), 45 cm. head (100 %).  She is just a tall and healthy lady.  She has started to sit up a little bit better as of late.  She can last about 20 or so minutes in front of her kitchen toy.  She instantly flips over when you put her on her back unless she is under her “swing set”.  She has had moments of brilliance at night with her sleeping…going 9 hours every once in awhile.  And then some nights it is back to her old tricks of waking up after only being down 4+ hours.  She has had to cry it out so much that you would think she would get it by now, but so far that isn’t the case.  So we will keep working with her.  Yuck…I just don’t like it.  But in other sleeping news, she is now sleeping swaddle free which is good news.  She is an eating champ just like her brother.  She loves all the veggies and fruits and has successfully taken to eating graham crackers and fruit puffs.  She is pretty happy for the most part these days which we are grateful for.  And she adores Jack which I hope will last forever.


Recently Jack has really been interested in walking with a cane.  Everything has been a cane at one point even his books.  I couldn’t solve why because who has he ever seen walk with a cane?  Dan and I thought maybe it was from the one older man in our ward that walks with a cane.  But that seemed sorta improbable since Jack has maybe seen him only once or twice.  One day it really came together for us when we saw this…


Because that looks awfully similar to a character on Jack’s favorite movie…


Someone has been watching a little bit too much Toy Story.  But I died with laughter when we put it together.  Such an observant, funny guy.



One can hope anyway.  But the facts are, I live in Utah, and I know better.  We are still in for a good amount of snow, I’m sure.  But the last 5 days or so have been bliss.  We spent all morning outside on Saturday and Jack was in love.   Sophie loved it as well.


We supported the Cougs this weekend and made sure to wear blue.  We were overjoyed on Friday night when Jimmer was magical and we finally beat New Mexico.  We were sad and despondent on Saturday night when we just looked tired and those filthy Aztecs finally had their way with us.  One thing is sure, the Grossen’s are really looking forward to March Madness and hope that the Cougars will not disappoint!


And one thing more, she FINALLY did it.  Sophie Darlene rolled over.  One day after her six month birthday.


She has really taken to her new trick and does it all the time now.  But it always ends like this…


…because for whatever reason, she doesn’t remember that she knows how to roll the other way.  So, perhaps we shouldn’t have been encouraging her so much, cause now there is even more fussiness coming from the Wild S Lady.  Silly girl.

And then there’s this guy…


He is so funny.  He is talking so much and saying the funniest things.  I laugh lots during the day.  He really is one of a kind.  We’ve been spending a lot of our days doing this fun new trick.


He calls it “flying”. It makes him giddy with laughter and sometimes ends with me getting drool in my face!



The following photos clearly demonstrate that we are not getting enough sleep at night!


We had too much fun with Jack’s safety goggles the other morning.  Love it!


And this kid thought he was pretty funny this morning putting grapes between his toes.  I laughed so hard.  Seriously, where does he come up with these things?  Makes me smile.


And I thought this little hat that came with this PJ set was hilarious.  Is it supposed to be a yarmulke (yes that is how you spell that word…) or is my child’s head just huge?  I got a good chuckle out of that one.  Her face is adorable though.  I can’t even believe it.


We’re back…

We’ve had a lot of visitors in the last 2 weeks and that always unmotivates me to blog since they are our #1 viewers.  But here are a few photos of what we’ve been up to.


Sophs is getting closer to rolling over.  This weekend she did it on her own after I got her on her side (which she can also do on her own) so I think it halfway counts.  Jack is her biggest fan, encouraging her everyday.  And I got Jack some water colors and he LOVES it.  It kept him occupied one morning for like 30 minutes.  I’ll take it!  He said he was making eggs which made me excited for Easter cause I think he will really like coloring eggs.

My parents were in town a few weekends ago.  We only saw them briefly, but Jack was pretty excited to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday with him.  He sang Happy Birthday to Grandpa for days afterward.  Right as my parents headed out of town Dan’s sister, Melanie and her family came into town from NYC.  We hadn’t seen them in over a year which is WAY too long so we were super happy to play.  Between the kids’ naps and bedtimes and Dan working, I feel like we didn’t get to see them nearly as much as we wanted, but we tried to make the most of it.  Jack loved playing with Tommy and Rachel.  And Kate and Sophie are well on their way to being best friends (they are just one week apart).  Thanks Herways for making the long trek!  We had a blast.