An overdue update

Sorry for the long delay.  No reason behind it really.  Just lazy, I guess.  We had a good Easter with my parents in town.  We really just did the traditional stuff…dyed eggs, had an egg hunt, saw what the Easter Bunny brought us, had ham and potato casserole and enjoyed a Sunday with NO meetings.  It was really lovely.  And I even had some time to think about the real meaning of Easter and how grateful I am for the Resurrection and Jesus Christ.  So here are a slew of pictures from the weeks that were!

This kid is getting huge and more and more independent.  He was so proud of his tower and his “cool dudes” (i.e. sunglasses).  And he even tried to put on his own pants after a diaper change.  Just a little bit upside down.

No…these pictures are not deceiving you…this lady has a bit of an orange glow.  And it isn’t from self tanning!  But I am still feeding her the orange veggies.  I mean, she still needs the vitamins that only they have-right?  I guess I’ll ask the doctor about it at her 9 month visit, but for now I am just loving my little oompa loompa.

My dad was here too, but I guess I failed to take a picture.  Sorry dad.  I love family and holidays!



7 months

That little lady is now seven months old.  Can’t even believe it.  She has sorta become a joy the last couple of weeks.  She is content a lot more now just playing with her toys and such.  We only have a few fussy days a week now which, believe me, is a real improvement!  She is still pretty sedentary.  She turns over on her belly all the time and sits almost perfectly.  But she isn’t scooting forward or backward.  I am not used to this.  I think she is behind cause Jack was crawling and pulling up to things by this age.  But in reality she is probably just on a normal pace unlike my Jack Jack.  Sophs is an eating champion and successful sippy cup drinker.  She has tried several real foods including green beans, peas, squash, pears, bananas, pop tarts and eggos.  She has several funny nicknames that we have already mentioned, but for journaling sake here are few more- Buggy, Bugs, Marlin (Jack’s interpretation of her middle name, Darlene) and Wild.  She loves to say “dadada” and can do it on command.  We love her and are so glad she is part of our family.

Now on to something sad and funny all at once.  We have been longing to ski this season.  It is something that Dan and I really enjoy doing together.  But with 2 kids and Dan’s busy job, we have not found a good time to go all year.  It is sort of heartbreaking really!  So this weekend amidst the blizzard Dan headed out into the back yard to ski down our tiny slope.  I was just going to look on and snap photos.  But it looked so fun and I couldn’t resist so I took a couple turns too.  Jack and Sophs loved it too.  So I guess if we never make it out to a real resort this ski season, we can at least say we took a few turns going down the hill in our backyard.  Here are the oh-so-funny photos…


The Return of Stinker Face

For those of you who remember Jack at 7+ months, you remember stinker face.  Whenever he saw the orange light on the camera, he would scrunch up his little nose and stick his lips out.  It provided hours of humor and looked a  little something like this…

Well someone else is picking up right where her brother left off with the whole orange camera light/funny face business.  Check this out…

Not exactly the same.  But sorta close and just as funny.  We were laughing lots.  And these kids still look pretty similar-don’t you think?

We had a great conference weekend.  Jack loved seeing President Monson, Uctdorf and Eyring.  And he loved the music (a child after his mother’s very own heart).  During Saturday afternoon session he was having fun throwing the big bouncy ball around.  And every time it would bounce Sophie would laugh.  It was SO cute.  It was a priceless moment really and I loved it.

Here are just a few more shots from the week…