I love to see the temple

Today we went to Temple Square and the Church History Museum.  It was a pure delight.  The museum currently has a children’s exhibit all focused on the Book of Mormon.  It was fabulous.  Jack loved fishing from Nephi’s ship, seeing the Liahona, touching the gold plates, and playing in a pretend garden.  Perhaps his favorite part was when we visited all the prophets memorabilia and there was a podium by President Hinckley’s section.  Jack gave at least 5 talks.  He LOVES the microphone.  Sophie loved eating yogurt melts and fruit puffs in her stroller.  It was fabulous.

The flowers on Temple Square were insanely beautiful.  I could have sat there all day and let Jack run around and just look at it all.  I was in heaven.

The pictures do not even come close to doing it justice.  This is how I picture all of my flowerbeds looking someday!  Ha!  I better hire a professional.

The highlight of the trip was listening to the organist in the Tabernacle.  Jack, Sophie and I all sat mesmerized.  It was so beautiful.  And I think Jack couldn’t believe he was in the very place he sees on TV every Sunday when we watch “music” (his term for Music and the Spoken Word).  He was captivated.  Melt my heart because I love music that much too!

And just so everyone can get a good laugh, here is our latest attempt to get Jack to bed on time…

The little book I like to read about sleep suggested making this little poster and hanging it in your child’s room.  So yesterday we did just that.  I will try anything at this point cause this child is sleep deprived most days and man, the number of meltdowns he has per day has significantly increased.  So we made this poster about Jack’s sleep rules and it now hangs in his room.  If he follows the rules, in the morning he gets a treat.  So it still took him close to an hour to fall asleep last night but he never made a peep, never played with the blinds, never came to the door.  And every time I spied on him, he was just laying in his bed.  That is progress in just one night.  So hopefully once I get the curtains up in his room and it is not as bright as noonday, he will fall asleep faster and be a much more pleasant and delightful child.  We shall see…


Movin’ on up

Someone’s knees will never be  the same…

…cause this little someone is on the move, and already into things she shouldn’t be…

And someone else is getting really creative coming up with things to do in his room at night instead of falling asleep…

…lampshades always make good hats.


Slacker and 8 months

I’ve become a blog slacker lately.  Nothing is really going on, I guess that’s why.  Life is good and we are happy.

Sophs turned 8 months on the 10th.  We found out she was allergic to penicillin about 72 hours into her amoxicillin prescription.  That was pretty exciting.  She broke out in a rash, but definitely not the worst that I have ever seen.  So I wasn’t too worried about her.  It took about 24 hours to clear up after her last dose.  I guess its good that we know now.  And hopefully this ear infection is gone.  She still hasn’t started crawling yet, but I swear each day she gets closer.  She is almost constantly on her stomach these days and is a pro at getting there from a sitting position.  She has had a couple successful forward lunges, but nothing too noteworthy.  She is a master spinner on her belly and can get to almost everything she needs.  Her fussiness picked up again in the last 2 weeks.  I know its just cause I thought she was over it.  And her nights have taken a turn for the worse too.  Back to waking up twice although, I only respond on the later one which means she has been doing more crying.  Silly lady.  Either its the way I handle the night time with my kids or genetics cause these 2 babies of mine have not been the greatest of nighttime sleepers.  Whatever.  I’ve looked for teeth and seen nothing, but who knows. She loves to wave bye-bye, clap, give fives and kisses.  Still waiting to hear “mama” but not holding my breath about it since Jack was 18 months before he said anything mommy related!

We had the Crohn’s and Colitis walk a couple of weekends ago.  By a pure miracle, it was nice and warm that day.  Since then we have been living through cold, wet and rainy days.  We love this annual walk and hope someday there will be a cure for Crohn’s.

And I finally braved the zoo alone with my kids on another warm day we had.  It went awesome.  Jack was a champ at listening that day which is always the key.  I took two photos which show no parts of the zoo.  But I promise we were there.  And my best attempt and taking a group photo did not come out so great!


Growing up

These kids are growing up so fast.  Seriously.   This week really made me think so.  Let’s start with Jack…

Mowing the lawn with Daddy.  He just looks like in a few years he will be doing that chore all on his own.

His most recent haircut makes him look older.  And the fact that he can cheese-dog it one second for the camera and the next second give me a crusty face means that he is certainly growing up.

And finally, he can spell his name with the letter magnets and obviously he feels pretty proud of himself.  And apparently this picture was taken before the haircut…yikes.

And he now knows the capitals of the following states: Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Utah, Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida and Massachusetts.

Buggy Boo is doing some growing of her own and surprised us with this on Monday morning…

She’s up on her hands and knees folks.  She moves backwards with ease so its only a matter of time.

Sophs also has had her happiest week on record.  Actually I think it was more like 10 days in a row that she was super content and pleasant ALL day.  Which means miracles do still happen!  Maybe she is finally out of the colic stage.  It has been lovely.

But I guess all good things have to come to an end…she managed to get her first ear infection yesterday.  Poor girl.  We had a kinda hard night last night.  Which made me think, how do we ever survive those newborn days?  I feel exhausted today!  She has been running a constant fever which has not been too fun.  But really, she has been pretty good.  But maybe that’s just because I am used to her fussy ways!  Either way, I feel pretty bad for her and hope the antibiotic starts kicking in soon…