New decade, 9 months and trouble

Someone turned 30 this week.  Can’t believe it really cause I am not too far behind.  We had a low key family party and loved every minute of it.  So much love for this 30 year old guy!

My parents & Kerri got us a keyboard as a joint gift this year for our birthdays.  I love it!  I can’t wait to get it set up where we want it, bust out the piano books, and let Dan give me a concert!  But I think there are 2 little people that love it WAY more than me.  Give them 5 years and I’m sure they’ll loathe it when it comes time to practice!

Sophie Darlene had her 9 month check this past week too.  Here are her stats…

18 lbs. 12 oz. (50%)

29 inches (95%)

18 inch head (90%)

Love this little lady.  She is still a bit dramatic and fussy.  But she is also the cutest thing ever.  She has had some success at sleeping through the night.  Her biggest issue is waking up in the 5s and then waking us up and Jack.  And then never falling back asleep unless I go into feed her.  But she has made it “through” the night a few times (until about 6:30 am).  She is starting to pull herself up into a standing position.  She can wave bye-bye, give kisses, fives and headbutts and loves to clap her hands.  She LOVES to eat.  In fact, from about 3 o’clock on all she wants to do is eat.  She has eaten a ton of real foods and loves everything.  We are slowly weaning off baby food I think which is a financial blessing!  She had her first major injury the very day we went to the doctor (makes Mommy look bad!).  Jack was playing with her and knocked her into the bathroom cupboards.  Hopefully it doesn’t scar.  She is starting to get the hang of dancing and it is real cute.  Even though she causes a little grief each day, she is still the light of our lives!

Dan says this next photo is racy…I say it is funny.  I could NOT stop laughing when I rolled upon this scene the other day at nap.  I laughed the entire time I cleaned up the mess.  I guess Jack thought his diaper was too soggy to sleep in.

And I was proud of Jack today when he came and told me he made “ones” with his blocks.  Smarty.


Inch worm

Sophie is still an inch worm but that has not stopped her from getting around everywhere.  And she has already created her share of messes.  She can successfully get into a sitting position now from her “crawl”.  And yesterday she pulled herself up to the first stair on her knees.  Tomorrow she will be 9 months and the last 2 weeks at church I have already thought that I can’t wait until this crazy one will be in nursery!  Yikes, that is 9 months away.  She is a busy body.

Remember Jack at 9 months?  Ok, I don’t either really.  But here he is.  They are still twinner children.


Speaking of making messes, I gave Jack the brownie beater.  I knew it would be messy, but not this bad.  Ha.

One thing more…We have been reading the Book of Mormon with Jack before bed for a little over a month now.  Well we are only on 1 Nephi 8 so it is slow going.  But it has been so fun to see him learning about the BOM.  He grabs it everyday and says “And it came to pass, Nephi…”  A few Sundays ago, the speaker in Sacrament Meeting was reading from the BOM about Nephi killing Laban, and Jack stopped and said, “Hey that’s the Book of Mormon.”  So great.  So perhaps in a few years, we will have made it through Jack’s  first reading of the Book of Mormon.  Hooray!