Way to go Idaho

I just got back from a week spent in Idaho with my brother and his family.  The kiddos were most excellent on the car drive.  Perhaps it had something to do with our new, spacious traveling accommodations.  Jack loved watching movies in the car and Sophs was happy sucking on her binkie for 5+ hours.  Can I just say that I thought Idaho was lovely?  It seemed like such a great area.  We had a great time!  We did a few fun things–morning bike rides, splash park, zoo, Idaho State Fair–but mostly I just loved talking to Kara & Deeds and playing cards when Ry got home from work.  Thank you Cosbys for hosting us!  Please let us return the favor sometime very soon!


Sophie was obsessed with the doorstoppers.  She is always trying to find something to suck on.  I hope she won’t be a smoker someday.  These cousins had the best time playing together.  Loved it!

Between the zoo & the fair, Jack really got to experience animals like never before.  He LOVED feeding the animals.  He was not so graceful with the cow milking.  He was pulling so hard that the cow started to get a little antsy.

Here are the best photos from the photo shoot you requested mom.  Not too impressive…sorry!




It’s official…

…we’re old and a full-on family.  We bought a minivan this last weekend.  Our trip to California for Christmas nearly killed Dan and he vowed to never take a road trip again until we got a bigger car.  So we’ve been saving up since then and made our big purchase on Saturday.  It is pretty fun to have a new car.  Jack is over the moon about it.  He asks multiple times per day if he can go play in the car.  So here are a few pics of our new ride.

So the DVD player has got to be one of the greatest inventions ever.  Pretty pumped about using it for our road tips.  It is also nice to know that the kids are no longer melting in the backseat because they have A/C vents now.  You should see their poor sweaty, red faces after a drive in the little Civic.  And I am proud to say that we cleaned out the garage enough to get 2 cars in the garage for the first time ever!  It felt so good.  I love dejunking/organizing even though I’m not that great at it.

So that is by far the most exciting news…but here are some pictures from our adventures the last couple of weeks.

We went to Kennecott Copper Mine with the Pett side of the family to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma Pett’s heritage.  They both grew up in Bingham which no longer exists because of the copper mine.  But it was so neat to hear Grandma’s stories.  She is a great family historian.  And that mine is pretty impressive.  Jack loved running free and looking at the big hole.

Zoo trips are always fun.  But they are a little less fun when a big thunderstorm rolls through while you’re there.  I tried my hardest to be brave (those who don’t know…I am terrified of lightning…like deathly terrified), but I couldn’t take it anymore when it started pouring and the thunder was SO loud…so we ended up in the reptile house for a lot longer than planned.  When it had finally passed, we came out and the whole stroller was soaked.  Sorry Sophs!  And they had closed to train because of the weather which is usually one of our favorite parts.  So alas, it was a fun time but a little disappointing.

And for the randoms…we had another sickness roll through our family.  Poor little kiddos.  I gave Sophs her first set of pigtails although you can’t really see them in the picture, but her face is sure cute.  Jack decided to make the Golden Gate Bridge one day which really just included dumping every single toy out in between the recliner and couch.  He was pretty proud of himself until he had to clean it up!  And I am not that great of a chef although I really enjoy it…but these breadsticks were amazing and looked delightful so I felt kinda proud and had to snap a photo!