California Adventure

We just got back from our long family vacation in California.  It was awesome.  2 days at Disneyland, 2 days at the beach, 2 days of splash parks and pools and several days of taking it easy together.  Just what the doctor ordered cause we drove our kids to exhaustion sometimes.  So here is our long photo documentation of our family adventure.

My parents joined us on our first trip to Disneyland.  It was a lifesaver!  Plus Dan and I got to go on some of the more adult rides together like Space Mountain (which I think I can’t ride anymore…got a little too nauseous…I’m so old!), Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror.  When we walked up Main Street, the first thing Jack saw was the rocket ships and he wanted to ride so bad.  He couldn’t keep his eyes of them.  So fun.  He loved Autopia.  Being “the driver” is one of this favorite things.  He loved Splash Mountain and Soarin’ over California.  But by far his favorite thing was meeting all the characters.  He had perma-grin when he saw them.  His biggest meltdown came during the Bugs’ Life show.  Too scary and real life having spiders, grasshoppers and bugs everywhere.  Sophie was so good that first day.  Probably cause she had her binkie non-stop and someone to hold her whenever she wanted.

The second day at Disneyland we were all on our own and guess what, it wasn’t bad at all.  We mostly did kiddie rides which was great.  Sophie loved Dumbo and hated the carousel.  Jack loved everything but the Haunted Mansion.  He had mixed feelings about the Matterhorn but talks about it all the time now.  And he requested another ride on Splash Mountain.  Brave boy.  Dan got a turkey leg for lunch which is by far one the best things you can eat at Disneyland.  I put it right up there with Dole whip and PB sandwiches.  We went to the Disney Junior show and Jack was in heaven.  All of his favorite shows are on Disney Junior and 2 of them were brought to life right on the stage.  I couldn’t stop looking at his smiling face.  We waited about 30 minutes to meet Mickey Mouse which seemed ridiculous at the time, but looking at that boy’s face made every minute of that worth it.  Love it.  One minute after we got in the car to drive home, Jack passed out.  That is when you know it has been a good day!

Our first beach day we spent the morning at San Clemente beach.  Dan and Jack built an endless amount of sandcastles and Sophie loved being walked in the water.  That afternoon we drove the PCH to Newport Beach which was so lovely we decided to stop there again a few days later on our way to Bakersfield.  The second day we were at Newport was perfect.  The sun was out and the sand literally shimmered with gold flecks in it.  It was the most lovely thing I had seen in awhile.  I just walked up and down the shore looking at the suns reflection in the sand.  But perhaps the most terrifying thing was when a sea lion came ashore right on the beach.  I think it was injured.  But I must say I would have absolutely died if I was in the water and that thing came swimming up next to me.  Heart attack.  Jack loved looking at it from afar though.  I love the beach and could lay on it all day, every day.

The pool in Mike and Tiffany’s neighborhood was awesome for Jack.  It was so shallow that he felt completely at ease and just played and played.  Sophie girl was a little under the weather this day.  She had around a 102 degree fever that night.  Not sure why but we are grateful her fever only lasted one day.

We had the best time at Mike and Tiffany’s.  They are wonderful and such accommodating hosts.  Thank you, thank you for everything!

After our week long stay in Southern California we headed north to Bakersfield to spend a few days with my parents.  We had a small birthday party for the kiddos.  Sophs was still recovering from her sickness and long days so she was pretty miserable.  We went to the Kern County Fair for a little while.  It was so hot (as you can tell from Soph’s red cheeks), but Jack liked looking at the animals and was enamored with all the dials and knobs on the fire trucks.  I hope he doesn’t want to be a fireman when he grows up!  We enjoyed a meal at Sequoia which has the best cookies ever!  We went and saw Lion King 3D which was awesome!  We went to a splash park and enjoyed some delicious BBQ from Brad.  And when the kids were in bed we enjoyed several rounds of Pinochle and PR.  Love it!



Its your birthday, shout hooray!

It is 100 % unbelievable that we have a one year old.  I remember every detail of this girl’s birth like it happened yesterday.  I remember the first time Jack met her, our first night home, our first day home alone while Dan took Jack to church, our first day home without any help, the first night she cried and cried and cried and we thought something must be wrong but later came to learn it was colic, the first time she spit up her entire feeding, the last taste I had of dairy for 3.5 months hoping it would help her spitting, her first smile, the first time she rolled over, laughed, sat up, stood up, crawled, walked, the first time she clapped, waved bye-bye, gave kisses, gave fives, said dada and Jack.  I remember it all and it really was just yesterday…all of it.  And yet she is a year old and I can’t believe it.

We had a little family time on her actually birthday and then a small celebration with our extended families on Sunday.  It was lovely and I hope she felt the love.  She had no interest really in opening the gifts.  She just wanted to play with the baby doll and birthday cake.  She wouldn’t even touch the cake which is so uncharacteristic of her since she LOVES to eat.  So there is no classic one-year-old cake picture.  But we will remember it forever and it sorta just fits her personality!

On her real birthday we played outside a lot, we went to dinner & got a cupcake.  And we let her open her gift from Jack, a coloring book.

She’s a pretty fabulous lady at one year.  She is getting closer to walking but lacks the motivation and desire really.  She has taken up to 10 steps between us and has even let go of the couch a taken a few steps.  She is completely weaned from breastfeeding and bottle and loves milk.  She is sleeping pretty good at night but occasionally will still wake up in the 5 ams.  She can say Jack, mama, dada, eye, ball, bye-bye and woof for animals.  She LOVES her binkie.  We will be a world of hurt around here in a few weeks when we take it away.  But she is good about taking it out of her mouth and putting it in her bed after nap which is pretty cute.  She is starting to get into everything and has recently found my kitchen towel drawer.  Always a good time.  Her eyes seem to be turning green and her hair is as wild as ever!  We went to the doctor yesterday so here are her stats… 20 lbs. 4 oz. (45%), 31 inches long (100%), and 19 in. head (100%).  Love my big headed lady!



Boating and a big milestone

For Labor day on Monday we were able to go boating.  Hooray!  It was so much fun.  The weather was not the greatest so we were never able to ski, but we busted out the tubes and had a good time swimming with the kiddos.  I was really surprised how well Sophie did despite missing her nap and not being able to crawl around like usual.  It was awesome!

Starting Tuesday we jumped back on the potty training wagon and it has gone wonderfully.  In the last 48 hours, Jack has had one accident and it involved #2 which I’ve heard takes a bit longer to understand.  Our deal was that if Jack got 10 stars (you get a star for going potty and every time you have an accident all the stars get erased) on his potty chart, he would get his new race track toy that he picked out.  Well today he did it.  We have even ventured out of the house in underwear and all.  And he even napped in his undies and woke up dry.  So I think we’re well on our way and we couldn’t be happier!  I personally have forgotten what its like to only change one set of diapers in a day, and I must say, I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Way to go buddy!  I am so proud!