Rise and Shout

We were lucky enough to be given 3 tickets to the BYU game this past Saturday.  And since the competition was less than stellar we were able to sit right by Kerri with no squeezing.  We had a good time watching the Cougs win and singing the fight song 100 times.  And the weather was beyond beautiful.  Can’t complain about wearing shorts on October 22nd in Utah.  Love it!


Here’s just a few random shots of Bugs.  Her hair is growing in more so occasionally I will do something with it.  She is sure cute but don’t be fooled…she is also a sassy lady as the second picture shows.  That is her letting me know that she was not happy I was touching her hand.  Ha!  And from the last picture you can tell that hairdos usually don’t last very long which is why I really lack motivation to do it!


Guess what…

…this little sassy pants is a walker!  Walking has now become her preferred mode of transportation which just means she seems bigger than ever.  And it also means that we can’t wait for nursery!  Just five more months.

Here are just a few photos I’ve taken recently of the kids.  My mom got the kids these cute Sunday outfits for their birthdays.  When we put Jack’s on he said “I look like the Bishop.”  Hahaha!  They look adorable!

And Jack has really taken to the camera lately.  He loves taking pictures.  Which means you all get to enjoy a rare but delightful treat!  2 pictures of me courtesy of Jack.  It’s your lucky day!



A short update on Sophie girl.  We are happy to say…

…we are done with these!  We are on our sixth day without binkies.  Has it been easy?  No, but we have survived.  She is doing better at falling asleep for naps but it still takes longer than when she had the binkie.  But she is perfect at night without it.  I sure love this lady and can’t believe how big she is!


Birthday Boy

Jack is 3!   And to go right along with that, he had 3 birthday celebrations this year.  Lucky kid.  On his actual birthday, I took him to the dinosaur museum, we went to Cafe Rio for dinner and then he opened presents and had ice cream.  He loved the dinosaur museum.  I wonder why I never took him sooner.  It was really neat actually.  I can’t believe dinosaurs were ever real.  Funny story about Jack’s birthday cake this year.  I had ever intention of not making him a cake because he never eats it.  So my plan was just to have ice cream sundaes until he said that he wanted cake on his birthday.  So I scrambled together a chocolate bundt cake and Dan suggested I could make it Lightning McQueen’s tire.  Well turns out the white frosting tube I had did not have a tip on it so it came out pretty pathetic.  But surprise, surprise, Jack didn’t even touch it which means for sure no cake next year.  It was a great day for our little buddy.  We went to the doctor on Friday so here are his latest measurements…  35 lbs 4 oz. (80 %), 39.5 inches (85%), 20.5 inch head (90%).  He is a good boy and we love him.