So this is by far the biggest break I have taken on the blog.  My apologies everybody!  We really have not been up to much since Halloween I guess.  And we were just hit with the flu bug at our house big time.  My kids have never had the flu.  Its true that they have thrown-up before but they have never thrown-up so much that their tummies were empty.  It was pretty much the saddest thing ever.  And it lasted forever!  Sophie was still barfing 6 days later.  Yuck.  I have done so much laundry and changed the sheets so many times I must deserve a year long break!  But we survived!  The sad part was that it really ruined our Thanksgiving.  I thought I had sufficiently cleaned the bug out of my house before I invited my family over, but there must have been germs somewhere because we saw it slowly pass through everyone in the house.  But for those of us who were well, I think our Thanksgiving feast did not disappoint.  And I think we created some great memories (like all 3 kids barfing within a 30 minute window) even if they weren’t exactly the ones we were looking for.

I love those last 2 photos.  Sophie has her usual attitude cause Isaac is trying to play with her and then the aftermath is his sweet soul starting to cry cause he has never heard a noise so loud.  And she seems so happy about it.  I know I always talk about this lady’s sass but it is a real thing.  She is only 14 months old and has already had a handful of timeouts.  Prayers would be greatly appreciated!  Most of the family shots above were taken by Jack.  The girls in the family woke up early Thanksgiving morning and ran the Utah Human Race 5K.  It was a good way to start the morning and justified about 1 scoop of our delicious Yam Souffle.  I heart Thanksgiving.

To wrap up this post I have a few random shots from the weeks leading up the our flu epidemic and Thanksgiving.  Jack really loves Little Drummer Boy by Josh Groban and Jingle Bells by Ryan Shupe so we listen to them over and over again.  One night him and Sophie were so happy and dancing all around.  So cute.  And it is small miracle when Dan makes it home before bedtime.  The kids were overjoyed to see him and immediately sat down on his lap for story time.  Love it!  Finally, Jack got out his blocks one morning and built a helicopter.  I was pretty proud of his creation.





Happy Halloween!

Here is the photo documentation of Halloween 2011!  It was a lot of fun to have Jack get more involved and be super excited for trick-or-treating.  Sophie did not like carving pumpkins but really warmed up to trick-or-treating and was a pro at putting candy in her basket by nights end.  We had exceptional Halloween weather this year.  No coats, gloves or hats were needed.  In fact, I was wearing a skirt with no leggings.  Loved it.  And a special bonus was that we walked out of our house just as our friends, the Ostlers, were coming out so we teamed up and it was super fun.  Their little Caleb is 3 weeks older than Sophs and so fun!  Jack ran into his friend Austin while we were out and it turns out they were both dinosaurs so we had to get a picture.  It was a fun day!

The last photo shows two of Dan’s decorated sugar cookies that he was pretty proud of–a dead cat and Slimer (I believe) from Ghostbusters.