A Kerri Christmas

We had Kerri and Deeds over last weekend.  Kerri brought her Christmas presents to us so we could open them.  The kids thought it was pretty fun and Jack LOVES his present.  Sophie girl got that adorable outfit from Aunt Kerri.  I can’t get over it.  Thanks Aunt Kerri for a great early Christmas!





15 months

Sophie girl had her 15 month check up yesterday.  Here are her stats…  22 lbs. 6 oz. (45%), 30.5 inches (50%), 19 in. head (93%).  So besides packing on 2 pounds in the last 3 months she hasn’t grown much.  In fact, she measured 1/2 inch shorter than her 12 month visit.  Shows you how accurate the measurements are when they are babies.  Hahaha…

Well it can’t be said enough but it unbelievable that she is 15 months old.  She is getting smarter and smarter each day.  She loves to copy everything we do.  She knows about 5 words (Mama, Dada, Ought oh, Thank you and drink).  She loves to fold her hands during prayer and do puzzles.  She is getting better about going down for bed and only cries sometimes.  Thank goodness.  She has some pretty good facial expressions and likes to play peek a-boo.  She is starting to get really fast at walking.  It is almost like a run.  She doesn’t really like to be left alone and will usually follow us wherever we go.  She is a spunky lady but she is a happy girlie and we love her to death.

Just had to include a photo of Jack.  This is what he did with his spaghetti noodles one night at dinner.  I did have to help him with the K but he did the rest by himself.  He is really getting more into letters and the sounds the make and how words are spelled, etc.  It is pretty fun to see him learn more and more.


St. George Getaway

This past weekend we went down to St. George for a much needed little break.  It is crazy how it can only be in the low 50s outside and feel so so good.  I felt like I should be wearing shorts.  And that is a true sign that I have lived in Utah way too long.  Our friends, the Mills, invited us to spend the weekend in a vacation home with them.  We thought they were pretty brave to travel in our car with us and hang out with the kiddos all weekend.  But I must say our kids were pretty awesome this trip.  Dan and Mark enjoyed some golf, Katrina and I enjoyed some shopping, we all loved Zions National Park and seeing the Jewkes, and the kids just LOVE staying at a “hotel house” as Jack called it.  Good times!


O Christmas Tree

We went and got our tree this last weekend.  It was freezing cold outside so we couldn’t be a methodical as we like picking it out.  But it really is lovely and the kids have had a great time pulling ornaments down everyday.  I currently have 2 on the counter that need repair.  I love fresh trees!  My house smells divine.  I just hope I can keep it alive longer than last years.

I so wish that last photo had not come out blurry.  We strung the lights after the kids went to bed so the next morning they were on when the kids got up and Sophie was just mesmerized.  It was the cutest thing ever.  And yes, my children do wake up when it is still dark outside.  Jack was the cutest boy ever at the tree farm.  He was running everywhere so excited about the trees.  His favorite part was when he found a Jack-sized tree.  It made him so so happy!