Snow Day

We finally had enough snow to go sledding in our backyard and play a little.  It is the first time that we have really put Jack’s snow boots and suit to use since he got them for Christmas.  And Sophie inherited the infamous marshmallow/penguin snowsuit and looks completely puffy and adorable in it.  I had a good time outside with the kiddos.  Sophie cried a lot but every time I tried to bring her in, she cried too.  So we ended up staying outside for like 45 minutes.  We slid down our hill at least 30 times and made snow angels.  So fun!

Jack has found a new subject for his picture taking hobby.  She seems to like it.

Today in preschool I told the kids to practice writing their name at the top of their paper.  I was proud of how Jack’s turned out and that he really did try instead of just blowing of my request.  I had to document since it really is the first time he has attempted to write his full name.   So proud!  Can you tell that it says his name?

So thankful for my little kitchen helper.  He has been so interested in helping me cook dinner lately.  Sometimes it is hard to find something for him to do.  But I try to encourage it since I want all my kids to learn how to cook.  Tonight he helped me cut the zucchini.  He was awesome considering he was using his plastic Ikea knife.  I think I’ll call him little chef!


Happy Love Day

Here’s the kids on V-day.  I mostly wanted to get a good shot of Soph’s pigtails (that lasted 5 minutes tops).  I was able to get all her hair into them and they are still so, so small.  But it is growing!

Anytime I have the camera out, Jack wants to pose for a picture.  So be expecting about one or more of these types of photos in every post.

Sometimes he grabs the camera on his own and surprises me with pictures like this.  This photo makes Jack laugh hysterically.  He asks to see it 100 times per day and then proceeds to have a gut-busting laughing session.

I was so proud of Jack for following the pattern to make a boat with his blocks.  He did this all on his own while I was getting ready for church.  Proof that sometimes he does entertain himself and doesn’t always run around like a wild man.

One day I came into the room to find Sophie in my purse.  As I got closer I saw gum wrappers and smelled spearmint.  Then I proceeded to fish that much gum out of her mouth.  She sobbed and sobbed that I took it away.  Now my purse hangs on a door handle or chair out of reach.  I’m just glad I found her when I did because she really was getting close to choking.

Yesterday I found blue crayon all along the stair walls and on the tile entry floor.  This little lady was the culprit.  I brought her down to show her and said “Sophie…that is a no-no”.  She burst into tears.  Too funny not to document.  She is a sensitive soul.  And turning into quite the mischief maker.  It was my first time with crayon on the wall.  Luckily it came right off…no problem.

Sometimes I find her like this…laying on her belly, playing with the I-Pod.  Yes…she completely knows how to operate it.

She was giving me major attitude about taking her picture.  I just wanted to document her cute outfit and the new hair clips we got.  But she came around and then she really got her model pose on.  Funny sass.




More Randoms

Happy February everybody!  I can’t believe January (the most dreaded month, in my opinion) is over!  I feel like Spring will be here before I know it and I just can’t wait to see my tulips come up!  It is my favorite time of year.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  Life is just grand here for us.  We have been taking it real easy and the days just seem to drift by.

Did I mention that this kid loves preschool?  We just started our turn hosting for the month of February.  It should be a fun month.  But check out the stegosaurus he made…he LOVES it!

This little spunky one is getting all sorts of teeth.  She has two molars coming in right now to add to the 5 teeth she has already.  Our nights have been a little long and the ibuprofen bottle is almost empty.  Sad.  And what are we going to do with her hairdo?  Her hair is growing in a lot so I have been trying to put it up most days.   But she ALWAYS pulls it out in minutes and then it is sticking up everywhere.  I’m sure we get funny looks while we’re out…but really it is a battle that I just can’t win.

Dan heard some rustling around in Jack’s room the other night around midnight.  So he went to spy on him and when he opened the door he couldn’t see him in his bed.  It was a little panic moment until he realized that was him all bundled up and sleeping on his piles of books.  Looks real comfy little buddy.  I swear sometimes he sleep walks.

Enjoying a morning eggo…picnic style.  Jack always requests to eat it this way and Sophie is catching on.

Sure do love these little babes.