We just finished up Jack’s first set of swim lessons.  I am not sure how much he learned but he LOVED it.  And it was a fun little thing to look forward to every MWF.  One thing he did develop on his own was going completely under the water and popping up.  He was so proud of himself and did it over and over again the last few days of class.  I think we’ll have to sign him up for the next level of classes this summer.

You can’t tell, but in the last picture, he is under the water.  Big kid!

A couple of weeks ago, I made a batch of strawberry freezer jam since fruit was priced so well that week.  I didn’t think the kiddos were paying too much attention to me.  But about a week later, Jack came and found me in my room getting ready for the day and said he had made raspberry jam.  I went to the kitchen and found this…

Potato masher and all.  The cutest part about it is that he had grabbed some towels to clean up where he had spilled on the counter.  Made my heart glad.  We blended those mashed raspberries into our smoothies that night for dinner.

Sophie has been into all sorts of funny behavior lately.  She is talking better than ever and I think her communication skills have really picked up.  She is great at telling us what she wants.  And she is even better at letting us know of her disappointment when she doesn’t get what she wants, i.e. throwing herself on the ground in tears and burying her face in the carpet.  Love it.  Here are a few photos of what she has been up to lately.

This night she put on Jack’s Batman sandals all by herself and his sunglasses.  Such funny faces.

This is busting into my purse and attempting to write checks.  And a super great shot of her post nap hairdo.

And this day she brought a bunch of toys under the desk and had her own little play place.  She felt so happy about it.


Spring is in the air

This Spring has been a piece of pure heaven.  Really.  I feel like I am finally having a normal, beautiful spring in Utah.  We haven’t had snow since March.  The temperatures have consistently been in the 60s and 70s.  And there has been rain!  We have really been enjoying it.  So here are a few shots from our outdoor adventures.

Temple Square

Every Spring Temple Square is a must!  And every year I cannot believe how beautiful it is.  It is unparalleled I think.  Loved it so so much!

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

It was our first time to the Tulip Festival.  It was equally as beautiful as Temple Square.  Jack was a little under the weather so that tainted our experience a little bit.  But it still was beyond lovely.  The kiddos loved the waterfalls!

I failed to take pictures from our first trip to the zoo for the season and Wheeler Farm in Murray which is an actual working farm and its free!  Love that.  I know we will be back in the coming months to both places so I’m sure pictures will appear.