Boise Love

The kiddos and I just got back from our second Idaho adventure of the year.  We love going to Idaho.  This time I ventured by myself with the kids.  I felt a little nervous about the 5 hour drive.  But guess what?  My kids are awesome and it was no problem at all.  Thank you DVD player.  And we actually just drove straight through without stopping and made it in 4 hours 40 minutes both ways.  Totally a doable drive!

We went to the zoo the afternoon of the Boise State/BYU game (a totally atrocious game, I might add) all decked out in our BYU gear.  It would not have been a big deal but the zoo is downtown and less than one mile from the BSU campus.  We had a few friendly comments!  The kids loved the zoo.  I was super proud of Sophie who felt brave enough to feed the goats.  It took all her courage to do it once but then she totally loved it.  I was proud of my Jack, who’s fear of heights usually gets the best of him, for going down the big long giraffe slide all by himself and loving it.

Mostly we just hung around the house and let the cousins play.  In fact, one morning Kara woke up feeling yucky and I had a migraine (my first in like 8 years).  It was a pretty special time in the house as me and Kara laid around all morning trying to sleep while we turned on show after show for the kids.  Hahaha…it was very funny.  Luckily we both recovered by afternoon and were able to get out of the house before the kids went too stir crazy!  We made a few trips to the park and also went swimming at the YMCA one morning.  We went bowling on Saturday with Ryan which was pretty fun.  I bowled a  40!  I know you think that is a typo.  Not the case.  I scored 40 points.  I am awesome!  Sophie has an epic meltdown right on the floor of the bowling alley.  Can’t even remember why now but it was pretty comical!  You want to know something else great about this trip?  My kids shared a room the whole time even during nap time and they slept like champs!  It was amazing and something I never thought possible.  Perhaps a third child can enter the Grossen household sometime.  That is if you can convince me to be pregnant again.  Doesn’t sound appealing at all!  Anyway…thank you Cosby’s.  We had the best time!





Birthday Girl

My Sophie is 2.  She is so cute.  I sure love her.  Everyday I have at least one moment where I can’t believe how cute she is.  And there is usually at least one moment where I can’t believe how dramatic she is!  But I really do just love her.  She is growing up so fast.  She is becoming more and more independent and wants every second to be just like her brother.  Its true that she has a lot of spunk and sass, but she is also so loving and so helpful.  She loves to help clean up anything.  She is getting to be a really good talker.  I love the stage when they are learning new words everyday.  It is so cute to see how she says more complex words.  And I absolutely love that she calls herself Fifi (pronounced Fee Fee).  She has attempted to say her name more correctly recently and it makes me the saddest.  She loves her two friends Aubrey and Maya and looks so forward to nursery every Sunday so she can play with them.  She is really loves all things Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is pretty good about watching any kids show.  She is becoming more interested in books and tends to be listening more and more during story time.  She loves to sing and knows quite a few songs (I am a Child of God, ABCs, Twinkle, Twinkle, I am like a Star, Sunbeam, etc.)  She loves swinging and sliding in the backyard.  We are going to be so sad when winter sets in around here.  She also is quite the colorer and can spend quite some time doing it.  She is an expert at drawing circles.  We have been working on learning colors lately.  Everything is blue, but at least when we ask her about something blue, she is right!  We had a fun birthday this year.  We went to the zoo in the morning and out to lunch.  And then we went to the Grossen grandparents for a small family birthday party.  She was adorable and sang Happy Birthday over and over again.


Aren’t the pics Richard took of her on her new trike to die for?  Can’t get over it!

We went to the doctor last week so here are her 2 year old stats.

27.4 lbs- 55%

34.5 inches- 75%


Disney 2012

After being home 3 weeks from California, we packed up and headed back to So. Cal.  This time Dan got to come along with his whole family (16 people total).  We did Disneyland for 2 days and then the beach and other relaxing things for the last 2 days.  It was a great trip.  I thought my kids were pretty good considering no naps and late bedtimes every night.  But I did feel like we were not quite at the optimal Disney age yet because there were still meltdowns due to sleepiness.  And Sophs was terrified of the characters even though I anticipated that being her favorite part!  And Jack was terrified of all the bigger rides once he did Tower of Terror which was pretty disappointing cause it meant no Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and tears through the whole new Radiator Springs Racers.  But alas, there were some definite high points like Goofy’s Sky School with Jack and the Disney Jr. Show with Sophie.

Our day at the beach was fab.  My kids really love the beach.  Something about the salty air, the freedom to run and jump and play, and digging the sand makes everyone happier!  It was a nice day.  And every time I go, I am reminded that I really could get used to living close to a beach.  Just sayin’!

Sweet Katelyn had her 2nd birthday while we were together.  So we had a small party.   How cute are all these kiddos in their matching Disney jammies?  Love it!



I know everyone is waiting for the big Disneyland post…but if I went out of order that would stress me out!  So here are the things we were up to in the week leading up to our trip!

We are harvesting!  It has been our best garden yet!

This girl must be turning 2 soon.  She is all spunk and sass.  Turning super girlie by loving to accessorize.  Spilling my whole box of macaroni on the floor.  And building all sorts of fun creations with the blocks.  She is so fun and so hard all at the same time.

This boy went to the dentist for the first time and acted like it was no big deal.  He let them do everything with no problem.  He loved all the buttons and knobs on all the instruments and helping me suck the water out of my mouth.

We also started a little co-op preschool for him and some of his buddies.  He loves it so much!  Aren’t these kiddos the cutest?

We went with our friends Annie & Caleb and Alicia & Audrey to Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum.  Someone tell me why we have never gone there before?  My kids LOVED it!  Pretty sure they could have spent hours there.  Caleb was so cute and followed Jack around everywhere.  And the best part was that while the kiddos played us moms got in some good quality chat time.  Perfect day!

And finally me…I cut off my hair!  Hallelujah!  And it could not have come at a better time because Disneyland was hot, hot, hot!  I am loving it and would like to thank my personal photographer, Jack, for taking such a lovely photo.