No more tonsils!

For about the last year every time a doctor or dentist would look in Jack’s mouth they would always, without fail, comment on the size of his tonsils.  “Wow, he has big tonsils!”  And every time I would say something like, “Yea…that is what everyone says.  Do you think we should have them out?”  And then they would say something to the effect of “well they aren’t the biggest I’ve ever seen and he hasn’t been sick that often so they must be ok.”  And so we carried on like this for the last year.  And I must say that last winter he was sick more times than he was his whole life combined so I was beginning to want the tonsils gone.  So back towards the first part of November he started snoring SO loud at night.  Like I could hear him through his closed door and mine.  So I decided to take him to an ENT doctor.  He seemed to think his tonsils were ok, big but once again not the hugest ever.  But he told me to go listen to his breathing at night to make sure his tonsils were not causing him to stop breathing.  Well I put it off for a few weeks because I just forgot.  And then one night it just came to me to check on him and his breathing was definitely not normal.  But I wasn’t sure.  So my Dad just happened to be in town that weekend and I asked him to listen in.  And he confirmed that his breathing was definitely stopping.  You see, he is sorta pro because I did the same thing when I was Jack’s age.  So the next day I called the ENT again.  We saw him on Thursday and he had an opening the next day for surgery.  Jack was completely spooked about the whole thing.  We had to go fill out paperwork at the hospital the day before surgery and he was screaming just going in.  So I was dreading the actual day.  But can I just say that prayers are answered because the morning of the surgery he was completely calm.  He didn’t even cry as he was being wheeled away even though both of this parent’s were!  He was a brave boy!  And everything went just great.  He was a little scared coming out the anesthesia but once that subsided, he has been completely normal.  He has complained maybe twice about his throat hurting in the last 12 days.  He was back to eating some pretty solid foods within a week.  He is such a rad kid.  And how is his breathing now you might ask, 100% normal.  And that happened the very first night.  So looking forward to our first tonsil free winter!




The weeks are flying by lately.  It is almost Christmas and that is totally bizarre.  Every year I can’t believe how quickly it comes.  It really seems like Christmas was just yesterday.  But anyway, I digress.   Here are a few photos of what we have been filling our days with.

We had a little bout of pink eye right before Thanksgiving.  That was a first at our house and I thought it looked real bad so I took them in.  The doctor said it looked pretty mild and like it was moving fast.  It lasted about 8 days with several night time wakings by the Jack man claiming to be “blind” cause he couldn’t open his eyes.  Sad and funny all at once!

We did a thankful turkey this year.  It was a lot of fun to see what the kids would come up with each day for their feather.  My favorites were unsolicited responses by Jack like Lakers, BYU, 49ers, prayer and eyes.  Sophs were usually food related like cookies or waffles.  The first thing I wrote was my family.  And finally on the last day someone was thankful for me too.  Thanks honey.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving and are so thankful for all that we have been given.

We went out and got our Christmas tree.  It is definitely our best tree ever.  We love it.  Jack turns the lights on as soon as he wakes up and they have to stay on all day.  They are loving all the holiday decor this year.

Uncle Deeds got back from his internship and we have had a fun reunion.  This picture is from Scheel’s, the new sporting goods store in town.  They have random statues of historical figures throughout the store.  So weird, but can’t pass up an chance to snap a photo with Abe.

Sophie accessorized her pajamas all by herself one night.  Too funny.  She can successfully do her Minnie puzzle all by herself now.  She is getting super fast at it too.  I am feeling really good about the princess puzzles I got her for Christmas.  She is going to be so happy.  And we have pretty decent weather until yesterday around here.  The kids were having fun enjoying some outside time with their friend Austin.  Gotta take advantage of the outside this time of year since our chances to be out are so limited!



Denver Trip

The weekend before Thanksgiving I took a solo trip to Denver for about 36 hours to see my Aunt Staci and cousins Trevor and Rachel get baptized.  It was an incredibly spiritual weekend for me.  I felt so happy to be there!  It meant so much to me to see them take this step.  I can’t really explain my feelings.  I just felt heaven so close and know the my Cosby grandparents were on the other side weeping for joy to see these beautiful members of our family begin their journey to having an eternal family of their own.  Everyone here on earth was sure weeping.  I couldn’t keep my eyes dry all weekend.  It was wonderful!

Some of these pictures are so blurry which makes me the saddest.  But I had the best time spending some quality time with my siblings, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles!  It was a mini family reunion of sorts and I LOVE my family.  So thanks to my honey for wrangling the kids solo for the weekend.  I cannot wait to reunite next year for a temple sealing and Thanksgiving feast Cosby style.