We had a great Easter this year with many celebrations, just like always.  I tried to help Jack get the true meaning of Easter and feel gratitude for the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior.  But I’m not sure how much it sank in.  Do they ever get it?  Someday I guess.  We just did the traditional things like color eggs, go to church, eat good food and egg hunts.  Fun stuff with the little ones.

The first pic of them in their Easter outfits is priceless.  They were both saying “Happy Easter” but instead of smiling at the end they just held their “er” face.  You can totally tell.  And in the last picture Jack grabbed his little chair and said “Mom, take a picture of me by myself” and then posed like we were at the studio.  He is funny.  And they are adorable!


ER visit

Back in mid March, we took a trip to the ER.  Jack started out with a cold but seemed fine.  Then her got a fever so I took him to Instacare on a Sunday.  He had an ear infection.  No surprise.   But everything else sounded good.  So we started the antibiotic.  By the next day his cough set in and it was literally the worst cough he has ever had.  He could not go one minute without coughing.  But I debated all day because he had just been in Instacare the day before and the doctor said that his lungs were clear.  Go figure.  Anyway, when Dan got home that night we decided we better take him in.  His fever was up to 103 by then.   When the doctor listened to his lungs this time he was sure he had pneumonia so he wanted to start an IV.  Lovely.  It was pretty sad.  And despite the nurse telling Jack that it shouldn’t hurt anymore cause the needle was out, I know better.  IVs are almost the worst part of having a baby for me.  So uncomfortable.  So I felt the saddest for him.  Anyway, the chest x-ray confirmed there was no pneumonia just a little mucus lining his esophagus.  He had a breathing treatment which seemed to help.  And then they just worked on getting that high fever down.  Poor guy.  He slept through a lot of it.  And we finally left at like 1:30 am.  Not my favorite.  His cough lasted about one more day with the fever and then he was back to 100%.  Kids being sick is the worst.  Hate it.

The last picture is to document Jack’s black foot.  He colored it with a Sharpie.  Sometimes he does things that remind me of a 2 year old.  Seriously…  But I got a good laugh out of it.  Mr. Deeds anyone?