I have been a horrible blogger and picture taker lately.  Might just have something to do with this…

I have been feeling yucky.  Worst pregnancy by far.  But I am 16 weeks today and slowly starting to come out of it I think.  I am due November 7th and we are pretty excited.  Although at least once per day I regret it because I cannot even manage the two kids I already have really.  But whatever…  Jack was pretty excited when we told him.  And Sophs said, “I no like a baby,” and threw down her arms.  Sounds about right.  Hopefully in 6 months we will all be ready.

But here are a few things we have been up to lately.

We’ve had a few fun outings with friends.  We have been to Wheeler Farm a few times and the Aquarium.  We took our Cub Scouts to Home Depot for a tour and my kids loved the cute aprons they got.  Jack joined right in with the 9 year old boys, asking questions and touching all of the tools.

I got to go to Women’s Conference at BYU this year.  It was an amazing two days.  And I loved being with my aunts.  We had the best time.  It made me wish we were all next door neighbors.  We would have the best time.   And it also reminded me why I loved college so much.  I really enjoy learning.  Sitting in a class and being taught by a quality teacher is priceless and something that I will always be grateful for.  Hope we can make this a yearly tradition with my mom next time!

My tulips came in and they were beautiful.  I loved them so much!  I spent all afternoon one Saturday weeding around them so they could be even more lovely.  And the next day half of them had disappeared.  Thank you deer.  So so sad.  Probably because I was getting too prideful about them!  My neighbor told me a few days later that he had shooed the deer away otherwise they probably all would have been gone.  Oh well!  They brightened my life for a good solid week so it was worth it.  Til next year!

We took the kids to mini putt for FHE one night.  It was pretty fun.  And I even had a hole in one!  Jack seems to have some left-handed sports tendencies.  He kept holding the club and putting the opposite of all the rest of us.

We took our annual trip to Temple Square to see the flowers.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  And the flowers are really unprecedented.  Like every year I am blown away by how beautiful it is.  No getting used to it for me.  We also took the kids to Benihana’s for dinner.  I failed to take pictures.  But we all thought it was pretty exciting to have a chef cook food right at our table.  Good times.




Idaho Trip

Way back during the first week of April me and the kiddos ventured to Boise to visit our family.  I love family.  I have the best memories growing up with my cousins.  And I want the same thing for my kids so 350 miles is so worth it to me.  We had a pretty low key time.  Kara was 35 weeks pregnant so we mostly hung around home.  We did make it to the Boise Aquarium and out to lunch with Ry one day.  We went to the park a few times and to visit Deeds’ new living quarters.  We spent 2 long days watching General Conference and tried to keep the kiddos entertained.  It was mostly chaos but we did our best!  Thanks for having us once again friends.  We are excited to see you soon and meet sweet Wyatt.