Meeting Baby Wyatt

This past weekend we drove to Boise to meet baby Wyatt and be there for his blessing.  We had such a fun trip.  We stayed in a hotel this time which the kids love.  What is it about kids and hotels?  It really makes them the happiest.  We spent some time at the splash park and the Boise Farmer’s Market.  But mostly we had fun being together, playing cards and holding that sweet, sweet boy!  I love family!

This girl is ready to be a big sister.  She loved holding the baby!



The last part of May we spent out and about.  We enjoyed a really great May this year.  Such delightful temperatures without any snow.  Hooray!  We went to This is the Place with our friends, several outings to the park (where Jack joined himself with a group of teenagers in a football game…it cracked me up), hiking, visiting Aunt Kerri (where Jack wrote his full name which I didn’t even know he knew how to do) and plenty of biking in the front yard.  I really love Spring!

I was pretty proud of my kids for making it to Stuart Falls.  It was about 3.6 miles round trip and little treacherous in the end but they were troopers.  We really only had to hold Sophie a few times.  I thought they did awesome.  It really was beautiful there.