4th of July

We love the 4th of July at our house.  It is a day of non-stop fun every year.  And this year we added Stadium of Fire to the mix.  So great!  We had the best time despite the hot and humid temperatures.  The firework show really is amazing.  Jack loved it and Sophie felt comfortable once I covered her ears.  Love celebrating our nation’s independence!

We started at the Granite breakfast and parade which we love!  It is the best parade ever for kids.  You can sit close to the action, it is only about 45 minutes tops and they throw tons of candy.  We came home with well over a baggie full.  So the kids stay entertained the whole time.  Love it!

In the afternoon, we went to Grandma Pett’s for her annual carnival.  Jack got really into it this year and collected about 20 tickets which he redeemed for a grocery sack full of prizes.  He loved it and talked about how he can’t wait for next year’s carnival!

After that we made our way to BYU and trucked our kids quite the distance to the stadium.  They were champs though.  They always amaze me with their stamina for being such little bodies.  We loved the show!  Our only setback was being right in the middle of our row which meant trucking over about 20 people for potty and treat breaks!  But other than that, it could not have been better.

Poor Sophie lady started getting goopy, runny eyes this day.  It was amplified by staying up about 4 hours past her bedtime in these pictures.  But it ended up lasting about 5 days and spread to Jack so it must have been some form of pink eye.  Blah!



How do the months pass so fast?  I am going to have a newborn before I know it.  Especially with how infrequently I’ve been blogging!  We had a pretty busy June.  Dan and Jack went to Father and Sons camp out.  Ryan, Kara and family were in town for a short weekend.  Then we celebrated Dan’s birthday, Father’s Day, Brooke’s birthday, Dan’s birthday again and then Avery’s birthday.  We got to meet our baby on ultrasound and the babe looks perfect and remains a mystery to us which is fun!  Plus we were knee deep in swim lessons and potty training so that made the days go quickly too.  And that carried us to the end of the month pretty much!  Good times over here.

Sophs had some girl only play dates while Jack was at swimming.  We love these friends.

Jack thought he was hysterical when he put on Daddy’s shirt one day.  And I thought it was hysterical because Arrested Development is beyond funny.

We had a week straight of over 100 degree temperatures and recorded the hottest ever June day.  We had to beat the heat somehow and a $5 slip and slide was the answer.  Although Sophs continues her timid streak and wouldn’t go down the slide without Daddy.  I opted to be photographer since I can’t really run and land on my belly at this point.

We went hiking with a group from our ward to Donut Falls last Monday.  Look at all those cute kids that were such troopers!  I really need to invest in some shoes for Sophs in this size since my kids seem to love hiking and I am always up for a little exercise.  It was a beautiful and easy hike and my kids loved dipping their toes in the water.

As previously mentioned, this lady is potty trained.  It was our second attempt and she embraced it fully.  She occasionally will still have an accident (about once every 10 days) but other than that she is perfect.  We are working on night time now.  But I can’t believe that I get to enjoy a 4 month break from diapers.  It’s been almost 5 years straight of changing bums so I will take it!