Fall festivities

Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weekends ago we made our annual journey to Santaquin to visit the Red Barn and pick out our pumpkins.  It was pretty much crazy town there but we made the best of it.  And Dan was nice to take the kids down the big slide 100 times since I wasn’t really up for it (it has a huge bump at the end and my 9 month prego self was not feeling up to that!).  We love this little tradition.  It is fun to ride the tractor and find the very best pumpkins.  Plus we love buying their fresh apple juice and getting apple cider donuts afterwards.  Yum!


Pumpkin Walk

This last Saturday we drove up to Logan with Dans’ sisters for the Pumpkin Walk.  We went last year and loved it!  And this year was even better.   Some of the scenes made from pumpkins are amazing.  We especially loved Wreck-It Ralph and Pixar.  Jack was in heaven with all the fallen leaves and could have played there all day.  The fall colors were amazing and the company is some of our favorite!  A yearly tradition has emerged and we love that!


Pumpkin Carving

Last night for FHE we carved our pumpkins.  The kids got into it this year and even got their hands messy which is nice!  They loved picking the picture they wanted which I then attempted to carve.  Dan always impresses and this year went for it with Wreck-It Ralph.  They turned out pretty great I think.



Jack and Sophs have been good pals lately.  I think they are teaming up cause they can sense their world changing.  But they have been playing and working together good.  Here are a few photos of them in action.

One afternoon they went on a bug hunt together in the backyard.  They proceeded to take all of my Halloween decorations down to make a haunted house for the princesses.  Pretty cute idea.  And one night we found Sophs in Jack’s bed.  Even though she does great in her bed, she almost always asks for me to stay (which I won’t do) or to be in her crib (which is now set up for baby) when its time to turn out the lights.  So I thought it was pretty cute that this particular night she found comfort by her brother’s side.


Times they are a changin’

I am 38 weeks pregnant today and set to be induced in 8 days on the 1st.  I am getting pretty excited to meet this baby and to be able to bend over, stand up, roll over, etc with minimal effort again.  But as time gets closer we have been transitioning our “baby” into a full blown big girl and that makes me a wee bit sentimental!  She is more than ready for all the change and has been a champ.  We put her in a booster seat, moved her to the other side of the car, put her in a big bed, and moved her in with Jack all on the same day.  She has been perfect so far.  Although I have to admit I haven’t been brave enough to give her her nap in the big bed yet.  I have set my cut off day as Monday for that.  So there is still one more transition.  But she is awesome and I love her.  And Jack has been so happy to have her with him in her room.  He praises her every morning for sleeping in her big girl bed!  So cute.



Preschool Fire Station Visit

In mid-October we went to the fire station with Sophie’s preschool class.  Her class has 6 girls which is pretty fun.  But you should have seen how timid they all were with all of the fire equipment.  It was hilarious.  I’m sure a group of boys would have been all over everything.  I was pretty proud of Sophs though.  She was one of only 3 that was brave enough to get in the fire truck and take a ride around the neighborhood.  And she loved it.  I thought it was an awesome tour with firefighter Ben.  He put on his whole suit to show the girls what it looked like and to teach them to not be scared of firefighters if they come to your house to save you.   Good times with these timid girls!



The first week in October the kids and I headed up to Boise to stay for a week.  I felt like we needed to make one more trip before we have the new little one and life changes a little.  Plus it was Isaac’s birthday and we have never been together on his birthday.  That was super fun for my kiddos to be there with their cousin.  We had a great time and even survived General Conference all together once again.  We did have to break up a lot of conflicts all day long since sharing is not an easy thing to do when you are a kid.  But, despite the daily battles, these cousins sure love being together.

Not ashamed to say that we survived the last part of Saturday afternoon session with every kid on an electronic device.  And little Wyatt curled up on my big 35 week belly and laid there for a good half hour.  It was my favorite.

We went to a little pumpkin patch that the fire station was holding.  Sophie could not get a enough of the bounce house.  Isaac was a little a shy and Wyatt was working his serious face!  So cute.

We took the kids bowling on Isaac’s birthday per his request.  Jack was the best helper and put the little ones heavy bowling balls on the ramp the entire game.  Kara and I literally just sat and watched.  It was lovely.  He is growing up so much!

We went to visit Deeds at work one day and I died that his name was on the door of his workplace.  Do not ever be so official Deeds, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Just a few random shots.  This girl is really into super heroes.  Just the other day at her little preschool she was trying to convince the other little girls in her class to play with Jack’s Avenger action figures.  They would have nothing to do with it as they were engrossed in her princesses and castle.  I laughed as I listened to her!  Ryan put on Homeward Bound one night and my kids settled right in.  I think its their first non-cartoon movie and they loved it.  And finally Sophie girl cannot get enough of Wyatt.  She loved bringing him toys and helping with his binkie.  She is going to make a great big sister.



We just wrapped up Jack’s first season of soccer.  It was so much fun.  It is awesome to watch little kids play.  We had a great time cheering him on and he loved playing.  Some games he was so aggressive even trying to kick the ball out of the goalies’ hands.  And other games he was more nonchalant, more interested in what the other kids were doing than the ball.  He scored 2 goals on the season and had plenty of saves at goalie.  We are very proud of him and look forward to many seasons to come!


Rise and Shout

We made it to our annual BYU football game thanks to some friends in our ward who gave us their awesome tickets.  We were 3 rows up on the sideline right by the end zone.  It was awesome.  It made for a very fun game being so close.  The kids were in heaven especially with the plethora of treats they always get.  And the best part, the Cougs actually won which this season is proving to be somewhat miraculous!


Kerri’s wedding

So like Soph’s birthday pictures, all of my photos from Ker’s wedding are broken.  So I stole some from my friend Roxy.  Kerri and James were wed on September 20th.  It was awesome and I couldn’t be more happy for my sister.  Seriously one of the best days ever.

And you know what else was awesome?  I got to see some of my besties that I haven’t seen in years.  I loved every minute of that.  And a lot of family time too which makes me the happiest.


Jack is 5

My buddy is 5!  Crazy boy.  He requested a Hulk party this year.  And since his birthday fell on Sunday I was able to chat with him about how we would probably not have a friend party this year but just be with family.  He was completely fine with that idea and I love him for that.  Family is the most important.  So we had everyone over for a lasagna dinner and party.  He is the smartest and cutest 5 year old in town.

He was so happy about the baseball glove.  It made that happiest.  And he said something cute like “Now I have one just like you Dad.  And we can play together.”  Loved that.

We had such a fun time at the party.  Jack loved the attention and it was fun to see his excitement this year.

We were at the doctor on Monday so here are his stats:

Height: 46 inches (100+%), Weight: 45.8 lbs.  (75%)

We always knew he was the tallest kid around.  People are always commenting that is so tall for his age.  Dr. Savage said he is just above the 100% mark.  Jack is our energetic boy.  He is busy there is no doubt.  He would rather pretend to be a rocket himself than actually play with a rocket!  He is a good big brother and tries hard to be patient with Sophie.  But he also loves to tease her and knows just the right ways to do it!  He loves to play games.  Board games, video games, iPad games, card games, games he makes up.  He could busy himself doing that all day.  He is thriving in preschool and has already mastered writing his name with a capital J and the rest lowercase.  I am proud of him for that.  He is beyond smart and reads like crazy.  He is a very visual learner when it comes to reading.  If I tell him what a longer word says that he can’t quite sound out, he will remember it forever like it is a sight word.  In Primary, he was asked to read a sentence on the board during sharing time that said “Joseph Smith received revelation” and he didn’t even hesitate and read it perfectly.  He needs next to no help in our Book of Mormon reading either.  He really is amazing.  He is good at math too.  One day out of no where he said “Mom, if you have 20 rows of 10 that makes 200.”  And all I could say was “Yep buddy, you’re right.”  And then I sit there thinking how does he know that!  He has almost completely outgrown his nap.  But we still do a quiet time which is a good break for all of us!  He is still an early riser despite not napping usually waking around 6:30 no matter how late he goes to bed.  He is really getting into watching football this season which we love!  He loves to pick the teams he is going for but knows that BYU and the 49ers trump all other teams!  He loves to play soccer in the backyard with any willing participant.  It is his favorite activity at present.  We love our busy boy.  I would be lying if I said he never tested my patience and endurance, but he is has the funnest personality and brings so much happiness to our family.


Sophie is 3

We had a fun Tiana birthday party at our house this year with our family.  Almost all of the pictures from the day sit broken on my computer right now until we can get some new software installed.  But I am getting so far behind on this blog and that is stressing me out a little.   So I have to go with what I have.

And that’s about it.  Hopefully soon I will be able to add more.  But I had to document this lady at 3!

We went to the doctor so here are her stats:

Height: 39 inches (80%), Weight: 32 lbs. (70%).

She is getting big and is super smart.  She loves to play with her toys.  She is amazing at it.  I could listen to her little playtime all day.  It is so cute.  She still takes a nice long 2 hour nap and will actually sleep in in the morning especially if we are up late.  She is, however, still in her crib which will be changing in the next few weeks so we shall see what that brings.  She is still my vegetable lady and loves to be my helper in the kitchen.  If I am making a salad, she is often seen eating all the raw veggies I’m cutting up.  I love her for that.  But she does love a good piece of candy too.  She enjoys playing with her brother when they can manage to get along (which sadly, is not too often and never lasts long enough!).  She loves preschool and can’t wait to show me what’s in her “pack-pack”.  She still is a fiery lady which leads to most of her timeouts for yelling instead of talking nicely.  She is still working on keeping a dry diaper at night so we are not all the way potty trained.  But she is an expert during the day at staying clean.  Love that.  She is a bit of neat freak and will tell me instantly when she is sticky or dirty and needs to wash.  She is all about the princesses right now and knows all of their names.  She loves to twirl in her Sunday clothes and say that Jack is her prince and then dance with him.  Pretty cute.  She knows all of her letters and most of the letter sounds.  Fast on her way to becoming an early reader!  She is getting better at her numbers and can count to six consecutively.  She loves to do puzzles and with a little help she can do her 48 piece Cinderella puzzle.  She can be shy in a big crowd when she draws attention to herself for doing something cute.  And that will prompt her to run and hide her face and tell everyone that is looking at her that “I no like that.  I not funny.”

We really love her so much!