Christmas Kiddies

I attempted to get some photos of the kids in the Christmas church clothes last Sunday.  It was pure comedy.  Luke spit up and Jack was pretty concerned about that.  Sophie started pulling some super funny faces that were cracking me up.  But just like all photo shoots, miraculously there is a pretty adorable one!  Love my kiddos.


7 weeks

Well the Lukester turned 7 weeks yesterday.  Pretty unbelievable how fast time flies by.  We have loved this new little addition to our family.  For the most part he is a good boy.  He definitely has his days where I can’t imagine a fussier kid.  But most days he is a sweet boy.  He does love to be held which has been fine since in the last 7 weeks I have had to be alone with 3 kids only 4 days.  Between my mom being here, Thanksgiving vacation and Dan’s paternity leave, I have been really spoiled and so has Luke.  He is a good night time sleeper for the most part, only waking twice to eat around 1 and 4.  He goes to sleep between 8 and 8:30 for the night and will sleep until about 7 most mornings.  He is becoming more aware of all of us and has given us a few good smiles.  Although his favorite things to look at still remain the lights and frames on the wall.  He is a good boy in the car which is so nice since we are always running to and from preschool.  He is becoming a more efficient eater these days and sometimes can go 3+ hours without needing to eat.  Pretty nice for me!  He has his first cold thanks to Sophie and gets pretty traumatized when I suck his nose out.  Poor guy.  We also thought he got a flu bug this last week since it seemed that he threw up 3 times one night and then didn’t have a wet diaper for 8 hours or so.  But now we wonder if he just over ate.  I guess we’ll never know.  But I have never been more grateful for my new electric pump!  Our biggest challenge is getting him to take naps in his crib.  It is a work in progress.  We’ll get there.   Enjoy the photos from the last few weeks.



Sometimes boys just need their Mommies!  In a matter of 2 days I had both my boys fall asleep on me.  Pretty special!



We had the best time in California over Thanksgiving.  The temperatures were wonderful and everyone traveled so well including sweet baby Luke.  For the most part we just hung out at my parents house and played together.  But we did take a few trips to Sequoia, our favorite sandwich shop.  And we took the time to go see Frozen which was so cute.  The kids loved it.  Luke stayed awake for almost the whole movie.  We also spent some time at Huntington Beach.  It was a gorgeous 74 degree day.  I brought the kids swimsuits on a whim, thinking we might have time to take a dip at the hotel.  I never dreamed they would use them in the ocean on November 30th!  But they  did and they loved it.  It was pretty chilly water, but the air temperature was wonderful so why not.  Some things about California living seem so, so amazing!

The most special thing about our trip was being able to be in the Los Angeles Temple with my aunt, uncle and cousins when they were sealed for eternity.  It was beautiful.  The Spirit was very strong and I was reminded of how special it is to be sealed to my own little family.  I am so thankful for priesthood power that makes it all possible.  It was also neat since that is where Dan and I were married.  It was the first time we had been back there together.  Lots can happen to family in 6+ years!  We had a great time celebrating with them afterwards at a little reception they held.  The kids were dancing machines and loved the bounce house!  So congratulations Kendall, Staci, Trevor and Rachel!  We were so thrilled to be there.

These were my little buddies on the airplane.  On the way there it was awesome.  On the way home, not so much.  Sophie was really exercising her 3-year-old attitude!