Our Sophie lady graduated from nursery and is now in Primary.  She had no problem with the transition and is loving being with the big kids.  Her teachers say she is a gem.  Hooray!  Such a  grown-up little girl!


2 months

Our sweet Luke turned 2 months on New Year’s Day!  He is such a sweet boy.  We really can’t get enough of him.   He is super smiley and a content little guy.  At 2 months he eats 8 times per day, goes to bed at 7:30, eats 2 times a night (usually sometime in the ones and fours), and wakes around 7:30.  He is getting much better at putting himself to sleep for naps which I am so happy about it.  It is really hard to let your baby cry so I am overjoyed that he has embraced napping.  He still catnaps quite a bit but sometimes will give us some longer naps.  His few nicknames include Toot Toot, Tooter, Tooter baby, Lukester, Luke Luke and baby.  He is cooing and talking up a storm.  It is beyond adorable.  I just love him.  I have really enjoyed him as a newborn and he is fast becoming a big boy!  We went to the doctor and he/we survived his first set of shots.  He was pretty sad for about 24 hours.  But he has learned to love Tylenol!  We are so thankful to have this little boy in our home.

Stats at 2 months

11 lbs. 10 oz. (50%)

23 inches (60%)

16.25 inch head (80%)


Cosby Christmas

All of my family was able to come to Utah this year just a few short days after Christmas for Luke’s baby blessing.  It was really special to have them all here.  They are the best and I love them.  Luke was an angel baby during his blessing per the norm.  I failed to take any pictures of him.  I am awesome.  Richard took some so I will have to get them from him sometime and add them later to the blog.  But I did manage to get a picture of the 3 Grossen cousins in their matching Christmas dresses.  Cute girls!

That night we had a Cosby Christmas at our house.  The tree was full and it was really fun to be together.


Merry Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas this year with Dan’s family.  It’s true what they say that once you are older, Christmas is way more fun with kids.  It is so magical for them and I love it.  Jack was up around 4:30 am and since he didn’t have a clock to look at, he kept coming in our room and asking, “Is it time now?”  It was so cute.  Of course, I wanted him to sleep longer so that I could, but I was just so in love with his enthusiasm that the early wake up call was quite endearing.  I love my sweet kiddos and husband.


Christmas Fun

We had a super busy month of December…just like always.  But we were able to squeeze in a few fun things.  We had fun picking out our Christmas tree and decorating the house.  We decorated gingerbread houses and men this year which was a first and very fun.  Jack loved his gift exchange at school and spent the better part of week putting his newly acquired art set to good use.  I never thought he would enjoy it so much.  But I got a lot of notes that week saying “I love you  Mom” and pictures of the family.  Dan and I were able to go the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert this year with our good friends, Mark and Alicia.  Thanks to Kerri and James for taking on three kids!  We had a good amount of snowfall the weekend before Christmas so the kids and Dan were able to sled in the backyard and build a snowman they named George.  And we tried to drive by Draper Park as many times as possible to see the beautiful trees they light every year.  Its my favorite thing about Christmas time.  And, of course, we enjoyed Christmas Eve at Grandma Pett’s where Jack was super eager to be in the Nativity and Sophie, not so much!