March Madness

March was a wee bit crazy!  But I did manage to take a few pictures.

My Jack learned how to pump!  And he is awesome at it.  He loves to go out and swing all on his own these days.  What a gift!

Sophie loves the outside too.  But only if its the perfect temperature.  She belongs in San Diego like me.  If its even a degree too hot or cold, she runs back inside.  Funny lady.

We enjoyed some time up at Snowbird.  It was nice to be in the mountains.  And the kids are happy anywhere there is a swimming pool!

Luke started on vegetables and fruits.  He has taken too them nicely.  But I would say he does not like green beans.  We force them down him though between his gags!  Ha!  Sophs loves to help feed him!  Sweet helper.



When it rains, it pours!

We have had a very crazy 2014 here at the Grossen house.  I just have to document it somewhere.  If for no other reason to remind myself that I can do hard things.  Over the years I felt really impressed to teach my children that they can do hard things.  It’s one of my missions.  Because guess what folks, life is hard a good amount of the time.  But I think despite the challenges of life, our Father in Heaven wants us to succeed and to have courage to stay strong in the face of those challenges.  So in the future, when I am facing even harder times, I hope to look back on this chapter of life and remember that I can do it.  And especially that we can do it as a family.

We’ll start with the bad!  So it all started on January 30th when Dan was laid off from his job at EA.  Even though I was fairly certain Dan would land a job soon, fear about the future sometimes consumed me.  Scary times for a young family to face, but luckily they gave Dan a nice severance package and so it wasn’t all bad.  About halfway through February, our refrigerator decided to die.  So we were forced to replace it which is not a cheap endeavor.  Later that month on our trip to Disneyland, I lost my iPhone.  It was such a sickening feeling knowing it was in someone else’s hands.  It never showed up which is really tragic.  On our way home from California is when Luke started to get sick which I have already blogged about and landed in the hospital.  The very day we got home from the hospital, Sophie came down with the stomach flu so I had instant paranoia about not spreading her germs to the already sick baby.  About midway through March, Dan got the worse cold and cough known to man and felt miserable.  That weekend, while my family was in town from Idaho, I got the stomach flu and missed our time together and the baby started getting another cold.  On March 27th, me and the kiddos went to the dentist where I had 2 cavities that needed to be filled.  Blah!  On March 29th, we went up to Snowbird.  I wanted to watch Jack ski for a little bit with Dan so I grabbed Luke and Sophie to head out on to the hill.  But on my first step onto the snow, I slipped and fell.  Luke hit his head on the snow and Sophie hit her nose and was bleeding everywhere.  We went to the Instacare to make sure the baby was ok.  It scared me to death.  Later the night I started having pain going pee and ended up in the ER with a UTI.  Awesome.  About one week later I started having abdominal cramping and diarrhea.  I just thought it was a virus that would run its course so I took my little family to Boise to celebrate my brothers’ birthdays and didn’t think much about it.  But on April 15th I ended up in the ER again because I could not stay out of the bathroom.  We are talking like 20 times per day I was on the pot with the worst cramps ever and then I started having blood in my stool.  So anyway, I had a CT scan and gave all kind of specimen samples and it was determined that I had acute colitis caused my Clostridium difficile which is essentially caused from all the healthy bacteria in my intestines being killed off by the antibiotic I took for the UTI.  It was a pretty miserable experience.  On top of that, my CT scan showed that I had a cyst on my right ovary that needed to be looked at further.  So I went to the doctor yesterday and it was determined that this a complex cyst/tumor most likely a dermoid cyst (still waiting for radiology results) and will likely require surgery to remove.  And in extremely rare cases it can be cancerous.  They just have to throw that out there to cause complete panic in my brain.  I guess we’ll know more in the upcoming month or so.  So that pretty much sums it all up.  It has been crazy town around here.

But in all trials we face in life, there are silver linings and blessings unmeasured often flow in.  So on to the good.  Dan found a new job within 2 weeks at Adobe which is approximately 6 miles from our house.  He is loving his new job and the challenges it presents.  It also brought with a pay raise which was not expected.  Thankful!  And because Dan found a job so soon, we were paid double for most of March which is a miracle.  We bought a new refrigerator which is beautiful and holds so much stuff.  I went back to my old phone with qwerty pad.  Classy.  It is not always convenient to not have a smart phone.  But I learned just how much time I was wasting on the iPhone and feel grateful that I was able to return to a simpler way of life and treasure my kids a little more.   By a pure miracle, no one else caught Sophie’s flu bug or mine.  The baby only had a raspberry from our fall and his head looked practically normal the next day.  We were able to overcome all of our other sicknesses and thankfully, my C diff is on the mend and will hopefully stay that way.  And perhaps the most exciting and crazy thing of all is that we found our dream home in Lehi and will be moving the end of May.  It is a crazy story how it all came to be.  I like to browse the real estate market every once in a while since I know this is not our forever house.  I have never shown a house to Dan but this one house just really stood out because it had a lot of the things we wanted.  When Dan saw it, he ran with it.  We did a walk through and loved it.  Dan said we should put in an offer which the sellers accepted.  My heart panicked yet again because our house was not even on the market nor did I really want to move and leave my friends here.  But we moved forward and listed our house on our own.  And within 2 hours we were contacted by a ward member living in the apartments that was very interested.  And within 5 days we had an offer on our home and are now under contract! I can’t deny Heavenly Father’s hand in this.  So despite my extremely sad emotions about leaving this place where my family has grown from 2 to 5, I am excited for a new adventure and the most beautiful home to go with it!  And let’s not forget that our new house is about 1 mile from Dan’s work now.  Maybe I can convince him to come home for lunch sometimes!



Corona Virus

The second weekend in March we spent at Primary Children’s Hospital because Luke caught a nasty bug and ended up with Bronchiolitis.  It was pretty sad.  He definitely had his worst cold on record.  I was starting to worry about and then on Sunday we could not keep him awake.  He just wanted to sleep all day and not eat.  His cough seemed to be getting worse and he had what I would call a “weak cry”…when he wanted to cry, almost no sound would come out.  He started to get a fever which ended up being around 101.  So I decided to take him to the Instacare just to make sure he was ok.  When I got there, they hooked him up to the oxygen saturation monitor and within one minute told me to head straight to Primary’s with him.  My heart got really worried.  So I drove straight there, called Dan sobbing, and worried about my baby in the back the whole way.  Once there, he was given oxygen and we were asked to stay overnight so that they could monitor him and deep suction his boogies out.  The saddest thing ever is having your baby deep suctioned.  I was on the verge of gagging every time they did it because how uncomfortable does it sound to have a tube go down your nose into your throat and suck snot out.  Poor baby!  We ended up only being there 18 hours because he was eating fine and producing enough pee.  We did have to take the oxygen home and he ended up being on it for 4 days at home.  It was pretty challenging to have your child hooked to something 24 hours per day.  But he never really complained.  He was pretty cheerful most of the time.  We also had to go to the hospital once per day to have him deep suctioned.  Slowly but surely his voice returned, cough subsided and nose stopped running.  It was one of the saddest things ever, but I am so thankful for doctors to help and priesthood power to heal and bring peace.


4 months

Now that the Lukester is 5 months I will blog about him at 4 months.  He is a gem of a baby.  And right around his 4 month birthday he started taking longer naps which made me the happiest.  He started talking a lot and we can get him to laugh pretty easily because he is super ticklish!  During his 4th month, he cut out one feeding per 24 hours so we are down to 6, 5 during the day and once at night.  He even slept through the night one night from 7 pm-7:30 am.  It only happened once but it was lovely!  He learned to roll from his back to his belly this month.  It really surprised me because his older siblings were closer to 6 months before they figured it out.  He still loves to sleep swaddled and I almost never find him out of it when I go to get him out of bed.  He is just so comfy wrapped up.  He is adored by everyone he meets because he has an insta-smile and the cutest face in town. About midway through the month, we started rice cereal and now he is a champ, preferring oatmeal to rice.  Also this month, he decided that he didn’t want to take a bottle anymore which is pretty annoying.  It takes some serious effort for him to take it and it is the worst.  Oh well…we just keep working on it.  I just love him so much.  He makes my heart happy.

4 month stats

14 lbs. 4 oz. (25%)

25 inches (50%)

17 inch head (90%)

Bubble Boy!