We recently got a Thanksgiving Point season pass to enjoy this year.  Dan’s work gives a 20% discount and with how close it is to us it really seems worth it.  We have already been twice and plan to go many more times.  Tulips are fast becoming one of my favorite flowers.  They are just so beautiful so the Tulip Festival was a must for me!  And it was lovely.  We went with our friends, Alicia, Audrey and Maddie and really loved the beauty of it!  And I took way too many pictures!



6 months

I don’t even understand how its been half of a year already!  Fastest 6 months ever.  I love this little baby.  I could look at him all day (not night!).  He has the cutest face and smiles instantly.  He is in love with his siblings and loves being right in the mix with them.  He likes to eat all the baby foods but is sometimes fussy during eating.  I haven’t figured out if that means he wants it come faster or if he’s done.  I have tried giving him puffs and graham crackers.  He does pretty well but gets frustrated easily with the chewing process.  He is getting better with the sippy cup.  We still breast feed about 6 times in 24 hours.  And in the last month he has really taken a turn for the worse at night.  He is starting to wake up more frequently.  I have tried not to cave in and just feed him so he’ll go back to sleep.  But I have not been perfect at it because I know that if I just nurse him he will fall back asleep and then I won’t have to listen to crying.  So anyway…he has been spoiled a few times.  But I am trying to be strong!!  He is starting to scoot backwards a little bit on his belly and he is super fast and pivoting in a circle now.  We are working on sitting up.  He is no where near perfect, but with the boppy propped around him he can last for 5-10 minutes.  He is getting so big.  He grabs at everything and is getting quite hard to hold because he is always reaching for something.  He loves when I sing in his ear and is starting to like looking through books.  He is now sleeping unswaddled which is a big deal because he loved it so much!  We took him get his pictures taken and he was the smiliest baby ever.  Our photographer said they usually get 20 good shots of babies…he had 56.  He is just that cute and I sure love him.

Stats:  15 lbs. 14 oz. (21%), 26 inches (24%), 18 inch head (100%)



Easter was awesome again this year.   We had 3 egg hunts, 2 delicious meals, and 1 egg dying session.  We attempted curlers in Sophie’s hair for the first time.  She thought it was the worst torture of her 3-year-old life.  And it didn’t really turn out too good so we might be putting that on hold for a few more years.  We talked about Jesus and the kids seemed to grasp the real meaning of Easter better than ever.  In fact, in Sophie’s prayers the following week, she thanked Jesus “for dying so that he could clear everything for us.”  I love this holiday with my babies.



My brothers both have birthdays in April, 5 days apart.  So Kerri suggested that we drive to Boise and surprise them.  I thought it was a great idea.  But I wasn’t sure if I was up for driving alone with the 3 kiddies.  As time past, I realized I could not miss out on the surprise so I would just have to be brave and make the journey alone.  Luke cried for about an hour on the way there.  But on the way back he was an angel baby.  I count it as a miracle because I felt miserable on that drive with my intestinal troubles.  But anyway, it was a way fun surprise.  The brothers had no idea and we had a great time all together.  Plus the kids always love to be together.  Jack, Sophs and Isaac all slept together and they were in little kid heaven with a sleepover every night!  We had fun going to Rio 2 and spent many days at the park.  We played lots of games and stayed up way passed my bedtime!  Love my family so much!

This last picture is funny of Sophs.  We went to Isaac’s soccer practice and he felt shy that day.  Sophie tried to help him feel brave by going out on the field with him.  It didn’t help him out too much.  So Sophs joined his team for a week while Iz sat out.  Soccer in sandals…no problem!