Mid-August we spent an evening on the lake.  We had some good weather at first, but it soon turned cloudy and windy just like almost every other evening in August.  But the kids still had time to enjoy the tube.  Jack loved it and even went all by himself.  Sophie thought it was fun to go with Daddy until they sank when Grandpa was slowing down to a stop.  Then she was traumatized.  Dan skied for a spell and was reminded how old and tired our bodies are these day!  Luke thought it was pretty fun except for when we went super fast.  He would then curl into me and give good snuggles.  It was lovely to be on the boat again.



Third kid, third kid under anesthesia.  We got an awesome thing going.  On August 8th, Luke had surgery for his undescended testicle.  I felt so so sad for him.  What a terrible place to have surgery.  Poor baby.  But he was a champ.  He was in surgery about 30 minutes, the doctor found a healthy testicle and moved it down into its proper place, and he was done.  He was pretty sad coming out of the surgery.  But once he was fully awake he was pretty happy.  And once we got home, we gave him some yogurt and then he was 100%.  And its been smooth sailing since then.  He is such a sweet boy.



9 months

On August 1 our baby turned 9 months.  I refuse to believe it.  And really it makes me sad how fast time goes.  He is approaching a hard age and so I just don’t want him to grow one more minute older!  Sigh…  He is the sweetest boy and his smile is beyond adorable.  He is growing more and more attached to his mama.  He likes to be where ever I am.  It’s cute, but I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I duck and hide in the kitchen or my room just to get a little break.  And he seems to be fine as long as I am not in view.  He still army crawls around.  Well its more like an inch worm.  He gets up on his hands and knees and then falls to his belly while moving forward and pushing off with his feet.  He has an interest in pulling up to things and has done it a few times but is not super consistent.  He is a great eater and prefers to eat all day long!  I really cannot keep him full.  He is weaning off baby food and has taken nicely to real food.  He loves yogurt and graham crackers the best.  He is an expert sleeper at night but his napping is not the greatest.  He takes 2 naps a day but they are at best 1 hour each.  Can’t quite figure out what I’m doing wrong there but he just doesn’t sleep long at all during the day.  He loves to be a part of the action and loves to laugh at his brother and sister.  He loves to pull out the DVD boxes and empty them out.  He is starting to really love story time at night and loves to turn the pages.  He knows the sign for please, loves to play “Bonk” (headbutt) with Daddy, can wave “bye-bye” when he wants to and occasionally will attempt clapping.  I just love him so much!


17 lbs. 5 oz. (14%)… He is so little!

28 1/4 in. (45 %)

18 1/4 in. head (85%)


July Happenings

Here is a few photos from July

Luke moved into the big boy bath tub.  He loves it.  He took a few spills as he learned that bathtubs are a little bit slippery!  And with his new found mobility (he inch worms along with the best of them), we find all sorts of things in his mouth.  It is such a hard phase but it does motivate me to vacuum semi-frequently!

Sophie put Daddy’s socks on one day and we thought it was so cute.  But as soon as I went to grab the camera to document she got very upset.  She has a shy side and does not like it when we laugh at something she’s done.

I love this Jack.  One day he came to me with this bowl of fruit and another one for himself.  He had cut it all up (with an Ikea knife…don’t get worried grandparents) for both of us.  He is a sweet boy.

We went to the newly remodeled Bean Museum one day at BYU.  It was pretty neat.  They have a whole section of President Packer’s art and wood carvings.  That was my favorite part.  We followed it up with some creamery ice cream.  Such a delight.  It was Luke’s first time on the BYU campus.  He was a big fan!

We are all loving Adobe!  It has been a really family-friendly place with means a lot to me.  I like that Dan works for a company that thinks family is important.  It is not always like that in the corporate world, I have learned so we are feeling blessed.  And since we live so close (1 mile away), we take advantage of all they have to offer.  Like Food Truck Friday where we enjoyed Waffle Luv and snow cones.  And the monthly movie night they have during the summer.  The kids love it!

Also sometime in this month we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a delicious dinner up in Park City at the Stein Erikson Lodge.  It was so so yummy.  And I turned 33 too this month.  Heaven help us…that is getting old.  I’m starting to get the gray hair to prove it!


4th of July

Over the 4th of July this year my mom’s side of the family had a little family reunion to celebrate my Grandma’s 80th birthday.  Most of my aunts, uncles and cousins were all together for the 3 day event.  It was a great time.  We spent one day up the canyon doing a zip line and playing games.  On the 4th we went bowling (my Grandma just retired this year from her bowling league…she is awesome) and had a nice lunch together.  Then we split up to do our own activities for the 4th.  We ended up going down to Grandma Pett’s carnival since it is one of our kids favorite activities.  We all loved it.  That night we did some sparklers with the kids and then walked to the park in our new neighborhood to watch the firework show that Thanksgiving Point does each year.  It was lovely.  The last day of our reunion we spent doing service around my Grandma’s house.  That afternoon we played water games and then had her birthday celebration.  It was a grand time.  I love family and the 4th!


June Happenings

So we moved into our new house on June 5th.  We had a lot of help moving in so it only took a little over an hour.  It was wonderful.  Then we just managed the chaos and unpacked little by little.  Kerri came one day and helped me organize my kitchen.  That was awesome.  And on the following Monday my mom came all the way from California to help me do everything.  It was amazing.   We were able to buy all of our paint and actually finish Luke’s room.  And she helped me to organize the garage, office and storage closet downstairs.  It was a miracle.  By the time she left, we felt pretty settled.  For the next 3 weeks I worked on painting the master bedroom and the main living room upstairs.  It was a lot of work and my kids watched a lot of TV.  But I loved the way it turned out.  The kids have adjusted great to the new house.  I was nervous since Sophie and Jack are now in the basement.  But for the first month we were all downstairs sleeping while we finished painting and waited for our king size bed to arrive (it is amazing!) so that really helped.  They have never seemed scared about being down there alone.  And it has really helped them be braver I think.  Since we’ve been here I think we’ve only had a visitor in our room a few times maybe.  Love that!  And the baby really started to get amazing at sleeping through the night once we moved in.  Grateful!  We are loving it here!

Now to the pictures!

This boy turned over a new leaf when we moved.  He started sitting up, getting down to his belly, scooting, flipping out of the bouncer and bumbo, and playing in the jumper all within a few weeks.  Crazy how fast it happens once they start going.  He really started eating like crazy too…downing 6 jars of baby food per day.  He must have been burning a lot of calories with all that movement.  I sure love him lots.

Sophs crashed on her bike one day and had the fat lip to prove it.  Poor lady.

Jack was Jack.  Being his funny, happy self and the best big brother to the BHB (the acronym he has given Luke…Big Handsome Boy).

We welcomed a new niece to the family.  McKenna was born on June 10th and she is a beauty.

We celebrated Avery’s birthday.  And the kids loved her new Cozy Coupe.  She is cute and busy little two-year-old!

We watched Ellia business (as Jack calls her).  We enjoyed an episode of Sesame Street and some popcorn.   So fun!

We went to the water park a few times.  It is a lot of fun!  Luke has done awesome every time we’ve gone even though it entails missing naps in his bed and lots of sunscreen applications.  He is a cute little swimmer-isn’t he?

And finally a beautiful sunset one night as seen from our new back patio.  Life is good!


Living at Grandma’s

We had a week of homelessness while we were waiting to close on our new house.  Dan’s parents were nice enough to take us in.  My kids loved playing at Grandma’s everyday.  Their house is so big that I sometimes lost track of my kids!  Luke did come down with his first ear infection while we were staying there which was so sad.  My poor sickly little baby.  But he is still so smiley.  Luke also started to get really good at sitting up while we were in Sandy.  He is growing so fast.  It kills me!

Jack was also able to finish up his last few weeks of soccer while we were at the Grossen grandparents.  He did really well this season and seemed to excel at goalie quite a bit.  We are very proud of him.




Graduate #2

On May 30th Jack graduated from preschool with Mrs. King.  He loved this whole year of school.  He really matured this year.  I am so proud of him.  He loved seeing his friends everyday and learning from his teacher.  She is such a sweet lady.  Jack will miss her a lot.  He made great progress in writing his name, letters and numbers.  And he become a much better at coloring.  He amazes me always with how bright he is.  Kindergarten here we come!