18 months

On May 1st our little Luke turned 18 months.  Hard to believe.  At 18 months, he was finally done with the throwing up.  We have really figured this diet out and he is doing much better.  He spent a good part of the last few months with colds, coughs, and ear infections.  That did affect his eating habits and his weight went up and down.  I never feel more stress than those few seconds waiting for the number to appear on the scale.  Sigh.  He is a joy of a boy.  His vocabulary is so great.  At 18 months we counted that he could say 85 words.  He is good at recognizing oval, circle, triangle, diamond and square.  He knows about 10 letters and loves to count 1, 2, 3, 6, 9.  It is pretty darn adorable.  He loves to read books and has a few of his favorites memorized…Mr. Brown Can Moo and Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.  During the last couple of months Luke has had 8 teeth grow in.  Maybe that explains all the runny noses!  He now has 4 on top and bottom and 4 molars.  He also has started to have tantrums more frequently and had his first timeout not long after his 18 month mark.  He has some pretty strong opinions.  He started nursery on the 3rd.  His first Sunday he did great.  But ever since then, it has been a real struggle with crying episodes that have led to throw-up.  Dan has stayed a few times and says that he has a hard time with the transitions, other kids crying and people leaving the room.  Awesome.  Hopefully he will overcome his anxieties soon.  But for now, any time we ask him if he wants to go to church, he says “No”.  Ha!


20 lbs. 10 oz. (8%)

31 inches (10%)

19.5 in head (95%)

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April days

Luke went through a phase where he woke up from his nap everyday with a serious attitude.  Had to document.

Mid April snow showers.  Normally that would be so discouraging.  But since it was only the 3rd time it snowed all year, we thought it was pretty fun.

Sophie had her first pedicure and thought it was such fun.  Many more to come baby girl!

Luke graduated from his baby carrier one week shy of 18 months.  He finally grew past 30 inches tall!

Jack learned how to ride without training wheels.  He just decided he wanted to do it and there’s been no looking back.  He also lost his first tooth on April 28th.  I was surprised how much it got to me!  Just made me think that he is growing up and I can’t even stop it from happening!

Daddy-daughter super hero date.  They had the best time together!

My mom spent about 4 weeks here surrounding Porter’s birth.  Luke loves to give Grannie Jannie loves.

Porter Allan Taylor was born on April 27th.  We all love him and think it is so fun to have a baby so close by to love on.


Tulips for Days

April was a beautiful month of weather.  And its no secret that I love the spring flowers that come up every year!  They are so beautiful.  So we made the most of it and went to Temple Square and the Tulip Festival within a matter of weeks.  I could die from the beauty!

Temple Square

Thanksgiving Point

We were so excited to have Dan join us this year.  It was a his first time!  We also ran into one of Jack’s school buddies, Tanner there which the kids thought was really fun.  Its a pretty spectacular place!

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We had a pretty low key Easter.  Easter was on Conference Sunday this year so we were able to take it real easy.  In fact, I never even took a picture of the kids in their Easter outfits this year since we didn’t even go to church.  Failure!  Earlier in the week, Luke had come down with a stomach bug.  I was hopeful that it would just be him since we all seemed fine 3-4 days past when he was sick.  But Saturday afternoon, Sophie started throwing up.  Bummer!  Thankfully she was fine by Easter morning.  The kids found their baskets in the morning and then we did our Easter Egg hunt and decorating of eggs.  We had a great time as a little family remembering the Savior and His gift for us.  I loved listening to Conference on Sunday and felt peace in our current situation in life with Luke’s disease.  Later that afternoon we went to Grandma Pett’s for dinner and more egg hunting.  As we were leaving there to head up to Richard’s Easter party, I started to feel sick.  As soon as we got there I started throwing up.  We stayed long enough to have another egg hunt and to talk to family.  In the middle of the night that night, Dan started to get sick and by morning Jack was throwing up too.  So we all ended up being sick on that Monday.  What a fun way to start Spring Break!  Blah!  But here are the pictures of our events!

Sophie fell asleep during the afternoon session on Saturday.  That should have been our first clue something was up.  She woke up and started puking!

Surviving the final session of Conference with a few Elmo shows and some Dum Dums.  It is a long weekend with kids!