4th of July

We were able to have all of the Cosby side in town for the Fourth of July this year which was really fun.  It our goodbyes at Yellowstone much easier knowing we would be reunited again in 2 weeks.  The reason for our gathering is because Porter was blessed on July 5th.  It was fun to be together for the holiday.  We had fun taking them up to the Granite Parade.  It is one of our favorite traditions and we got a lot of candy this year just like always.  We had a fun BBQ at home and then did a few sparklers.  We made some homemade ice cream and cake to celebrate the July birthdays in our family-me, Kara and Kimmy.  It was so tasty!  We then drove to the Cabela’s parking lot to watch the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point.  It was pretty awesome.  Love this holiday and America.


Yellowstone Getaway

We had the best family vacation to Yellowstone this year with my family.  We stayed in Island Park in a cabin that was big enough to accommodate all of us and was right on the water.  It was so beautiful there.  There was a canoe and paddle boat for us to use which is awesome.  We loved taking the kids out on the water and looking at all the beautiful lake houses.  We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the lake which was freezing cold.  At night after the kids were down, we gathered around to play games with just the adults.  It is one of our favorite things.  There was also a game room in the house with ping pong and pool. We really had the best time.  Two of the days we spent at Yellowstone National Park.  It is so incredible there.  I can’t believe that a place like that really exists actually.  We loved stopping at the artist paint pots where different colors of clay bubble up all day long, Yellowstone Falls and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which is so beautiful, the Grand Prismatic which is so blue and clear and yet so weird and hot, and of course, Old Faithful and other geysers along the way.  We saw a lot of wild life but never a bear or bull moose like we were hoping.  Maybe next time.  We all got matching T-shirts which was awesome and we had endless amounts of comments.  It was quite funny actually.  We had the best time all being together and are so grateful for family that makes life sweeter.  It was a great experience to share Yellowstone with our kids and we hope to go back many more times!

Cabin Life



Summer Time

We had a relaxing start to summer this year.  The first few weeks of June we spent a lot of time outside and with our friends.  It was a nice break from the school schedule. 

Jack played T-ball this summer.  He was really good at hitting the ball.  But the slow pace of T-ball didn’t really suit his personality.  He told us he thought it was a little boring!  But we had fun supporting him at practice and his games.  And I think he looks pretty cute in a baseball hat!

We went to the annual Crohn’s walk the first weekend in June.  It was at Wheeler Farm again this year and was the biggest turn out yet.  They have a lot of fun activities for the kids and a lot of local companies bring free food.  It is a good time and a good cause that we love to support.  Praying for a cure!

A few random shots from June.  Sophie is the best big sister!  She is so careful and loving with Luke.  We went to a couple of splash parks with Alicia, Audrey and Maddie.  Luke was hesitant at first but he came around!  We enjoyed a morning at the farm with Grandma, Brooke and Brittany.  It was Luke’s first time to ride the ponies and he was very brave!  We all really loved the new Pixar movie, Inside Out.  Sophie insisted on a picture!


Wrapping Up

On May 16th Sophie had her final dance recital of the year.  She has really loved dance this year and we are so proud of the progress she made.  She is a good little dancer, stays on beat and knows her routines so well.  We all loved watching her perform so much.  We are excited that she will be going back to Miss Tanya’s class in the fall.

We had a lot of end of the year activities at Jack’s school.  One day we were able to go visit his class where everyone had their animal dioramas on display.  Jack did his about a gorilla.  It was fun to put together with him.  He took total creative control which was awesome!  We also attended his school’s 5K run one morning.  The Kindergarten class only did a 2 mile run.  But Jack and Sophie ran the whole thing.   I was so proud of them.  And finally we attended the Dance Festival.  I thought it was so fun to watch the different grades perform.  Luke however was a miserable child that day for whatever reason and so we sorta had to suffer through it!  Jack had such a great Kindergarten year and we owe that mostly to Mrs. Story.  She was a wonderful teacher for Jack and we will miss her next year!

Sophie finished at Mrs. King’s the end of May as well.  She was in a very sensitive phase the end of May and refused to perform the songs and skits at her end of the year program.  I was so sad about it especially because I knew how well she knew the songs.  So sad.  But thankfully she did let Mrs. King give her the diploma and posed for a picture.  We have loved Mrs. King for preschool and will miss going to her house.  But I am thankful to not have to make that Draper drive twice a day, twice a week!

And here are a few random shots from the month of May

Luke was wild in the bath one night.  I probably have like 20 pictures of this one bath!  He was screaming and splashing like a crazy person!

Sometimes, well a lot of the time, our basement looks like this.  And we have a major clean session that makes us all feel so good.

Jack lost his other bottom tooth and grew up just a little bit more…sigh.

We took the kids to Classic Fun Center one night.  It was seriously so fun!  Loved every second of it.  Scooter tracks, bounce houses and slides, arcade games with tickets, etc.  What more could you ask for!?