October/November Randoms

We had a new niece, Evelyn, born on October 13.  We all love those kissable cheeks!

During fall break we took a trip downtown to see the new Church History Museum.  It is really lovely.  Pretty crazy times keeping track of all these kiddos though.

Sophs and I had a pedicure date one Saturday which was much needed!

When I run in the morning I see the most beautiful things.  There were some incredible sunrises in October.  And the fall colors are always my favorite!

Brittany had the great idea to take the girls to Disney on Ice.  It was a fun date downtown with my lady.  She loved it and so did I.  It was a great night.

Random shots from my phone.   Mostly of the funny things Luke does…like empty the contents of my wallet into his bad instead of taking a nap.

My Aunts Claire and Karen was in town and had the great idea to get together for lunch.  It was so fun to spend time with them and my cousins!  We had the best time getting caught up on everyone’s lives.

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Birthday Boy Luke

We sure love our little Luke and enjoyed celebrating his birthday this year.  Jack and Sophie were so cute and wanted to be right with him the whole time he opened his presents.  His birthday fell on a Sunday so we invited the cousins over for dinner & gift opening.  It was sure fun to have everyone together.  My greatest accomplishment with Luke’s birthday was making a cake that met all of his dietary restrictions.  So I had a gluten free cake mix that I used egg replacement powder in to make the cake.  And the frosting was made with regular shortening and coconut milk.  And I have to say that it was not half bad.  The consistency of the cake was the only thing to get used to but the flavor was alright.  And he actually ate some of it so I count that as a win.

Luke at 2 is full of energy and personality.   He loves to play with the big kids and cries almost every night when its time for bed because he wants to “play.”  He is great talker, using full sentences already and making lots of demands.  He is pretty bossy and wants everyone to follow the rules.  He loves to sing songs especially ABCs, I am a Child of God, I love to see the Temple, I am Like a Star, and Twinkle, Twinkle.  He recognizes all of his letters and knows all of his shapes.  He is an expert puzzler and can spend hours doing the same one over and over again.  He loves to color with Sophie and recently has been telling me that he’s making “a Christmas tree” or “a sun”.  It’s pretty adorable.  He is my little buddy and loves to go shopping with me as long as I don’t forget his pack of fruit snacks!  He adores his daddy and literally lights up when Dan comes through the door at night.  I am a second class citizen to Daddy.  He is doing so much better with his health and we are so grateful.  He still coughs when he eats but almost never throws up.  He loves the kids’ friends and knows all of their names–Harvey, Sam, Hope, Makenna, Braden, Porter.  He is finally used to nursery and goes into class with no problem each Sunday.  We are so thankful that we crossed that bridge finally!  He loves to say prayers and often cries when he realizes its not his turn.  Just this week he said his first prayer without any help.   He is the best and makes us all laugh.  We feel so blessed to have him in our family!


27 lbs. 4 oz. (40%)

32.25 inches (7%)

19.8 in. head (95%)


Halloween Time

Halloween is the best with kids.  They really love it every year.  We made our annual trip to Santaquin for the Red Barn Pumpkin Patch.  We went on a week night which really helped with the crowds.  But it meant that they were out of apple cider donuts by the end of the day.  We were so disappointed.  But we still had a great time riding the big slide, shooting the apple cannons, riding the tractors and going through the maze.  It is a favorite family tradition.

We had a few school performances and parades to attend.

On Halloween night we started trick or treating around 545.  It was awesome.  It stayed light outside until we were almost done which was so good.  The kids trick or treated pretty much our whole side of the neighborhood.  Luke had a great time.  It was a bit tiring getting him in and out of the stroller.  By next year, we should really be on top of our game!  The Taylor’s and Deeds and Kimmy came around with us which was a good time.  Check out the pumpkins this year!  I was impressed that I was able to do Mario for Jack.  And Dan stuck with a Star Wars theme.  We are really excited for the new movie this year!