December Days

Jack played basketball during November and December.  It was fun to watch him.  They don’t really have rules (no traveling, double dribbling, fouling, out of bounds) so it was so fun to watch.  Some kids just get the ball and run straight down the court and shoot.  So funny!  Jack was a good player.  He liked the energy of the game.  He was a little shy about the ball and tended to pass more than shoot.  But he had some great assists and did make a few baskets.  Kids sports are awesome!

We went and found our Christmas tree one night.  It was cold!  But we found a good one and these kiddos were good sports!

We finished our fireplace just in time for Christmas decor.  I love it!

Car wash terror!  HAHAHAHA!  I love this picture so much.  It says a thousand words without saying anything at all.

Adobe Christmas Party.  It was at the Natural History Museum which was fun.  But we were sad we didn’t win any prizes!

Sunday Christmas babies

Jack came home from school one day with his tooth hanging on by a thread.  Thankfully it fell out the next day cause that loose guy made me laugh every time I saw it.  It made his smile extra funny!  And yes, every single person who saw his smile sang “All I Want for Christmas is my two front teeth!”  Perfect timing!

We had a little friend Christmas party with people in my old neighborhood.  I sure loved my old neighborhood and I’m glad we have been able to keep connections with our friends there.

Santa came to Grandma Pett’s this year during our candy making day!  Luke ran right up to him and thought he was the best.  He was a rockstar at Santa time this year!

Dan won this shirt at our White Elephant party with the WGR friends.  We have laughed and continue to laugh about it all the time.  Good HS memories!

Luke mastered the 48 piece puzzle!  Smarty!

Snow, snow, snow for days!  We had some really big storms roll through during December.  It’s always pretty exciting at first.  And the kids love to play.  Dan is awesome and usually obliges at least once a year to help build a snowman.  Luke was so cute in his snow clothes.  He lasted only a few minutes out in the cold.  I couldn’t blame him…the snow covered his legs completely.




I was able to go to Jack’s Thanksgiving Feast at school.  His teacher Mrs. Christensen is the nicest lady.  He is loving 1st grade.  And I loved this little paragraph that came home one day about his perfect pie!  He is an awesome kid.

We went to Classic Fun Center to celebrate Sophie finally not wearing a diaper to bed at night!  Wahoo!  For whatever reason, it took her forever to stay dry at night.  But really, once she decided, she has been flawless.  These kids loved riding their scooters all around!

We had the best Thanksgiving this year!  We really know how to do food around here and the meal was delicious.  James cooked the most delicious turkey.  It was amazing.  And Kerri really knows how to make some pies.  Sophie and I helped her out but it is really all her doing.  We were excited for Deeds and Kimmy’s announcement that they were pregnant and due in June.  Pretty fun times.  On Friday afternoon we were able to go to Richard’s house for a Grossen Thanksgiving which was really fun.  Some of Dan’s cousins were there that we don’t get to see too often so it was fun to catch up.  Also during the long weekend we were able to go see The Good Dinosaur which I really loved.  And we also made the trek down to Provo for the BYU Basketball game.  We sure love our Cougars and all the treats we get to eat there!




Rock Climbing

On a Friday night in November we met at Momentum in Lehi for a rock climbing session with Richard.  It was way fun and my kids were so brave.  Even Luke wanted in on the action.  I was proud of them.  I realized that night that they definitely get their timid spirits from me!  I was pretty nervous climbing to the top myself!