Vacations are the best.  We just got back from the best time in California.  The beach, Disneyland and family…it does not get any better than that!

We split up the drive on the way down.  The kids of course loved the hotel.  They were overjoyed that we had this oversized jetted tub.  On Friday morning they wanted to get in the pool before we drove the rest of the way to CA.  We compromised and had a nice hot bath in the jetted tub.

We spent a few days in the Btown with my parents.  We went on walks, played at the park and in the backyard, ate at our favorite sandwich shop, and played with Grandma’s games and toys.  It was a great time.  The weather was so nice and we enjoyed the sunshine!

On Monday we went down to Huntington Beach.  It was a long drive with a lot of traffic but the kids help up alright.  And once we were there I don’t think Jack ever stopped chasing the waves.  He did it for hours.  I love kids at the beach.  They love it so much despite the water being freezing.  Luke was a little stressed out about the sand.  He would cry every time he fell in it.  That was cracking us up.  By the end of the day he seemed to be warming up to it a little more.  Luke fell asleep within 2 minutes of being in the car afterwards.  Something about the beach totally wipes kids out.

The next day we started our Disney adventure!  We spent 3 days there and it was awesome.  The kids were so good and we had the best time with them.  Jack and Sophie rode every ride they could.  They were a little scared before Tower of Terror and Space Mountain.  But they did it and for the most part loved them.  Jack did Tower of Terror again.  Sophie chose not to.  But I was so proud of them and it really made the whole trip fun that we didn’t have to spend energy on trying the convince them to try new rides.  They were just ready and willing participants.  I think Thunder Mountain was their favorite.  Luke had a blast too.  He loved meeting the characters and riding the rides.  His favorite was Pirates.  He calls it the “Yo ho slides.”  He had a rough time everyday after he woke up from his 30 minute nap in the stroller.  We could just count on about 30 minutes of attitude and crying afterwards.  We stayed until close every night and loved the firework show at Disneyland so much this trip.  Such a fun, fun place.  We love it!

The last few days of our trip with stayed with Mike and Tiffany.  We enjoyed more time at the beach (we saw the biggest waves ever..10 foot swells…it was awesome!), explored the tide pools at Dana Point, ate Pedro’s tacos for lunch, watched lots of movies and just enjoyed the So Cal weather.  It is always a treat to be with them.


February days

We had a fun Super Bowl party this year with the Mills family.  And we were really happy with the outcome!  Lukie and Lily are good little buddies.  Isn’t her red, curly hair the cutest!?

We had a really bad bug go through our house in February.  The boys were hit the hardest.  Initially we thought it was croup, but turns out it wasn’t.  It was just a cold virus that turned into ear infections for Luke (who still has tubes!).  Anyway there were points when I thought I might not get my happy, independent Luke back.  He was so needy for about 10 days straight.  Tiring for everyone.

These two are good buddies.  Luke is going to miss Sophs next year a  lot!

This buddy loves to get his hair combed.  He asks almost everyday.  Maybe its because of that cute guy looking back at him!

We kinda missed out on Snowbird this year because of Luke’s sickness.  But we made it up one day and the kids enjoyed the hot tub and pool.

During February we signed up with Wyatt for story time at the library.  It wasn’t the best story time I’ve ever been to…kinda slow, not super engaging.  But these 2 love any excuse to be together.

We went to the Provo City Center Temple open house.  It is seriously so beautiful inside.  I can’t believe the transformation.  When I was a student I had all of my Stake Conferences there.  It is hard to believe it is the same building.  The kids were awesome and loved the sparkly chandeliers most of all.  Luke was insistent on doing all the stairs by himself so our tour took a little longer than it should have.  Two year olds are awesome!

We hosted a Valentine’s Party for our Draper friends.  It was a lot of fun!  The kids played so well together in the basement so the moms were able to have a lot of uninterrupted chat time.  We love that!  I made the frosting for the cookies dairy free so Luke was able to at least lick his knife even if he couldn’t eat the cookies.  Love my friends.

I took Luke to get his hair cut the day before our CA trip.  I thought the cape made his cheeks look extra chubby.  Such a cute little butterball of a boy!


January days

January was a cold, snowy month.  We shoveled more snow this month than in the last few years combined.  But just like always, we made it through.  We kept busy by playing with our friends, doing puzzles, eating soup, hanging out with our cousins and watching a little more TV than we should have.  Here are our January memories.  I took a total of about 8 pictures the whole month.

I took down our thankful turkey and realized I hadn’t taken a picture.  We love this November tradition!  It is getting really fun now that Jack and Sophie can write their own.  They came up with some great things.

Jack made us all drinks one night.  Crystal Light with strawberries on the straws.  He’s pretty thoughtful.

I always have a lot of helpers at dinnertime.

Jack was student of the month in January.  We are so proud of him.  He is the best first grade guy around!

We found a new safe snack for Luke.  He calls them hat chips.  Luke loves to play freeze dance with his dancing robot toy.  Every time he is told to freeze, he stops and poses like this.  It is our favorite.

This lady is a puzzler.  We did these Disney puzzles over and over again.  One day she surprised me by doing the whole 150 piece puzzle by herself.  Her puzzle loving mom could not be more proud!