October wrap up

Here are the random shots from October

Jack started Cub Scouts and he LOVES it!  He says he wishes it was every night.  It makes me so happy to see him making all of these new friendships.

This kid!  I just love his handsome face.

We celebrated Isaac’s birthday Ninja Turtle style.  The kids loved despite what that first picture of Luke shows.  Who knows what that tantrum was about.  And don’t you just love that picture of Sophie holding Hudson.  She is a great lady!

We had family pictures taken over Jack’s baptism weekend.  I thought this picture was awesome of the adults trying to get the kids to look and smile!

Kerri and I took the littles to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens one morning.  They have new area that has statues of scenes from Christ’s life.  It is remarkable and so beautiful.  I was so touched by it that on that very same afternoon we went back so that Jack and Sophie could see it.  It is awesome.  I can’t wait for it to get warm again so we can go back.

I got to spend a weekend in Las Vegas with my friends from the ward.  It was so lovely.  Love my sweet friends.




Halloween was pretty low key this year.  We were just getting back from our long trip and so it kind of crept up on us.  But we tried to make the most of it.  We made it home in time for Grandma Grossen’s party which the kids love so much.  And we visited the kids school for the parade in the morning.  We have had Sophie and Luke’s costume forever.  But Jack could never decide.  Finally one day he saw this hot dog costume and knew that was it.  Such a funny boy.  Luke loved it because hot dogs are staple of the Luke diet!  Ha!  We had fun going around our neighborhood and the weather was decent once again.  Jack actually went around with his friend Braden so it was just Sophie and Luke with us.  It was a good night and made the kids so happy!

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East Coast Trip

We had this trip on our calendar for over 3 months and it was so hard to wait for.  All of us were so excited to see the Herways and visit the sites.  And it definitely lived up to the hype!  The kids had the best times with their cousins, Dan and I loved our late night chat sessions with Jake and Mel, and the sites were amazing.  The East Coast is so dreamy.  The history is amazing, the houses, the tree lined streets, the proximity of everything awesome…I just love it!  I am so happy that I had to chance to take my kids there.  We hope to be frequent visitors!

The kids were great on the plane.  They were so excited to fly and watch movies with their own headphones.  I did forget to give Jack Dramamine before the flight.  So he did get sick.  He threw up once on take off and 3 times on the descent.  Poor guy!  We doubled up on the drugs on the way home.

Statue of Liberty

Our first stop was to visit the Statue of Liberty.  I love it so much there.  It is so beautiful and even though I have been there several times, it is just as captivating every time.  This time we were able to go up on the pedestal which was a new experience for me.  It has been fun since we have been home to see how often the kids recognize the Statue on TV, movies or books.  They think its pretty cool that they’ve been there.  I love the view of the city from the boat ride too.  Such a fun little adventure.  Even if I got a little seasick on that boat ride.  Jack is not alone in his sensitivity to motion.


The next day we went into Philadelphia with everyone.  It was so fun and such a neat place.  We were able to see the Liberty Bell and visit Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  We visited the US Mint which was awesome.  So cool to see how the coins are made.  It is very interactive and the kids really enjoyed the experience.  We ate a traditional cheese steak for lunch.  It was yummy.  We walked down the oldest street in the United States and it was so beautiful.  We made it to the steps on the art museum where Rocky famously ran up and down.  That was probably one of our favorite parts.  The kids ran up and down so many times, trying to win the race.  We then took the most beautiful drive through bridge covered, tree lined streets right along side a river.  It was a highlight of the trip for me.  So beautiful.  That night we went to Harry Potter festival which was fun. Rachel, Tommy and Jack are really into HP right now so they were completely enthralled.  Loved this busy, fun filled day!

Washington DC

Jack’s #1 request for our trip was to go the DC and see the Lincoln Memorial.  And since DC is my favorite place I was happy to oblige.  So Saturday morning we made the 3 hour drive down to DC.  And it did not disappoint!  We were able to visit Ford’s Theater, the White House, Air and Space Museum, American History Museum, all of the monuments, Arlington National Cemetery and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.  We saw paper money being made and that is pretty cool.  Our kids were troopers through all the walking and metro riding.  They had fun exploring these awesome places with their cousins.  And they loved staying in a hotel.  Perhaps the greatest thing was that we got to spend a day with the Megehees.  We loved that.  It was real this time when we said goodbye and I was sad.  I’m going to miss Alicia a lot.  DC still has my heart.  It is so lovely and makes me so happy.


One night we went to Princeton University campus to tour around.  I can’t believe that is a place where people go to school.  It is so pretty.  The architecture is amazing.  I’m not sure the kids quite understood how remarkable it was.  All the wanted to do was run in the leaves.  There were so many leaves!

New York City

Melanie was nice enough to drive us into the city one day.  It is so crowded, with so many cars.  I really admired her ability to navigate around.  We were able to see the 9/11 Memorial.  It was awesome.  Last time I was in NYC, Ground Zero was still a hole in the ground so it was cool to see how it is now with the memorial and the new Freedom Tower which is so tall!  I loved it and hope to go back soon to spend more time.  We then went uptown to Central Park.  It was a tad cold in NYC that day so I was worried that the kids would have a hard time.  But they did great.  By a miracle we found a parking spot on the street that gave us 2 hours to explore.  With the fall leaves, it looked amazing.  We were able to make it the corner of the park with the Plaza Hotel.  The kids love Home Alone 2 so they thought it was pretty rad to see the hotel.  Such a fun adventure in one of the best places on earth!

Crayola Factory

On our last day we went to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA.  It was so much fun.  The kids could have stayed all day.  I think their favorite parts were making their own crayon, watching how crayons were made and making their own puzzle.  It was not very crowded so we had a lot of it to ourselves.  It was awesome.  Such a fun way to wrap up our trip.

What an adventure!  Thanks goes to Herways who taxied us around, let us borrow a car, fed us so much food and snacks and let us invade their space for 10 days!  It was amazing and I can’t wait to do it all again!



Great to be Eight

On October 8 Jack was baptized by Dan.  It was a special day.  He was pretty excited.  And it just happened to work out that he was able to be baptized with one of his good friends, Porter Wright.  I am proud of Jack for his decision to be baptized.  He has pure faith and believes in God’s plan and Jesus.  He has been reading the Book of Mormon all on his own which amazes me.  He does try hard to do what’s right and his best.  We were so thankful to all of our family and friends who were able to make it.  It was fun to spend the afternoon together at our house.  Even though it is completely crazy to have a child this old, it is awesome to see him grow and develop into the person he is!  Love my boy!

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September Wrap-Up

BYU Football started and that makes everyone happy!  We got a pair of season tickets this year so it will be fun to go all year.  College football is so much fun.  It is a great thing that our family loves to participate in!  Go Cougars!

We spent our last day with the Megehees before they moved.  When we drove away from our last get together, Sophie said “I feel like I might cry.”  And so did I.  Alicia was one of my closest friends in Draper.  And even after we moved we still got together a couple of times per month.  We also liked going out on dates with her and Mark.  I am going to miss her friendship so much.  The kids are going to miss Audrey and Maddie too.  Sad times.

Jack turned 8 and wanted to learn to mow the lawn.  Well go right ahead I say!

Luke is really into art.  He is a great colorer and is already awesome at writing his name.  Pretty impressive for a boy kid that is not even three yet!

James parents had so many peaches on their tree this year.  Kerri collected so many one day and then we had a day filled of canning peaches and making jam.  It really did take all day.  But it made us all feel very accomplished!

Dan’s mom took the kids to Build-A-Bear this year so that they could make a stuffed animal for their birthdays.  It was a fun Saturday adventure.  And the kids loved it.  Thanks Grandma!

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Birthday Boy

My Jack Jack turned 8 this year!  I can hardly believe that.  It seems like an impossibility.  He is still our busy boy.  He loves to be on the go, playing with friends, riding his scooter or bike, running in the backyard, playing monopoly, watching movies and playing video games.  He is the smartest boy and continually amazes us.  He has lost 7 teeth so far and it starting to look older with those grown up teeth.  We keep trying to fatten him up because he is so skinny and tall.  But I swear he eats more than me and nothing sticks around!  He tries hard to get his siblings to participate in his creative games.  And for the most part they are good sports and he is a patient teacher.  He is not loving school this year which has caused its fair share of problems.  But we are working on it and I hope continues to improve his attitude.

Jack went back and forth this year on what he wanted to do for his birthday party.  I kept hoping that I could just take a group of his friends to Boondocks or Classic Fun Center.  But he really wanted to do something at home.  He finally decided on an Olympic Party.  So I gathered all the best ideas that Pinterest had to offer and put it together.  Kerri helped me a lot with the signs, cake and keeping track of the medals.  There were a few hiccups with all those boys together.  But I think it turned out fun and Jack enjoyed being together with his friends.  The night of his birthday we enjoyed sushi at Tsunami.  You know your kid is big when he picks sushi for dinner!  He also wanted apple pie instead of cake so I made that up for him.   And it was delicious!  Happy birthday rad Jack!  8 year stats: 53.25 inches (95%), 59 lbs. (70%)


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Birthday Girl

Our little Sophie is 6!  She is the most wonderful girl and my biggest helper.  She loves school so much.  And really is sad when its the weekend because there is no school.  It has been amazing to see how much she has improved in reading just in the first 2 weeks of school.  She is so friendly and kind.  She is phasing out of princesses but still loves My Little Pony.  She always wants to be right by my side in the kitchen when I’m making anything.  Sometimes it makes more work for me honestly, but I know how much she loves it.  And it is fun to see her starting to love cooking.  She loves to go get pedicures with me which is awesome.  She loves playing with her friends especially Harvey!

This year for her birthday Sophie wanted a snake party.  It was a big change from last year’s Frozen themed party!  And all she wanted to play was “Pin the Tongue on the Snake.”  Ha!  I thought the funnest thing to do was to hire someone to bring their snake and reptile collection.  And it turned out awesome!  The kids loved the reptile show.  The lady brought a bearded dragon, iguana, snake, tortoise and a huge bunny.  The bunny caused quite the stir because it was ginormous.  At least 15 pounds.  It was big!  Sophie was able to have the bearded dragon climb on her shirt.  I was impressed that she was brave enough to do it!  Kerri and I tried our best to create a feminine snake cake!  I think it came out all right.  All in all, it was an awesome party with 20+ kids!  Happy birthday sweet lady.  6 year stats: 47.25 inches (90%), 48 lbs (75%)

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Luke time

With the kids in school I have been able to spend a lot of quality time with my Lukie.  We spent the first few weeks of school playing the “Mystery Game” (his name for Memory) and one day he legitimately beat me.  He is a sweet boy.  We run errands in the morning, go grocery shopping, meet up with friends at the museum, play with our cousins, clean the house, etc together every morning.  I think he loves the one on one time.  But on the days we stay home he frequently asks if it’s time to get Sophie yet.  He misses her which is sweet.

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First Day of School

Jack started the second grade on August 22.  He seemed really excited.  But he was also sad to see the carefree summer days come to an end.  He is Miss Jones class and she seems very nice.  I am excited to see what the year will bring for him.

Sophie started Kindergarten on August 29.  She is in Mrs. Topham’s morning class.  There has never been a child more excited or ready for school.  She said she was most worried that she would keep writing her number 3 backwards.  How sweet is she!?  She never looked back when the bell rang.  She walked right in and found her seat.  I just love her.  She has already made a handful of new friends which is exciting.  She is confident and kind and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

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August Randoms

We were able to go to Chesterfield the first weekend in August for Lynlea’s blessing.  It is a neat place.  Some of our ancestors on Dedo’s side of the family were founders in Chesterfield. Denmark Jensen’s, my 4th great grandpa, cabin is still standing and a historical site.  It was fun to get a little tour of his house.  We had fun with the Bank’s family and enjoyed time on our land.  It is fun to live care free!  And I loved spending time with sweet Lynlea.

Luke is getting quite good at his scooter.  One night we enjoyed a trip to Classic Fun Center where he perfected the scootering art.

Took the boys to get their hair cut.  They are so handsome.

We bought Luke some undies just to get him motivated.  But we don’t have any big plans for potty training until his birthday.

Sophie did another round of gymnastics in our neighborhood.  Her cartwheels are getting much better!

We spent a morning at the museum with Audrey and Maddie.  And had to stop by the ice cream shop for a treat.  The Megehee’s just found out that they are moving to VA.  I can’t even tell you how much it breaks my heart!

We spent a week in Park City with Dan’s sisters and mom.  It was a relaxing time.  The kids loved the hot tubs.  And I was so proud of Sophie and the progress she made in swimming.  Jack is also confident now to jump in the deep end and swim to the edge.  I found some goggles at the store and they thought that was pretty awesome.  It was fun to spend time with our cousins and eat good food.  Luke and McKenna developed a cute little friendship!  It was so sweet to see.  Jack learned how to play Monopoly and of course, won the first game he played!

Kerri and I took the kids to Temple Square one morning.  Cute cousins!

Kerri, Kara and I ran a glow race near the end of August.  The atmosphere was fun but the race was kinda awful.  We just snaked through the parking lots and fields at the fairgrounds.  And it was dark which was terrible.  I almost popped my already broken hip right out of place!

Dan gave blessings to the kids before school this year.  And I know it is kinda naughty but I just had to snap a photo of Luke as he was getting his blessing.  It was too cute to pass up.  He sat there so reverently and it melted me.

August was a good, fun month.  We were busy but had fun being together!


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