April Days

April is such a wonderful month!  Things start to warm up and everything starts to turn green.  I love it so much.

Annie girl continued to grow.  She found her hands and started grabbing on to things.  She got to start eating rice cereal which she didn’t love at first but fast become a pro.  She loves to be with Luke.  She always keeps her eyes on him and all of us.  She had her first ride in the stroller.  She loves to be outside just like the rest of the kiddos.  She is a delight and those squishy cheeks are so very kissable!

Luke started a neighborhood league of soccer.  He was so excited to wear Jack’s old cleats and shin guards even though they are about 2 sizes too big!  He went on some fun adventures at school.  He spent some time at Wheeler Farm and also went on a field trip to the fire station.  He was insistent on wearing his Fire Chief costume.  It was pretty cute.  He is obsessed with his sister and knows just how to make her laugh.  He’s the best big brother.

Sophie has yet to lose any teeth.  But her 2 bottom permanent teeth are almost all the way in.  Poor lady.  She wants so badly to lose a tooth.

Dan took the kiddos skiing during Spring Break with his dad.  They are all doing great!  I can’t wait to join them next year.

Jack Man had a couple of sick days during Spring Break that wiped him out.  Poor buddy.  All of the kids had a cough and cold and it kept us from doing some of the stuff that we had planned.

Jack’s Scout group also got to go to the fire station.  His leaders are always good about sending us pictures.

After 2 other failed attempts, I was finally able to take the kids to the Jordan River Temple Open House.  It was totally worth the effort.  The kids were so good and reverent.  Jack said “I felt the Spirit so strong in there mom.  I can’t wait to go to the temple someday.”

Tulip Festival started.  We only made it once this year.  Between the weather and Annie’s need for naps, it was hard to find the time.  But it is beautiful and I am glad we got there at least one time.

Love these kiddos so much!


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4 months old

Annie is already 4 months old.  I can hardly believe how fast the months have gone.  In the last couple months I feel like this lady has changed so much.  She is smiling a lot more and making the cutest sounds.  It is really hard to make her laugh but we have heard her sweet giggle a couple of times.  During the last couple of months Annie has become such a good little night time sleeper.  Most nights she is up once around 4 or 5.  And some nights she has even gone the whole night.  What a gift!  She also has been going to bed much earlier at night which is awesome.  It makes us feel like we have a little bit of our life back!  Ha!  She is also pretty scheduled with her naps going down at 9, 1 and 5.  We are all so grateful for more sleep.  She is almost exclusively bottle fed now.  I nurse her at almost every feeding (which is about 6 times per day) but she usually takes 4-5 ounces of a bottle afterwards.  So she is not getting much from me.  We also started rice cereal on her 4 month birthday.  She got a little frustrated.  But she did pretty good.  I’m convinced that she has never liked bottle or breast feedings so she is going to really take to  eating regular food.  She is getting better at focusing on things and when her little hands touch something she is good about picking it up.  Every once in a while she will pivot around a little bit while lying on her back so mobility is coming a long.  We love this little girlie!   4 month stats:  13.3 lbs (25%), 25.5 inches (85%), 17 inch head (97%).

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Annie’s Blessing Day

Annie was blessed on April 8th and it was such a sweet day.  She has been the greatest blessing in our little family.  She has increased our love and made us so happy.  Dan blessed her to stay committed to her covenants throughout her life.  I can think of nothing better!  We had a great day with our family and enjoyed some delicious smoked meat.  It was the best day!  The kids were excited to wear their Easter clothes on Annie’s day.

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We had a nice Easter Sunday.  Because it was General Conference this year we were able to take it easy at home and enjoy the day.  Speaking of General Conference, it was awesome and so inspirational.  I love my little family.  When we took the picture of all 4 of the kids together, I couldn’t believe they were all mine!  That sure looks like a lot of kiddos!

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March Days

March is usually a slow, long month.  But this year we had Jack and Sophie in indoor soccer, dance, school, preschool, March Madness, baby time, etc. and it just flew by.  Here are the pictures from March.

Most of my pictures are of Annie girl.  No surprise there.  She has the cutest little face.  And I love those smiles.  She started giving us a few laughs this month.  But they are really hard to get out of her.  We have to tickle her legs or her neck for them to come out and it often turns to tears.  She is a funny girl.  We put her in the bumbo for the first time.  Sophie thought it was the perfect time to read her stories.  So cute!

Luke is having a hard time adjusting to our mornings at home by ourselves so that Annie can take her morning nap.  He asks every morning what we are going to do.  And I am slowly running out of ideas.  So we color, play games, do the snap circuits, make creations with the perler beads, take silly face selfies or do puzzles.  And then we still have 4 hours before the kids get home from school!  Ha!  Good thing he has 2 days of preschool to occupy some of his time.  He loves it so much.

Jack has the best Bear scout leaders.  And his group is not easy!  But they really give him great experiences and have helped him learn a lot of new things.

Indoor soccer was a lot of fun this season.  Sophie took a shot to the face in the first game so she was a little timid the whole season because of that.  But she tried hard to be aggressive and keep up with the crazy boys.  Jack is talented at soccer but sometimes he likes to be lazy.  We try to urge him to be aggressive but sometimes he lacks that competitive drive!  He is still fun to watch though and we loved cheering him on.

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Snow storm

We finally had a good snow storm.  Thankfully it fell on a day off from school and work so we could just stay home!  And it always helps when Dan and I can tag team the shoveling.  I think it too us over an hour to clear this one away.  The kids enjoyed the snow cave that Dan made and that he was around to take them sledding.  Me and Annie enjoyed staying inside!

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2 months old

We survived 2 months with our Annie girl.  She has not been the easiest baby.  But we have seen improvements since adding formula to her diet.  She hates having a bath and cries almost any time that she gets dressed.  A couple of weeks before her 2 month birthday I started letting her cry herself to sleep for naps.  It only took 2 or 3 days and she figured it out and we are so happy.  I have noticed that she is really sensitive to missing sleep.  If she gets even a little bit overtired she becomes inconsolable and is so hard to get to bed.  So we have been spending a lot of time at home, paying attention to the clock to make sure she is not awake too long between naps.  It has helped her be happier.   She still hates the car seat which is challenging because we are in the car a lot.  Thankfully the older kids have adjusted to it and don’t get too worried about her anymore as she screams!  Ha!  She has started to have some long stretches of sleep at night, going 6-7 hours which is a delight.  We sure love her despite the screams.  She is the first person that the kids want to see when they wake up in the morning or get home from school.  It is pretty sweet.  We love her.  2 month stats: 10.8 lbs (50%), 22 inches (50%), 16 in head (98%).  Also she was so good for her shots.  She definitely cried but was easily soothed.  She cried way less for them than she does for bath time.  Go figure!

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Cosbys come to town

One of the saddest things of our year last year was our cousins moving to California.  It has been an adjustment not having them here to play with us.  We were so excited that they made the effort to drive from California just over a short weekend to spend it with us and the meet the new babies.  We decided not to tell the kids that they were coming so it was a sweet surprise when they knocked on the door.  The kids picked up right where they left off and had the best time being together.  Deeds and Kimmy even came down for the weekend too.  It was the best gathering.  The only disappointing thing is that they had to leave a day early because of a snow storm that was coming in.  It was a good thing they did because it was the biggest storm we had all year.  Perfect timing…

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