General Women’s Meeting

Because Sophie is 8 years old now she is old enough to go to the General Women’s Meeting for General Conference.  I thought it would be neat experience to take her to the Conference Center for her first time.  It was fun to go downtown together with Kerri.  She was a great girl.  She said she thought it was a little long (Ha!) but she was good about sitting there and taking good notes.  She is such a good lady.  After the meeting we went to dinner at City Creek.  All Sophie wanted was Subway!  Her love for Subway cracks me up.  We made her dreams come true.  It was a great night.


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The first week of October Annie had a high fever every day.  I could control it if I kept the ibuprofen and Tylenol in her body around the clock.  But its exhausting when she battles me every time.  So there was some times that her fever would spike close to 104.  I was so confused because she had no other symptoms besides the fever.  No runny nose, cough, diarrhea.  Nothing.  She was eating ok and drinking her bottle good.  Finally after 5 days I took her to the urgent care one morning.  The doctor there couldn’t see anything wrong and sent us home saying that it was just a virus.  But later that night her fever went close to 104 and we decided to take her to ER.  They tested her for a UTI which is so sad.  That test came back negative.  The doctor then said they were going to do chest xrays to look for pneumonia.  I thought it was a big waste of money.  But it turns out that there was pneumonia there.  I’m not sure what made the doctor even think of it since she hadn’t had a cold at all.  But I’m grateful she did.  Within about 2 days of being on the antibiotic she was back to her normal self which we were all so grateful for.  We had missed her sweet sassiness.

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September wrap up


Annie turned 9 months old.  She was causing a little trouble around her 9 month birthday…refusing to eat food or drink her bottle, sick tummy, yucky diapers and on and on.  I was convinced that she was developing some allergies because of our family history.  It was an exhausting time.  But slowly she turned a corner.  Maybe it was just some stubbornness about turning 9 months old.  She is slowly starting to get around.  She can get down onto her tummy from sitting and back to sitting from her tummy.  She reaches far and then scoots her bum along so she can get around slowly.  She is still a serious girl and is starting to prefer mom or dad over anyone else.  She has a wicked scream when she wants to be heard.  She loves Luke the most.  She loves to be outside.  She can wave bye bye, says “Ah” anytime she drops somethings, loves to scattered all the food on her tray onto the ground and is really getting the hang of the sippy cup.  We love her!  9 month stats: 18.6 lbs (50%), 30 inches (100%), 18 inch head (100%).

We bought a piano.  It is very fun and has led to a lot more piano playing in our house.  It came with an insane amount of cardboard boxes!

Sophie had her first piano recital.  She played the theme from Beauty and the Beast.  She did awesome!  She is loving piano so much and really is so good at it!

Watching Cora and Porter during a football game.  Porter was not excited about going to bed so he hung out with me until his mom and dad got home.

I don’t remember what this tantrum was about.  But isn’t his face the cutest and his eyes are so amazing?  Love him.  We went to the zoo one morning with our friends.  Luke is still obsessed with taking pictures at all the statues!

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Jack is 10!

How did our boy reach double digits?!  I can hardly believe it.  He is growing up into such a great kid.  He has matured a lot in this last year.  For the most part he is good to his siblings, loves to play with Baabaas (Annie), loves all things video games, riding his bike and playing with his friends.  But he still loves to play Beanie Boos with Sophie and watch My Little Pony.  Jack is loving 4th grade and is excelling.  He loves to get wrapped up in a good book.  He is starting to love all of the Avengers movies which makes Dan so happy.  He has started doing his own laundry which is quite delightful.  He is a good boy and I’m so proud of him.  For his birthday this year we took some of his friends to Boondocks which they loved.  And the next day on his real birthday we went to sushi for dinner and had apple pie for dessert.  It was perfect for him.  10 year old stats: 76 lbs (80%), 58 inches (95%).

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Fremont Weekend

We were able to travel with our best ward friends down the Fremont to visit our other best ward friends who moved there this summer.  It was such a fun getaway.  We love it there.  Our kids absolutely love hiking in Capitol Reef.  This trip we hiked along a little river bed to a waterfall that had a fun slide the kids could down.  The rest of the trip we hiked around Fish Lake and rode on the ATVs.  The fall colors were amazing up there.  We have such a fun time every time we go.  I wish we could go every weekend!  We love our awesome friends!

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