Happy Birthday Luke

Having a birthday the day after Halloween is kinda tricky!  I feel so spent after all the Halloween festivities that its hard to put a party together of any kind!  Good thing its my Luke that has the birthday because he is the most patient and sweet boy.  He really wanted to take a few of his friends to Classic Fun Center.  But I just couldn’t muster up the courage to do it.  Some of his buddies are a little more adventurous than him and I was sure I would lose one of them.  So we compromised and had a little birthday party at home with his friends in the morning and then went to Classic Fun Center that night as a family.  It was a great day for our 5 year old boy!  Luke continues to be a bright light in our house.  He is so sweet and happy.  He loves video games and playing Super Mario Bros.  He is a great drawer, is picking up on reading, an expert puzzler and a lover of the board game Sorry.  Actually he loves all board games.  He is loving preschool 3 days/week.  He loves to play anything with Sophie and is often begging her to play.  He loves to wrestle Jack and terrorize him.  And he adores little Ann O Anns (as he calls her).  I can’t say enough about what a joy he is.  He handles his life with ease which is not that easy!  I tell him all the time that he will always be my baby boy.  I’ve recently felt really sad about him growing up knowing that his adorable face will not always look this way.  And that his sweet voice will one day change.  It makes me cry.  I just love this little buddy so much!  5 year old stats: 38.8 lbs (45%), 40.5 inches tall (10%).



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October wrap up

Jack and I have been participating in the book club his teacher has put together this year.  At this club meeting we played a game of baseball and discussed the book Honus and Me.

Devastated that he had 2 math papers for homework instead of one!  Ha!

She’s completely on the move.  Tackling Luke and trying to push the Xbox button.  She loves opening the drawers in the TV stand and eating ever single crumb she can find.  She is almost completely on to normal table food.  And is by far my worst eater but is somehow growing!

While we were in California, we hired someone to paint all of our ceilings white and redo the banister.  We love it!

One day after we got back from CA Jack started complaining about sores in his mouth.  After about 2 days I took him in and he had Hand, Foot, Mouth disease.  Yuck.  Thankfully it stayed contained just with him.  But he did have to miss our trip to the Red Barn, Grandma’s Halloween party and a few days of school which led to more homework than he wanted!

Pretty sunset on our family walk home from Swig one night.

“This is awesome.”  Luke is getting good at sounding out words and attempting to spell.  It makes me so happy.

We had some super warm days at the end of the month which meant more time spent outside on the blanket while the big kids ride their bikes and scooters.


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Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween!  Annie was our best baby about carving pumpkins and just dove right in.  Sophie designed and carved her own pumpkin all on her own.  And Jack and I worked together on the Grimm Reaper.  Dan did Spiderman for little Lukie.    We had a great time walking around with our neighborhood friends  and thankfully it wasn’t too cold for Annie to go out trick or treating with us!  It was a fun night.

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California Here We Come

Over the Fall Break I was able to find a cheap deal on flights so that I could finally take the kids down to California to see their cousins who moved away over a year ago.  I was so excited to surprise them with the trip.  After they got up they had breakfast and got dressed like it was a normal school day.  Then when they started to make their lunches I told them that they didn’t need to make a lunch because we were heading to the airport to fly to California.  They were so excited.  And we had a really great week visiting our family.  We went to my parents house first for a couple of days.  The kids enjoyed a morning at the park and playing with Grandma’s toys.  And we of course took a trip to Sequoia for delicious cookies!  After a few days we left for Redlands to surprise our cousins.  I called Kara when we got to their house so that she could make sure all the boys were at the door to answer it when we knocked.  The boys faces were priceless.  They were so shocked.  Isaac even fell to the ground.  Ha!  And then the madness ensued!  The kids actually got along really great and just played the days away.  We spent a lot of time outside soaking up the glorious sunshine.  We went to the beach all day on Saturday which the kids think is pure heaven.  I had the best time meeting and snuggling baby Owen.  It was a great visit.  We love this family and all the fun we have together.  In hindsight, however, I think it would have been easier to drive than fly.  Annie is at the crazy stage of constant movement and not wanting to nap anywhere but in her bed.  So the flights were long!  But we survived and are so happy that we were able to finally make the trip!


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Baptism Day

Sophie was baptized on October 13th.  It was such a special day.  She was so excited and happy to be baptized.  She was able to be baptized with one of her best friends, Katie.  That was very special for Sophie.  Sophie also was able to play I Am a Child of God at her baptism which was awesome.  She played it perfectly.  We loved having all of our family and friends there.  It was wonderful!

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