It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

In the days following Thanksgiving weekend I worked on getting the Christmas décor set up.  It is always a big accomplishment!  I love how cozy it makes the house feel.  We went and got our tree.  I love getting a real tree every year.  It is fun to pick it out and see how it looks once its inside.  Every year we say “this is the best one  yet”.  We might be right this year.

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November Wrap up

We had the biggest leaf pile yet this year.  It made Luke the happiest!

Luke came down with an ear infection and the start of bronchitis a couple days before Thanksgiving.  Thankfully the antibiotic was in full effect so that he felt good for the break.  Poor buddy.  It just doesn’t bode well that his tube fell out and he got an ear infection.  Round 3 of tubes might be on its way.

This little lady is growing so much.  She is on the move and loves torturing me by going over to the stairs.  I have tried to work with her but she still doesn’t get it.  So she keeps me on my toes.  She is also only eating table food these days when she will actually eat.  She is by far my worst eater.  But she is somehow growing.  She moved up to the big girl car seat and for the most part still cries every time I put her in the car.  She also had her first piggy tail this month.  Its just a little one but oh so cute!

A few random Luke shots…he got so sweaty in the Chick Fil-a play place that we could spike his hair up.  One night we were watching Captain America and he came upstairs in the full outfit and jumped around like he was Cap for the rest of the movie.

And finally our thankful turkey for the year.  We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  We were able to see the new Wreck It Ralph movie in the morning with Richard and the Trujillos.  It was awesome and so funny. And then we went to Grandma Pett’s for the meal which was great.  I love this holiday and being with family.


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Girls Trip

Way back in June my friends bought tickets to San Diego for a short girls trip all the way in mid November.   I was really hesitant about it since I have never left one of my babies at such a young age.  I didn’t know if I wanted to do it.  But Dan insisted that I go.  So I booked a ticket too.  The morning of our trip Luke threw up everywhere and I was a mess.  I couldn’t stop worrying and crying about leaving my kids behind especially when they weren’t feeling good.  Anyway I did it.  But with some trepidation for sure.  But I had a great time.  We stayed at a condo right on the beach in SD.  It was awesome.  We also spent a whole day at Disney which was magical and so, so fun with my friends.  We got there at 8 and stayed until midnight.  The rest of the time we spent on the beach and ate good food.  It was a nice getaway.  The morning of the day I was coming home Annie started throwing up at home.  So I couldn’t get home soon enough to take care of her.  I really love these sweet friends of mine.  And I especially love my family and husband.

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