December Randoms

December sickies.  Annie had an ear infection early on in December and then just 2 days later caught a stomach bug that spread to Luke, me and Dan.  Blah.  About a week later Sophie was diagnosed with strep throat.  Thankfully she was the only victim.  Towards the end of the month Luke and Annie both had a goopy eye disease for about a week.  No fun!

This year we were able to take the older kids to the Tabernacle Choir concert.  It was a fun time downtown and the music was so lovely.  The only bummer was the Sophie was starting to get sick with her strep so she wasn’t quite herself.  But we still had a great time.

First set of piggy tails.  And trying to cast spells with her new Harry Potter wand from Grandpa.

This boy melts me always.  He was all in on everything Christmas this year and it was so fun.  He also always wants to try on the kids glasses at Costco.  He looks pretty handsome.

These kids are truly great friends.  There are conflicts everyday especially between the boys.  But they do love to be together.

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Standing Up

The whole last part of December and all of January we have been working with our Annie on pulling up.  We decided that we would give her until her 13 month birthday to truly have it figured out before we would pursue physical therapy.  And slowly but surely she has truly caught on.  She now pulls up with ease and walks her legs in to get a more comfortable stance.  We are now trying to help her start to cruise along the furniture.  But she made great progress this month.

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Ski Day

On the last day of Christmas break we took the kids for a full ski day.  It was bitter cold that day.  But thankfully the sun was out and it wasn’t too bad.  We went with the Cranes and it was such a good time.  The kids did amazing.  Jack and Sophie are pretty independent little skiers and Luke is really getting the hang of it.  So fun!

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Christmas 2018

Christmas Sunday kiddos!  It took Annie some warming up after handing her over to Sophie.  She was not happy about me giving her away.  Oh dear!

We had a great Christmas Eve.  The kids decorated sugar cookies for Santa.  We went to Grandma Pett’s that night.  Sophie was able to play some Christmas songs in the family talent show.  And Jack was Joseph in the nativity and was able to carry Santa’s bag which was fun.  I actually missed out on most of it because Annie had a blow out all over herself and me right after dinner.  I didn’t have any extra clothes for her or me (obviously).  So I packed her up and ran her home to bathe her and get her in clean clothes.  I got back in time to pick everyone up to come home.  That night we watched a Christmas movie and then it was off to bed.  The kids sent out their goodies for Santa and slept the night away.

Christmas morning was so fun!  We had a great time as a family.  The kids were so excited to get a new iPad for the family since our old one was 7 years old!  They were also happy when they opened the Nintendo Switch.  We had a fun morning.  That afternoon we had visits from Grandma, Grandpa and the Taylors.  We spent most of the afternoon with the Taylors eating good food, taking naps and playing games.  It was a great day.

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Happy Birthday Annie

Our baby girl turned 1 and we can all hardly believe it.  We love her so but she has for sure been our hardest baby.  She still loves to be held and taken all over the house so she can open cupboards and point at all the pictures.  She likes me to sit right on the floor with her while she plays.  She isn’t very nice to her siblings and usually pushes them away when they try to hold her or sit by her.  Its pretty sad.  I’m hoping one day she will open up to them more.  Although they can really get her laughing sometimes too.  She is still a picky eater.  I think it might be because of all the sicknesses she’s had this fall.  She’s had a stomach bug 3 times, 2 ear infections, and pneumonia.  So her appetite has really come and gone quite a lot.  She loves to scatter her food all over the floor from her high chair.  It is such a joy!  She has taken to milk quite nicely from her sippy cup so as soon as we finish up the last bit of formula we’ll be saying adios to the bottle.  She loves her binkie though so we might wait until our family trip to Disneyland before we take that away.  She is saying a few words that only we probably recognize–hi, bye, ought oh (she says Ah Ah), what’s that? (all run together), woof woof, and Jesus.  She says the sounds Mama and Dada but I’m not sure she knows who we are just yet.  She has no interest in walking or even pulling up to things.  She acts completely terrified when we stand her up to things even.  The doctor seemed semi-concerned and suggested that we think about physical therapy.  We decided to give her a month to make progress with more of an effort from us.  So hopefully she will come around.  Even though she is hard and challenges our patience for sure, she really does light up our world.  Happiest birthday my sweet Annie girl.  1 year stats: 20.6 lbs (60%), 30.5 inches (85%), 19 inch head (100%).


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