Silent Night, Holy Night

Ok…so it wasn’t exactly silent, but Sophs only woke up once last night at 2:30 and slept until 7:30.  Wahoo!  But her brother wanted to remind me that 5 is also a good time to be up cause he starting crying then.  I went in and gave him tylenol since he has a couple more teeth coming in, and he was wide awake.  “Hi Mommy.  Whoa that’s bright (referring to cell phone).  Vitamins…mmm.”  Luckily he did go back to sleep until 6:45.  So it was pretty lovely.


Here’s the kiddos in their matching Christmas jammies.  Sophie could not keep her eyes off her toys so its the best I could do.


We went to the mall this weekend which was a wee bit crowded.  But Jack was so happy cause he got to ride the train with Grandma and Daddy.

And I also got to watch this little man for a few hours on Friday night.


Isn’t he the cutest?  Love him.

7 Replies to “Silent Night, Holy Night”

  1. I love that he thought tylenol was vitamins and that it tastes yummy. So funny. Hurray for the good nights huh? Just wish it was a little more consistent.

  2. Good job Sophie!! Cute Christmas jammies, my babies! And I saw Isaac a week ago and those pictures look like a different baby. What on earth?

  3. That funny Jack said that because that’s exactly what I say to Brit on Sunday mornings when she wakes me up. Whoa that’s bright, vitamins….yum.

  4. Love those cute babies–all three of them! The Christmas jammies are adorable! Congratulations on Sophie making some night time progress–sorry Jack had some troubles–Oh, the life of a mother. You know when your kids grow up and sleep through the night then you can’t! Just the next phase of life. Ha! Ha!

  5. Yay for Sophie sleeping better… hope that continues! Your kids are so cute, you know! Will we ever get to sleep through the night again??

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