3 months and lights

Soph a loafs, as I like to call her, turned 3 months this past week.  Where is the time going?  I can’t even believe it.  She has been super happy and good the last few days.  It has been so fun.  She still has her nights where I can’t believe that I signed up for this again.  But for the most part, I can’t complain.  She is starting to get a real handle on her head and prefers to be stiff as a board most of the time.  Maybe someday I will have a cuddly, snuggly baby.  She laughs lots and lots and is getting super interested in her toys.


Dan and I took Jack on a date to see the lights at Temple Square this last Friday.  It was fun to remember life with one child and he liked the alone time with mom and dad.  He, of course, loved the lights and couldn’t stop singing “I love to see the temple”.  He is a good boy.


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  1. Those lights are so pretty! And I love how red her face is lifting up her head. She’s strong! My poor third baby never gets tummy time 🙂

  2. Very cute! What a great idea to spend some one on two time with Jack! We want to cruise Haggin Oaks so Jack can see the lights.

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