Pre-Christmas Christmas

We had a early Christmas celebration this weekend since we won’t be here to celebrate on the actual day with the Grossen side.  Jack was entertained with the gift opening for a while longer this year, but not all the way still.  He loves his new toys and I love his new clothes.  Sophie was chill the whole time which was wonderful.  Maybe we will encourage her to rip one piece of wrapping paper on Christmas day so we can at least say she opened one gift.  Dan is loving his new video games and I am looking forward to a little shopping time at Downeast with my gift card.  Thank you Grossen family.  We love you all!


Sophs got a Bumbo for Christmas…and I love it.  But I have to laugh cause everytime I put her in it, Jack goes and gets his potty and sits right next to her.  Hahaha!   “Sophie’s potty” is what he calls it.


And here are just a few random pictures from the week.  I love these kiddos.


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  1. Nice haircut, buddy! You should try and use that potty soon probably! That pic of Sophie Bug smiling is the cutest! I love these kiddos too!

  2. Jack is too funny! It’s true it does look like a potty. Sophie still looks so little next to him. I hope you have a great time in California!

  3. Your little kids are soooo cute. Can I tell you a secret. I can’t figure out how to make your blog pop up on my blogger dashboard. I forget to check in on your blog and see what’s up b/c it’s doesn’t show up automatically. I know, I’m totally lame. But if I made any sense just now and you know how to direct me I would sure appreciate it 😉 P.S. Have SUCH a Merry Christmas in dear California. So fun!

  4. I have to second Melanie’s thoughts exactly. All those same things went through my mind as well as I looked at the pictures. Joo—you picked up on those cute shoes that I noticed as well. Every boy has a picture that can be used against him when he gets older. Ha! Ha! I loved dressing up my brothers in all kinds of get-ups. I love Dan’s picture as well–sporting the new Jazz shirt. Soph is trying out the bouncer. She is growing up too fast.

  5. Aim….Texas with Kyle for 3 days made me miss my peeps!! 1) your kids are too cute. 2) you are as well 3) it is dumb that I probably will not meet Sophie until she is a mother herself.

    Miss you and Merry Christmas!

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