And we’re back…

We just spent a wonderful Christmas vacation in California.  It was lovely, minus the car drive down where S (my latest nickname for her) lost her voice from crying so much.  That was not the greatest.  But once we were there, it seemed like a distant memory and we enjoyed ourselves.  Christmas morning was fun.  Jack was his usual funny self and loved having as many suckers and candy as he wanted.  It is Christmas, after all…that is what I kept telling myself.  Sophie was content and down for a morning nap before the present opening was even through.  And I was super happy to give Dan an LCD TV which he has always wanted ever since I have known him.  It was good, lazy day.


Jack loved having Dan at his disposal every day.  Daddy is Jack’s favorite person on earth.  I’m glad they are buddies (most of the time) and I love them.


S hung out with the ladies a lot.  And even enjoyed her first card game.  SO SO funny.  I laugh lots and lots at this picture.


One day we ventured down to L.A. to go to Santa Monica beach.  It was beautiful and Jack was in heaven.  I think my dad said it best…”You want to know why so many people live here?  This is why.  Near 70 degrees on December 28th, in shorts and flip flops.”  I love California and always will.


We had a lot of good quality family fun and made a lot of good memories.  Thanks parentals for a delightful holiday season.


For those concerned about our trip home, we decided to split the drive over 2 days.  And we almost never heard a peep from Sophie bug.  Perhaps 6 hours is her max in the carseat.  I don’t blame her…doesn’t seem really comfortable to me.  We spent our first night in a hotel with Jack in a big boy bed.  He did awesome and never woke up once despite Sophie’s antics (waking up nearly every hour…barf!)


And now we’re back.  The kids have been really good at adjusting back to our boring life at home.  I miss seeing Dan for more than a few hours/day.  But I am grateful for those hours.  And Jack didn’t miss a beat getting back into his old habits.  This is what I found when I got out of the shower Monday morning…


This time he was just “making eggs.”  And I must say his skills are improving.  I mean he thought to get a pot out to put them in, they are perfectly hand stirred, and look at that neat pile of egg shells.  Geez!  Needless to say, we had a last minute add-on to the grocery list!

And just to brag a little about my busy body of a son, this is what we did this morning…


He can do the Winnie one by himself and the other with minimal help.  The box says they are for 4+.  Well perhaps I should write in and tell them my 2 1/4 year old has no problem with them.  He is the apple of my eye and I can’t wait to do 1000 piecers with him over many Christmas breaks to come.

S has a couple of tricks up her sleeve too.  I laid her perpendicularly under her “swing set” while I got Jack’s lunch ready today.  When I came back she was parallel to it, playing with the basketball.  And so the movement starts…one scoot at a time.   Love this little lady!


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  1. Oh boy! Where to begin…you captured some classic faces and I LOVE Sophie playing cards. I can’t stop laughing and Jack and his desire to make breakfast…that could really go somewhere. Keep those skills improving and it could all pay off. I’m impressed with his puzzle skills. Once again, another thing Rachel and him have in common. I’m so jealous you got to go to the BEACH!! So lovely! I’m so glad you had such a great time and also that Sophie did much better on the way back.

    And Dan? Are those new glasses?? Or are they resurrected from when you were 16?

  2. Oh my gosh, I am so in love with your chilt-rens!! It sure doesn’t look like Jack got much sleep in that hotel room. I guess that’s just “smile” face these days. That last pic of Buggy is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m having major baby withdrawals! Oh how I wish vacations would never end! Good job on capturing several pics of the rents’ lovely floral couches!

  3. I love it all. Do we really have to live so far away from everyone? Jack is a puzzle wiz! Wow! I’m glad he likes them. You better save that 48 wood piece one for about six months and he’ll be able to knock that one out too! I suppose you kids will be going in together next year to get us a new couch and love seat. We can’t help it if we are stuck in the 80’s. Love all of you!

  4. Very fun! Sammie missed Jack on Christmas Eve, but they can make up for it on Easter. 😉 Great pictures! I think Jack might have culinary school in his future.

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